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2015 – 2016 Course Registration for Class of 2019.

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1 2015 – 2016 Course Registration for Class of 2019


3 PURPOSE During the previous legislative session, changes were made to graduation plans and state assessments through House Bill 5. To identify the graduation plan (endorsement) options available to Klein ISD students in order that parents may help their student to select the best option for their desired academic pursuit.

4 KEY COMPONENTS OF HB 5 HB5 eliminates the Recommended and Distinguished Achievement High School Graduation Plans for students entering 9 th grade in 2014-2015 and beyond. The new graduation plan is called the Foundation High School Graduation Plan (with career pathway endorsements). Opportunities to take a Career and Technical courses to satisfy endorsement requirements. Reduced number of EOC assessments to 5 tests

5 Earn 26 required State Credits You must successfully complete the following STAAR EOC exams. Level II or above. English 1 (Combined Reading and Writing) English 2 (Combined Reading and Writing) Algebra 1 Biology US History


7 State Credits – count toward graduation 26 Credits Required 1 Full Year Class = 1 Credit 1 Semester Class =.5 Credit Local Credits – do not count toward graduation (Office Aide and Student Leadership) Denied Credit – Student does not earn credit due to excessive absences, despite passing grades

8 REQUIRED COURSEWORK (In addition to English, Math, Science, & Social Studies) 2 2 years of the same Foreign Language Spanish French German Latin Native Speakers*

9 REQUIRED COURSEWORK (cont.) 1 year of Fine Art Art Band Orchestra Choir Theater (Performance or Technical) Dance Color Guard (Spring only) Floral Design

10 REQUIRED COURSEWORK (cont.) 1 year of PE or Equivalent PE Athletics Cheerleading (S1 only) ROTC (1 st year only gives you a PE Credit) Drill Team (S1 only) Marching Band (S1 only) Color Guard (S1 only) Can earn up to 4 PE credits

11 ATHLETICS All sports have open enrollment at KOHS except: Swimming Volleyball Baseball Golf Sign up for PE until approved by coach or tryouts occur for the above sports. All other sports require tryouts and/or coach approval Coach contact information is on the Klein Oak website

12 HOW TO EARN GRADE POINTS Year/Semester averages are used to determine grade points Advanced courses receive more grade points Advanced courses receive more grade points

13 TRANSCRIPT Official academic record Semester averages Total credits earned STAAR EOC’s, GPA, Rank Send to colleges and scholarships

14 ADVANCED ACADEMICS Pre AP and AP Courses Benefits Rigorous coursework Preparation for AP classes Earn college credit(s) Honors grade points College Readiness Students are encouraged to select PreAP/AP courses. When considering their course selections, students should be mindful of extra curricular activities and other responsibilities. Consider…

15 The IBA is a four-year program that focuses on the HS core curriculum with additional academic courses emphasizing business, language, and culture. It is only available at Klein Forest High School.

16 IBA- International Business Academy Contact Information Karen Babb IBA Coordinator Klein Forest High School 832.484.4503

17 The International Baccalaureate®(IB) offers high quality programs of international education to a worldwide community of schools. It is only available at Klein Oak High School.

18 THE INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE® (IB) For Information please contact: Linda Garner IB Coordinator 832.484.5026 IB Informational meeting : Tuesday January 27 th and Thursday January 28 th @ KOHS IB Informational meeting : Tuesday January 27 th and Thursday January 28 th @ KOHS



21 HB5 Graduation Plans This is an interactive link

22 Endorsement Areas STEM Science, Technology-including computer science, Engineering, and advanced Math. BUSINESS & INDUSTRY Information technology, database management, marketing, accounting, finance, graphic design, construction, welding, automotive technology, and agriculture. PUBLIC SERVICE Health science occupations, education, law enforcement, culinary arts and hospitality. ARTS AND HUMANITIES Political science, literature, world languages, cultural studies, history and fine arts. MULTIDISCIPLINARY This endorsement provides students the opportunity to take a variety of courses from each of the other four endorsements areas.

23 STEM This endorsement includes courses directly related to science, including environmental science, technology including computer science, engineering, and advanced mathematics.

24 BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY This endorsement includes courses directly related to data base management, information technology, communications, accounting, finance, marketing, graphic design, and agriculture.

25 PUBLIC SERVICE This endorsement includes courses directly related to health sciences and occupations, education and training, law enforcement, and culinary arts and hospitality.

26 ARTS AND HUMANITIES This endorsement includes courses directly related to political science, world languages, cultural studies, English literature, history, and fine arts.

27 MULTIDISCIPLINARY This endorsement includes courses from the curriculum of each endorsement area and a variety of advanced courses from multiple content areas.

28 Health Bible Literature AP Human Geography Communication Applications Photojournalism $$$ Journalism Debate Sports Medicine Touch System Data (keyboarding) Principles of Agriculture Business Information Management (BIM)* Principles of Business Marketing Principles of Law and Public Safety Money Matters Principles of Human Services Principles of Manufacturing Concepts of Engineering* PATH Technology Applications / Algebra 1 pre requisite Computer Science Game Program Design Mobile Applications Robotics Program and Development

29 DISTINGUISHED ACHIEVEMENT Requirements beyond Endorsement(s): A student in the top 10% of his/her class must have earned the Distinguished Level of Achievement to be eligible for automatic admission to a Texas public college or university. Requirements 26 Credits plus curriculum requirements of at least one endorsement and: 4 Math credits must include Algebra II 4 Science credits

30 PERFORMANCE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Performance acknowledgments Performance acknowledgments may be earned for outstanding performance: In a Dual Credit course In Bilingualism and literary in two languages On an Advanced Placement test On an International Baccalaureate examination On the PSAT, ACT Plan, SAT, or ACT A student may also receive a performance acknowledgment for earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license.

31 ENDORSEMENT PLAN CONSIDERATIONS College/University admission requirements Which science and math courses are required for admission and/or for a chosen major in college? Technology or Certification desired Which courses will prepare students for career choices, both core subjects and electives? Will students be able to complete all of the foundation credits with endorsement requirements?

32 STUDENTS ENTERING 9 TH GRADE IN 2015-2016 The student and their parents are advised of the components on the Foundation Plan. Each student selects (in writing) an endorsement and creates a four-year plan. Students and parents must select and sign off on an endorsement area of their choosing. Endorsement plan selection may be changed.


34 Learn more about class options and endorsements Check for prerequisites, fees, and required forms Determine your course selections Course selections entered into Career Cruising/Gradespeed Turn in a completed course selection sheet signed by student and parent This Spring you will receive a verification sheet of your course selections. Check them carefully. Deadline to request changes is June 11, 2015.

35 KOHS Website Announcements, Deadlines, College and Scholarship Information, and other useful information, please visit our website at: www.

36 No Grade Repair Credit Considerations Pre AP selection College and the 4X4 High School rigor and the necessary study skills.

37 Questions?

38 Who will be your counselor ?? Ms Sauter A-D Ms Loeb E-M Ms Demby N-Z

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