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CHAPTER 26 Between the Wars. Search for Security- France.

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1 CHAPTER 26 Between the Wars

2 Search for Security- France

3 Inflation

4 Permanent Peace?

5 Roaring Twenties BBerlin became the entertainment center of Europe NNightclubs, Charleston RRadio & Cinema JJazz JJosephine Baker PPropaganda EEntertainment MMass Leisure SSports, Olympics, Tourism DDopolavoro, Kraft durch Freude: coordinated free time

6 Great Depression


8 Moving away from Democracy PPostwar societies were divided along class lines – weakened social cohesion WWar bonds sank in value, hurting middle-class WWomen forced out of wartime jobs as men returned Many women needed jobs as they were newly widowed or lost marital prospects PPeople felt victimized by war and depression MModerate beliefs had fewer followers as Europeans looked for answers

9 Modern Totalitarian States DDemands active loyalty and commitment PPropaganda to conquer minds and hearts TTotal state aimed to control economic, political, social, intellectual, cultural aspects of society LLed by a single leader, single party RRejects limited government and individual freedoms MMussolini’s Italy – Fascist NNazi Germany – Fascist SSoviet Union - Communist

10 Fascist Italy

11 Il Duce

12 Nazi Germany


14 RRise of Hitler FFührerprinzip- leadership principle, single-minded party under one leader A good Nazi is one who will die for his Führer Gained thousands of followers who craved ACTION UUsed unemployment, social unrest to gain votes HHindenburg and other leaders underestimated Hitler and believed they control him January 30,1933, named Hitler Chancellor HHermann Göring (1893-1946) made minister of interior and created police force of SA


16 Nazi Germany- The Total State


18 Nazi Germany- Creating an Aryan Nation

19 Soviet Union


21 Soviet Union under Uncle Joe

22 DDownside of 5 Year Plans IInvestment in housing, Wages declined LLaws limited freedom of movement PPropaganda stressed sacrifice CCollectivization of agriculture Surplus through elimination of private farms Starved peasants to comply 10,000,000 peasants died PPurged Old Bosheviks 88 million arrested, millions died in Siberian labor camps

23 Spanish Civil War KKing Alfonso supported a coup under General Miguel Primo de Rivero, but the Great Depression saw this regime fall apart, and Alfonso fled Spain RRepublic led by the Popular Front (Leftist groups) was unpopular to army officers GGeneral Francisco Franco (1892-1975) led a revolt FFranco supported by Hitler and Mussolini PPopular Front supported by USSR AAbraham Lincoln Brigade from US fought 4400,000 killed, 200,000 executed after war

24 Impact of WWI on art The Scream 1893 Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany Hanna Höch 1919 Fountain Marcel Duchamp, 1917 AP EURO Mustache of the Year Nominee The Persistence of Memory Dali, 1931

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