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1 Quote of the Day “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” -Les Brown.

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1 1 Quote of the Day “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” -Les Brown

2 2 MS 1MS 2MS 3MS 4MS 5Totals 11202636396 Contracted MS 1MS 2MS 3Totals 3313046 Non-Contracted Grand Totals Contract: 96 NC: 46 Total: 142 S1: Battalion Strength Report

3 3 S1 - Projects TaskLast UpdateProject “Finish”Notes Basic Lab Rosters 1 FEB 2013CompleteUpdate When Needed. Company Rosters5 MAR 2013CompleteUpdate When Needed. Master Accountability Spreadsheet 12 April 2013Always In Progress Updated Daily

4 4 S2 Current Events Two explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line Multiple deaths, casualties, and amputees Shrapnel found in victims More explosives found on scene by police No news on yet who was responsible Jihadists? Domestic Terrorists? Single Lone Actor? As of 1600 15 April 13

5 5 Weather Warm weather all week with small chance of precipitation. Key Weather: 40% chance of Thunderstorms on Friday.

6 6 T 15APR13-19APR13 Monday, 15 April Tuesday, 16 April Wednesday, 17 April Thursday, 18 April Friday, 19 April JFTX RECOVERY Choices 0915-1030 1030-1130 l \/ 1330-1430 Co Meetings: 2000 PT: A Co: 0550 Memorial TBD B Co: 0550 Memorial TBD Ranger Group: Joins BN PT IVs: Supply Turn-In 0530 Memorial PT: A Co: 0550 Godwin Core/Upper B Co: 0550 UREC Run, Upper Ranger Group: 0530 Memorial KB Circuit GUTS Competition: 1535 Elliott/Roessel Maisel/Betourne Squad Competition PT: A Co: 0550 UREC Run, Upper B Co: 0530 Godwin Ruck March Ranger Group: 0530 Memorial Run circuit

7 7 T-1 22APR13-26APR13 Monday, 22 April Tuesday, 23 April Wednesday, 24 April Thursday, 25 April Friday, 26 April PT: A Co: 0550 Godwin Core/Upper/Run B Co: 0550 UREC Core/Upper/Run Ranger Group: 0530 Godwin Sprints Co Meetings: 2000 PT: A Co: 0550 Memorial TBD B Co: 0550 Memorial TBD Ranger Group: Joins BN PT PT: A and B Co: 0550 Godwin APFT Standards, Prep APFT: All Units: 0520 Bridgeforth

8 8

9 9 Basic Lab (10APR13) AAR Issue No OPORD practical exercise Discussion The Cadets wanted an opportunity to apply their freshly learned tips Recommendation Pitch an OPORD to the class following the block of instruction IOT assess their comprehension and understanding of subparagraph location and meaning Issue Teach class earlier Discussion Cadets felt it would have been more useful to hold this lab earlier in the semester Recommendation Hold the OPORD lab practical IAW the OPORD class

10 10 TRAINING EVENT: Squad Competition OIC: Maisel NCOIC: Betourne MISSION: Cadets will compete in squads at multiple training exercises IOT demonstrate what they have learned throughout the year, apply skills in a variety of situations and to build camaraderie through competition. Key Tasks: Cadets perform LANDNAV skills Cadets perform first aid, create and report a 9-line Cadets perform a push and pull up contest Cadets perform a Lane Tactics test Cadets perform a claymore set up practical Cadets conduct movement relays (low/ high crawl and buddy carries) Conduct a final lab AAR for overall improved retraining in the future End state: Cadets and BCCs will be scored on performances at each station and winning squad will be rewarded T.M.U: Squad 1: Crisler Lane 1: Riscassi, Roessel Squad 2: Triplett Lane 2:Terry, Zero Squad 3: Elliot Lane 3: Gregorio, Florio Squad 4: Mueller Lane 4: Engle, Karski Squad 5: Baxter Lane 5: Gio, Fanning Squad 6: Bracero Lane 6: Cary, Pisano Squad 7: Pardue Lane 7: Fida, Anzalone Squad 8: Langan Lane 8: Mraw, Wolfe Squad 9: Rankin Lane 9: Henderson Bruc Injured Soldier: Park 17 APR 2013: SQUAD Competition COORDINATIONTIMELINE 13 FEB 13Inclement Weather Plan Location: Chestnut Ridge Resources: Dummy M16s, Water Jugs, CLS bag, litter, cones, pull up bar, maps, Claymores Req Soldier Equip: Cadets- ACUs. BCCs-civilians. All-water source, notebook, pen or pencil. LBV Key Personnel: Cadets and Lab participants with MSIVs as graders Administrative Control: Attendance will be taken IOT track Accountability. Check on learning and retraining will be conducted following training. Lab AAR will be conducted with class immediately following Completion of Training. References FM 7-92 1530 First Formation 1535-1600 Designation of squads and movement to lane 1600-1705 Competition 1705-1710 Movement back to parking lot 1710-1720 AAR/ Grading and determination of winners 1720-1730 Award ceremony (winner for each lane and overall winner) Squad competition will take place in the rain or shine. The only change that will be made is that cadets will not run in between lanes, they will RANGE walk. Also, if there is lightening there will not be a pull up lane. This lane will be turned into sit-ups instead. Concept of the Operation: Cadets and BCC’s will conduct a squad competition Phase 1- Preparation: Cadets will form up in the parking lot under the baseball fields for FF. Cadets will be split into 9 squads with an assigned MSIII as squad leader. An assigned MSIV will move with each squad in order to evaluate Phase 2- Movement: Each squad will move out to assigned starting lane where two MSIV’s will be stationed Phase 3- Execution: Each lane will begin at the sound of the horn. Squads will have 5 minutes to complete task. Each lane will be timed/graded for speed, accuracy, and quantity by assigned MSIV’s. After 5 min squads will have 2 min to rotate to next lane, in numerical order. Phase 4- Exfil: Cadets will regroup at FF cite, turn in weapons, and conduct a final AAR (Elliot, Roessel). Winners will be awarded Risk Assessment LOW 1PLT 2 PLT 8 Step TrainingDate Plan the Training04 APR 13 Certify Leaders05 APR 13 Recon the Site05 APR 13 Issue the Plan08 APR 13 Rehearse17 APR 13 Execute17 APR 13 Conduct an AAR17 APR 13 RetrainTBD 1 2 FF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


