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Win-911 is Real-Time Alarm Notification Software

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2 Win-911 is Real-Time Alarm Notification Software
Introduction To Win-911 Version 7 Win-911 is Real-Time Alarm Notification Software Works with existing Control or SCADA Software Monitors Operations and Notify Personnel of Problem Conditions Reduce Down-Time…Save Time and Money Works with Phones, Cell Phones, Pagers, and Wireless Devices Applications include: Water & Wastewater Facilities Power Plants Automotive Pharmacutical & Semiconductor Oil & Gas Building Management & Security

3 Alarm Notification Software Data Interface Options OPC Industry Standard for Robust Real-Time Data Transfer Win-911 operates as an OPC Client Compatible with any OPC Data Access Server Ver. 1.0 & 2.0 Variable Update Rates to Optimize Server effiency Monitor Data across Networks

4 Alarm Notification Software Data Interface Options SCADA Direct Connect Offers the Most Seamless & Powerful Connection Available Your SCADA System Determines Alarms Win-911 does the Remote Alarm Notification Acknowledge Alarms Instantly in your SCADA Database You can even Change Alarm Setpoints..NO need to Reconfigure Supports Intellution and Wonderware SCADA Software Developing “Direct Connect” for other SCADA Software Manufactureres

5 Alarm Notification Software Data Interface Options Microsoft DDE Win-911 Supports Generic DDE Connections to Software that can be configured as a DDE Server

6 Alarm Notification Software Database Imports Intellution Wonderware OPC Servers Browse Tags in Existing Database Browse All Networked OPC Servers Select the TAGS you want to include Win-911 The Database Import Utility will Instantly Build a Win-911 Configuration on Command Simply Enter Your Pager& Phone number, Addresses Assign Duty Schedules & Groups…… You’re Done in Just Minutes!!!

7 Alarm Notification Software Text-to-Speech Instantly Create All Required Voice Files in Minutes Use OPC and SCADA Database Tag Descriptions for Tag Sound Select Your Favorite Voice and Click OK! You’ve just Completed your Win-911 Text-to-Speech file Conversion You’re Done in Just Minutes!!!

8 Alarm Notification Software Telephone Interface Card Options. Win-911 now Supports Two Choices in Telephony Cards Dialogic D4-PCI for Applications Requiring Multiple Incoming Lines Low Cost Voice Capable (TAPI) Modems for Single Line Telephone Connections. TAPI Modems are Plug & Play Devices that Greatly Reduce Installation Hassles.

9 Alarm Notification Software Wireless & Notification Now You can Use your SMTP Service over the Internet To Send Alarm Messages. Using an “Always On” Connection to your Network or Internet You May Relay Alarm Messages to: Alphanumeric Pagers Accounts Wireless Phones Faxes

10 Alarm Notification Software Runtime Changes: Bypass Alarms Ever want to Take Alarms out of The Dial-Out List During Runtime ? Now You Can! Eliminates Nuisance Alarms

11 Alarm Notification Software Runtime Changes: Dialout Override Wish that You could take an Employee Off the Dial-Out Schedule during Runtime ? Now You Can! Employees who take “Sick Day”or Unscheduled Vacation can be Taken Out of the Dial-Out list. No Need to Reconfigure Win-911!

12 Alarm Notification Software Alarm Log Manager Log Ackowledgements, Events and Error Codes. Annotate each Line Item Using the “Notes Feature” View, sort, arrange and print the Alarm History any way you like.

13 Alarm Notification Software Security Options Password & Acknowledgement Codes Can Control Access by Users and System Administrators System Health Heartbeats and Watchdogs monitor both Win-911 and the SCADA Software Hot Back-Up is possible using Scripting Tools

14 Alarm Notification Software Win-411 Standard Feature with Voice Telephone Option Authorized Users can Call In and Inquire about Alarms and Data Values of a Selected Group Configure Alarm Setpoints and Data Values as Changeabled with the Proper Password.



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