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Main Menu Quit The Leader in Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Military, and Public Health Alert Notification… Start Alert Notification System 1-800-323-3639.

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1 Main Menu Quit The Leader in Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Military, and Public Health Alert Notification… Start Alert Notification System 1-800-323-3639 ext 3717

2 Main Menu Select The CityWatch Solution to Review 1 Outbound Messaging 9 Detailed Call Reporting 7 Automated Surveys 5 Mass Email 6 Conference Calling # CityNet 8 System Configuration 4 Multi-Line Faxing Exit * ESRI GIS Mapping 2 Inbound Messaging 0 CityWatch Customers 3 Network/WEB Access 1-800-323-3639 ext 3717

3 Main Menu Outbound Broadcasts CityWatch Broadcasts allow you to reach hundreds of Telephone, Fax, Pager (voice/text), Email, and TDD- TTY locations in minutes … Applications Health Alerts Hazmat Alerts Lost Children Weather Warnings Bio-Terrorism Military Nuclear Homeland Defense Special Needs Personnel Call-Ups Broadcast Types Voice Fax Pager Survey Email Team Builder TTY- TTD Conference Next > Broadcast Options Immediate Delivery Scheduled Delivery After-hours Priority Multiple Simultaneous Secured

4 Main Menu Different Scenarios based on List User Selectable Broadcast Types Auto-Copy broadcast to Email Address Auto-Copy broadcast to Cell Phone and Pagers Multiple Main Messages Redo Broadcasts to Complete\Non-Complete members Use External Database for Out Call Automatic Retry to Busy\Ring No Answer Numbers Call Escalation to Multiple Numbers per Member Multi-Lingual Options Priority Call Sorting User Restrictions Broadcast Features < Prev Access CityWatch Via any Telephone – LAN/WAN Workstation – Remote Dial-up - or by the Internet…

5 Main Menu Voice Broadcasts Unlimited Broadcast Lists Activate Numerous Broadcasts\Scenarios simultaneously Selectable Attempts per Broadcast Priority Broadcast Call Escalation Office, Home, Cell, Pager… Multiple Calling Scenarios Live Answer, Machine Delivery, Secure Broadcast, Team Builder, Multi-Lingual Main Messages Call from GIS Mapping generated Data; CityWatch Mapping, Microsoft MapPoint, ESRI, ArcInfo Use External Data Sources for Calling; Access, Excel, dBase, SQL Server, Oracle, E911, etc… Send Copy to Email, Pager and Cell Phones automatically < Prev

6 Main Menu Fax Broadcast / Fax-On-Demand Unlimited Broadcast Lists Automatic Customized Fax Cover Page To Each Destination Multi-Line Simultaneous Faxing Activate Numerous Broadcasts\Scenarios Simultaneously Automatic Call Retry on Busy - No Answer Priority Broadcast Use External Data Sources for Calling; Access, Excel, dBase, SQL Server, Oracle, E911, etc… Send Copy of Fax to all Destinations Email Address as TIF. attachment CityWatch Can Support Unlimited Multiple Fax Lines < Prev

7 Main Menu Pager Broadcasts Pager Display digits custom for each broadcast Select from unlimited Broadcast Lists Activate Numerous Broadcasts\Scenarios Simultaneously Up to Nine Attempts per Broadcast Priority Broadcast Send Notifications to Alpha and Numeric Pagers Send Notifications To Text Based Cell Phones Use External Data Sources for Calling; Access, Excel, dBase, SQL Server, Oracle, E911, etc… Send Copy to Email and Cell Phones automatically < Prev

8 Main Menu Email Broadcasts Automatically Sends Text Messages To Email Addresses Converts Voice Broadcast Message to standard.wav file and attached to email message that can be played by any multi-media equipped pc. Supports virtually any email system Exchange, Lotus Notes, POP3, IMAP, etc… Recipients Inbox; < Prev

9 Main Menu Fax Broadcast / Fax-On-Demand Multi-Line Fax Broadcasts Multi-Line Fax-On-Demand Single Call and Call Back options Unlimited Fax Mailboxes Port Configurable to Answer as Fax Machine Unlimited Fax Ports/Lines Custom Fax Applications with IVR Option Fax and Email Broadcast Reports

10 Main Menu Surveys Unlimited Questions Per Survey Unlimited Surveys Survey may be Inbound, Outbound, or both Secure Surveys Detailed Reports Single/Multiple Digit Responses. Export Data; Excel, Word… < Prev

11 Main Menu Team Builder Send Broadcast to Build a Team To Fill Specific Positions Call Escalate Office, Home, Cell, Pager… Call Based on Priority Secure Calling Personnel Can Enter ETA Times Accept or Decline request Use Multiple Lists (Member Table and External) System stops calling when Number of Team Members reached. Comprehensive Call Report < Prev