12 12 GENERAL ALL MS4’s should have pencil on them Must keep track of grades for each squad KNOLL- you will be taking pictures Everything else will be provided Uniform FOR SENIORS: ACUs (no LBE) Deductions: 10 seconds added on to total time for each penalty, look for obvious penalties Each lane is 5 minutes, 2 minutes allotted in between lanes for movement Time starts when air horn blows

13 13 Lane 1: First Aid, Evaluate Casualty Graders: Riscassi and Roessel Casualty: Park Cadets will evaluate Park’s injuries, treat them and then carry her on a litter for a certain distance and then back Cadets should switch after they get to the first cone Park– be a good actor to make it seem realistic Fake wounds, CLS bag, litter, stopwatch and cones will be provided Grading based on time, look for obvious penalties

14 14 Lane 2: Push-ups Graders: Terry/Zero Based on how many pushups in 5 minutes 2 Cadets at a time Pushups must be correct in order for them to count

15 15 Lane 3: 9-Line Graders: Gregorio/Florio Cadets will be reminded to bring their own 9 lines You will read off a scenario and they will have a copy to look at as well You will be provided with scenario and answer key for grading purposes Grading is based on how fast they complete the 9- line and call it up to higher via walkie talkie  Maisel and Betourne will have walkie talkie and call signs  Time stops when we say “OUT” You will be provided with 9-lines for the cadets to use

16 16 Lane 4: Pull-ups Graders: Engle/Karski One pull up bar Females: 30 seconds is equivalent to 5 pull ups, but they can do pull ups if they want Males: pull-ups only Grading is based on how many pull ups in 5 minutes Stopwatch will be provided for female arm hang

17 17 Lane 5: Land Navigation Graders: Gio/Fanning 45 maps and 15 protractors  5 maps per squad  MAPS MUST BE SWITCHED OUT AFTER EACH SQUAD Land navigation test will be provided Grading is based on how many questions they get right – not based on total number of questions You will be provided with answer key

18 18 Lane 6: Low/High Crawl Graders: Cary/Pisano Water balloons/water guns  Can you provide these? Two cadets at a time Cadets will low crawl under wire Cadets will high crawl back Each cadet will have a rubber duck Grading is based on amount of time it takes to complete

19 19 Lane 7: OPORD and Tactics Graders: Fida OPORD/Tactics test will be provided  What are the 5 paragraphs?  Who goes in the R&S team?  How would you use a challenge and password? Grading is based on how many questions they get right You will be provided with answer key

20 20 Lane 8: Buddy Carries Graders: Mraw/Wolfe Water balloons/water guns  Can you provide these? Three lanes  Fireman’s  Neck Drag  Underarm Pull 1 pair at each lane a time, cadets will switch when they get to the cone and come back MUST DO AT LEAST TWO FOR EACH LANE Everyone must go at least once Grading is based on the amount of time it take to complete all carries

21 21 Lane 9: Claymore Graders: Henderson/Bruc 5 claymores will be provided Cadets will set up one claymore at a time  Cadets will have to high crawl to and from claymore set up site (will be designated by cones) No one can set up a claymore twice unless everyone has already gone As soon as one group reaches the second cone, the next group can start prepping their claymore Grading is based on how many claymores cadets can set up correctly

