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Note Page 20 “Immediate Causes of the Civil War” US History.

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1 Note Page 20 “Immediate Causes of the Civil War” US History

2 Uncle Tom’s Cabin -Harriet Beecher Stowe -depicted evil side of slavery to the public “Uncle Tom” “Simon Legree” -1852, sold over a million copies - Stereo type, evil master - Kind, powerless Lincoln was once claimed to have said, “She was a little woman who started a big war….”

3 Kansas-Nebraska Act  1854--popular sovereignty passed as law in 1850 compromise to determine slavery  Rush to populate state with “voters” for each side  ”Bleeding Kansas” slavery and abolitionist forces resort to violence  A fight in the U.S. Senate Preston Brooks v.Charles Sumner

4 Dred Scott v. Sanford  Scott is a slave  He is taken into free states  Sues for freedom based on NW Ordinance and Missouri Compromise  Supreme Court (majority of southern justices) rules: - Blacks are not citizens - Can’t ban slavery - Missouri Comp. is illegal

5 John Brown’s Raid -John Brown was an extreme abolitionist -captured Harper’s Ferry military installation in Virginia with intent to arm slaves -surrounded and forced to surrender -Brown found guilty at trial and then hanged--becomes a martyr for many abolitionists -Many Southerners thought Brown represented northerners who wanted to control the southern lifestyle and economy


7 Development of Republican Party -Slavery had come to dominate the differences in the parties o By 1850 the differences had peaked so that anti-slavery Whigs, Democrats, and Free- Soilers formed a new anti- slavery party o Official party policy was to oppose the growth of slavery where it did not exist.

8 Lincoln-Douglas Debates  Senate race in 1858 Stephen Douglas (Dem), Abraham Lincoln (Rep.)  Debate over slavery issues neither man wanted slavery in the area, but how to do it?  Douglas issues Freeport Doctrine -Slavery needs certain laws in order to exist. Don’t pass those laws and there will be no slavery  Douglas wins the election, Lincoln gains national fame

9 Southern Secession -1860 election -slavery divided the parties -Lincoln pledges to stop spread of slavery but not to interfere with the south -Douglas got support of Northern Democrats -John Breckinridge got southern Democrats -John Bell nominated by Constitutional Union Party

10 Presidential Election of 1860

11 Lincoln’s Election -Lincoln wins election with no southern electoral votes -Southern states secede in fear of gov’t where they have no voice -S.C. first to secede, 6 others follow - Confederate States of America formed before Lincoln takes office -Jefferson Davis elected Confederate President

12 Map of country during Civil War

13 Note Page 20 “Immediate Causes of the Civil War” The End

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