12 Main Menu TTD – TTY Broadcast Multi-Line delivery to TTD-TTY devices Use any system Port to deliver TTD message Record TTD Message from any TTD compatible device. Complete Broadcast Reports < Prev

13 Main Menu Email Features Support for Most Email systems Exchange, Lotus Notes, POP3, Internet Mail… Broadcasts Send Broadcasts to Email Addresses Only Copy Voice, Fax and Pager Broadcasts to Email Addresses Send Text Messages to Emails, Cell Phones and Alpha Pagers Reporting Receive Broadcast Reports via Email, Fax, or Printer

14 Main Menu Conferencing Allows CityWatch to be your Conference Bridge Create a Conference just like a broadcast using pre-defined lists Quick conference team building. Enter Numbers on the fly Security Code Controlled access to a Conference Inbound and Outbound conferences Up to 32 Active Conference lines. Multiple simultaneous Conferences\Broadcasts < Prev

15 Main Menu Inbound Community Message Center: Answer calls by time of day and Holiday Port Group Setting to answer with different messages Single digit call routing for; Community Bulletin Boards, Departmental Routing… Create and Store Up To 50,000 Informational Categories Send and Receive Voice Messages with Message Notification Custom Applications (see IVR) Access Surveys and Broadcasts by Calling Into the system Class of Service restrictions Create and Use Up to 50,000 Voice Mailboxes Can Perform Immediate Call Transferring to Live Assistance

16 Main Menu Reporting Comprehensive Reporting system Over 26 Standard Reports for; Call Detail Inbound, Outbound Mailbox Activity Broadcast Reports. Summary, Detail, Chart Survey Reports All Reports Selectable by Date Range Access Reports From any Client running CityWatch DataManager Export Report Data to virtually any data format Email, Printer, and Fax Report delivery

17 Main Menu CityNet (Available Version 2.0) Increase Capacity with CityNet Capacity-On Demand Use Remote Systems Resources for Large Broadcasts Install Multiple Systems on LAN, WAN or VPN Can Expand to Virtually Unlimited Ports/Lines Options for Redundancy – Data and Messages Single Database Options Reporting Back to Originating System Duluth Virtually Private Network or LAN/WAN

18 Main Menu Configurations Base Systems Tower or Rack Mount Computers. (or customer supplied) Industrial Based Computer Hardware Pentium Processors, 512K RAM, 60 GB Drive, Tape Backup, 17 Monitor, Printer, Windows 2000, Remote Access Modem and software, RAID. Line Card Options 4 Port Intel Voice and FAX Card 12 Port Intel Voice Card 24 Port Intel T1 Card 32 Channel Conference Card (Optional) 10\100 NIC Card (Includedl) Up to 96 Ports In a Cabinet (any card combination) Remote Service Bureau (everything housed at AVTEX location.

19 Main Menu Mapping Geo-coded data and street level mapping provides the most accurate calling available Use ESRI Maps and virtually any Data With 50,000 records, start calling in as little as 60 seconds Multiple Selection Tools View Data Before Calling Integrated with CityWatch; Select area Record Message Start Calling Use From Any PC on the network AVTEX Can Supply Geo-coded Household/Business Data or Customer can Supply Data. (E911 Data – Utility Data - etc…)

20 Main Menu Partial CityWatch Customer List… Law Enforcement – Emergency Management: City of Phoenix AZCity of Oakland, CA XCEL Nuclear Facility Prince William County, VA Rockland County, NY EOCSt. Petersburg, FL Alliance NuclearFt. Lauderdale, FLSolano County, CA Plano, TXNorfolk, VAPortland, ME Halifax, Nova ScotiaMonrovia, CADes Moines, IA Topeka, KSKnoxville, TNMount Pleasant, SC The National Communications System (Homeland Security) The INS Military: Fort Meade, Maryland Fort Stewart, Georgia Ft Myer - Fort McNair Public Health Agencies: Alabama State Dept. of HealthMinnesota State Dept. of HealthOklahoma State Dept. of Health *** Call AVTEX for Additional CityWatch References…

21 Main Menu Call Lists Unlimited Call Lists Unlimited Members Per List Each List can be Different Broadcast Scenario Selectable Number of Attempts Selectable Timer Between Call Intervals Combine Multiple Lists For a Single Notification Member Lists and External Fax Cover Page Setting 5 Broadcast Templates Back

22 Main Menu Full System Access Via: The Web Any Network Workstation Any Remote Telephone… WEBCALL CityWatch WebCall Interface CityWatch Network Interface

23 Main Menu Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 1. Select Function 2. Fill In Parameters < Prev

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