22 22 TACs/Evaluators: You will be attached to a squad You do NOT have to participate in the challenges, just observe the SL Positive spot reports SL’s will not know that positive spot reports are possible Ensure SL has his/her cadets double time in between stations

23 23 Graders: Squad 1: Crisler  Berry Squad 2: Triplett  Gragg Squad 3: Elliot  Johnson Squad 4: Mueller  Munoz Squad 5: Baxter  Pickett Squad 6: Bracero  Sager Squad 7: Pardue  Strunck Squad 8: Langan  Tyner Squad 9: Rankin  Whitticar

24 24 S3: TAC OIC Highlights Lab this week: SQD Competition Squad Leader final blue cards due 22 April (Next Monday)  Counseling statements will be given out after lab Any missing blue cards need to be turned in to CPT Lingle or MSG Wilcox ASAP

25 25 MSIII Eval Matrix Training Week #1SG1 PL1 PSG2 PL2 PSG 1Berry (CR)Knowles (CR)Caron (BR)Chuckney (BX)Munoz (EL) 3Gragg (BR)Arnold (EL)Hoen (CR)Parker (BR)Sager (BX) 5Brosnan (BX)Berry (BX)Arnold (EL)Cox (CR)Fitch (BR) 7Caron (EL)Gragg (BR)Pickett (BX)Sager (EL)Parker (CR) 9Hoen (TR)Chuckney (TR)Berry (PS)Fitch (MU)Munoz (RO) 11Pickett (PS)Knowles (RO)Brosnan (TR)Sager (PS)Parker (MU) 13Chuckney(MU)Caron (MU)Gragg (RO)Fitch (TR)Hoen (PS) 15Knowles (RO)Arnold (PS)Brosnan (MU)Pickett (RO)Sager (TR) Training Week#1SG1 PL1 PSG2 PL2 PSG 1Brown (TR)Pieper (TR)Lucas (PS)McCue (MU)Wilson (RO) 3Johnson (PS)Strunk (RO)McBride (TR)Fost (PS)Whitticar (MU) 5McCue (MU)Snellings (MU)Pieper (RO)McCormick (TR)Tyner (PS) 7McBride (RO)Johnson (PS)Lucas (MU)Wilson (RO)Brown (TR) 9Wilson (CR)Pieper (CR)Strunk (BR)Tyner (BX)McCormick (EL) 11Fost (BR)Lucas (EL)Johnson (CR)Whitticar (BR)McCue (BX) 13Tyner (BX)McBride (BX)Snellings (EL)Brown (CR)Wilson (BR) 15Whitticar (EL)Johnson (BR)Pieper (BX)McCue (EL)Fost (CR)

26 26 MSIII Squad and Team Leaders Alpha 1-1 (MU) Alpha 1-2 (MU) Alpha 1-3 (PS) Alpha 1-4 (PS) Alpha 2-1 (TR) Alpha 2-2 (TR) Alpha 2-3 (RO) Alpha 2- 4 (RO) SLArnoldGraggBrosnanHoenSagerCoxFitchParker A TLBerryKnowlesBrittonCaronChuckneyCogdellMeekMunoz B TLAmbrosichBrymerWellsPaceLyonLeeFormicaMery Bravo 1-1 (CR) Bravo 1-2 (CR) Bravo 1-3 (BX) Bravo 1-4 (BX) Bravo 2-1 (BR) Bravo 2-2 (BR) Bravo 2-3 (EL) Bravo 2- 4 (EL) SLJohnsonSnellingsStrunckMcBrideTynerFostBrownWhitticar A TLPieperLucasEngleEvansMcCueWilsonMcCormickGaertner B TLMillerPeeblesPastinoPlacePlumleyFrancisReedLee


28 28 JFTX AAR 3 Sustains.. 3 Improves..

29 29 S4 Highlights: SMP equipment turn-in next Wednesday following lab (Memorial NLT 1815) PT belt, pants, jacket- Prior and after class on 27Apr13 I will collect them and have you re-sign (bring tan belt too!) Missing equipment must be in NLT 1800 next Wednesday Must pay for lost equipment IOT commission Cadet Assoc. Fund

30 30 Mentorship Finish up monthly counseling forms Talk to any mentees who may be doing summer training and give them tips and advice on how to succeed, especially MS III’s going to LDAC Make sure your binders are organized so the upcoming MS IVs can make the transition of becoming mentors more easily Any questions feel free to ask

31 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY S-6 Cadet Lab Current status is BLUE (LABCON 3.5) Misc. News S-6 popularity is at an all time high.

32 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY SharePoint – CONOPS (Basic and Advanced), Staff Calls, Dinning Out information, Morning Medical Massacre (Whatever it was called), Guides / Points of Contact, etc. - Continuity uploaded MUST make sense and be organized so that anyone could read it and understand it. Think about what you can do / upload to help future cadets. Please don’t just check the block.

33 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY JMU JMUAD\[user name] [Password] EXAMPLE JMUAD\Rankinam ***************** YOU CAN DO IT!

34 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY S-6 FALL FTX SPRING FTX JFTX A Co. B Co. Dining Out / In Ranger FTX We only have the PCI. Disorganized and scattered. Land Nav files uploaded. PT Plans uploaded PT Plans uploaded, Staff call example uploaded. IPR’s, Dining Out Concept brief Spring FTX conop uploaded, Missing Fall Ranger FTX

35 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY S-6 PAO CULP Basic Lab Patrolling Conops STX Conops S4 Mentorship No continuity added. Upload a Newsletter example, and a guide of how to create a newsletter one. No continuity. No conops added, no explanation of the 3 week training process. Currently None. Disorganized. No continuity added. Upload Riscassi’s forms he created.

36 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY S-6 MISC. Staff Call S2 Operation Duke Dog Fury, BN Run Route Folder is disorganized. No continuity present. Kator – Get the excess slides out of the staff call folder. Anzalone - Get the excess slides out of the staff call folder. Zero – Find the Basic lab Conops, Explain the training process, Fall FTX, STX Conops, 8 step training model. Bruccoleri – Fix the folder you dropped all of your files in. S3 No continuity present.

37 US Army Cadet Command JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY S-6 SharePoint - CONOPS (Basic and Advanced), Staff Calls, Dinning Out information, Morning Medical Massacre (Whatever it was called), Guides / Points of Contact, etc. - Continuity uploaded MUST make sense, that anyone could read it and understand it. You have until FRIDAY (26 APR 2013) to upload continuity before we do a “Saturday Morning SharePoint party”.

38 38 Alpha Company C/CPT Kator, CDR C/1LT Wolfe, XO C/1SG Chuckney, 1SG “Y'all Gon Learn Today”

39 39 Alpha Company Key Highlights -APFT Next Week

40 40 Alpha Company Unexcused Absences Lee (Brian), MS2, non-contracted, 8APR2013 Mery, MS2, non-contracted, 8APR2013 Britton, Acacia, MS2, non-contracted, 8APR2013, 10APR2013 St. Pierre, Matthew, MS1, non-contracted, 8APR2013 Schruz, Kelly, MS1, non-contracted, 8 APR2013 Cox, Brandon, MS3, 8APR2013

41 41 Alpha Company Monday 15 April Su Tuesday 16 April Wednesday 17 April Thursday 18 April Friday 19 April N/A0550-0700 N/A0550-0700 N/A AO Memorial AO GodwinN/A AO Memorial N/A Modified Summer IPFU N/A Modified Summer IPFU N/AMS III/IV/V (MSIV Supply) Core/Upper Body N/AUpper Body/Run

42 42 B CO Major Training APFT – 26 0515 APR 13 Motto “Suns out, Guns out”

43 43 Unexcused Absences Miller, Austin MSI, Noncontracted 08APR13, 10APR13 Rotte, Helena MSI, Noncontracted 10APR13 Racanelli, Andre MSI, Noncontracted 08APR13, 10APR13 Lee, Kirsten MSI, Nonncontracted 10APR13 Cowen, Joseph MSI, Noncontracted 10APR13 Evans, Joseph MSI, Noncontracted 10APR13 Johnson, Channeta MSIII, Contracted 10APR13 Hunter, R MSI, Noncontracted 08APR13, 10APR13 Whitticar, Maxwell MSIII, Contracted 08APR13

44 44 PT Monday 15APR13 Tuesday 16APR13 Wednesday 17APR13 Thursday 18APR13 Friday 19APR13 0550-0700 AO ISAT Track Modified IPFU Sprints No PT0515-0700 AO Godwin ACU’s, LBV, Ruck 6 Mile Ruck

45 45 Ranger PT Plan MON – 15 APRTUE – 16 APRWED – 17 APRTHU – 18 APRFRI – 19 APR EventCircuitLDAC PCIRun/Circuit Workout Reporting Location Memorial Show Time052005500520 Start / SP Time 053006000530 UniformIPFU Event Details PD Movement drills 20 Pushups 20 leg lifts 20 thruster 20 KB swings 20 air squats 20 situps 20 rows Decrease by 1reps each round all the way until 0 Recovery stretching MS3’s and MS4 TAC’sPD Movement drills 1 min PU SU x2 30 Sec PU SU X3 15 Sec PU SU X4 Run Route Straight onto Cantrell Left onto paul Left onto south main Right onto Maryland Right onto south High Finish at memorial. 3.5 miles Recovery stretching

46 46 Command Staff CSM XO CO

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