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Peer Supports and SOAR Please stay on the line. Audio: 1-888-469-3145 Passcode: 2045270 The webinar will begin shortly.

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1 Peer Supports and SOAR Please stay on the line. Audio: 1-888-469-3145 Passcode: 2045270 The webinar will begin shortly.

2 Peer Supports and SOAR Presented by: SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center Policy Research Associates, Inc. Under contract to: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

3 Webinar Instructions Question instructions Muting Recording availability Downloading documents Evaluation

4 Agenda Peer Supports and SOAR –Kristin Lupfer, SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center Peer Specialists in the SOAR Process –Heidi Lasser, Department of Health and Welfare, Boise, Idaho PEER (People with lived Experience and Expertise in Recovery) Support and SOAR –Stephanie Lane, Capital Clubhouse Recovery Center, Olympia, Washington Peer Supports at the VA Tobbie Jackson, VA Medical Center, Hampton, Virginia

5 Peer Supports and SOAR Kristin Lupfer SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center Policy Research Associates, Inc.

6 Who provides peer supports? Individuals with lived experience –Trained to help develop skills for wellness and recovery Certified Peer Specialists Recovery Support Specialists Peer Partners Peer Support Workers

7 Where do you find peer supports? Naturally occurring peer support groups Consumer run services Consumers as providers in clinical and rehabilitative settings At least 22 states have Medicaid reimbursable peer services

8 What role do peer supports play? Peer Support Encouragement of Self- Determination and Personal Responsibility Support Health and Wellness Addressing Hopelessness Communication with Providers Illness Management Addressing Stigma in the Community Developing Friendships Leisure and Recreation Education, Employment Transportation Developing WRAP Plans Access to benefits

9 Peer Supports and SOAR Potential Roles: Improve engagement, rapport building Increase comfort through shared experience and empathy Provide transportation Accompany applicant to appointments Collect medical records Support through the process Provide observations and functional information

10 Current Efforts Georgia- Certified Peer Specialists –Training and Continuing Education Oklahoma- Recovery Support Specialists Michigan- Training California- Peer partners Idaho- PATH and Idaho Hope Washington- Certified Peer Specialists

11 Peer Specialists in the SOAR Process Heidi Lasser Department of Health and Welfare Boise, Idaho

12 Peer Specialists in Idaho Idaho Hope –Boise Metropolitan area –Critical Time Intervention (CTI) for 9 months –Transition to independence and self-sufficiency PATH –Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness –2 Peer Specialists in each of the 7 regions –75% of time in active outreach

13 Why We Planned it this Way All of the Peer Specialists have been diagnosed with a mental illness –Many have been homeless Relate well to SOAR clients Clients feel comfortable and safe Crucial, yet sensitive information gathered in a timely manner

14 Idaho SOAR Project Began in March 2011 Peer Specialists: –First to be trained –Most success rates thus far –Most dedicated staff to the SOAR process

15 SOAR Success Stories Peer Specialists: John McGavick- PATH Raelin Gibb- Idaho Hope

16 PEER (People with lived Experience and Expertise in Recovery) Support and SOAR Stephanie Lane, MSW, MH,P CPC Capital Clubhouse Recovery Center Thurston Mason Regional Support Network Olympia, Washington

17 Capital Clubhouse Recovery Center Sue Allen, Executive Director Stephanie Lane, MSW, Program Director Consumer/peer run agency Medicaid and non-Medicaid service center Staffed by nine well trained employees Run by members, many of whom are certified by the State of Washington to provide peer counseling services

18 Employment Program In operation for 23 years 429 people have obtained permanent, competitive employment Many people have obtained part time jobs, transitional employment, supported employment and seasonal work Our employment specialist works closely with our benefits planner Our SOAR program receives several referrals from our employment department

19 Community Partnerships Key to CCRC SOAR success Intentionally building both professional and informal relationships has cut the wait time in half –We receive return phone calls quickly –We get medical records in respectful and responsive manners with post it notes that say “Good luck” or “Great Work” SSA officeFaith- basedHC providersHousing/PAT H Vital Statistics Work source Peer Supports HospitalsPayeesAmeriCorps Mail carriersDDSFamilyFriendsTBD by client

20 Customer #1 “The medical records and medical summary were the hardest for me to go through. Reading them made me really emotional and I just wanted to quit. I was so nervous and really glad my Peer Support was there to walk me through the process. As soon as I sat down in front of my social security worker for my appointment at the office. I showed them all of the documentation I had with a complete application… a slow happy smile crossed his face and he said that I had the most organized and complete application he had ever seen….. Then I had to wait.. but I finally got benefits!”

21 Team Effort “…I know this was a team effort and I could not have gotten half the work I needed to get done with out my peer specialist. They talked me through my anxiety and were able to draw on their own experience in order to help me get over the terror of asking for all those emotional old records from therapist after therapist. I did not have to do all the work. I was so confused I could not remember when I got divorced or married. They had me sign what seemed like a hundred forms but we got it done. They even went with me to DOH. It must have been the tenth time my peer support specialist had to talk me into continuing the process!”

22 Critical Components for Success 1. Peer Specialists (PS) are trained in the SOAR process. 2. Peer Specialists are able to meet with applicant and gather general records which saves time and agency money. 3. We recommend that the PS be there as an advocate for applicant on a more personal level. They do not serve as the representative. 4. PS can assist applicant in processing any feelings that re- reading old medical records may bring up. We recommend creating a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) to refer to during this process. 5. Establish clear communication and roles between the primary case worker and peer support specialist. 6. Create a comfortable environment for BOTH the PS and applicant. 7. The more eyes on the application the better to ensure quality. 8. The PS can assist the applicant identify a local payees. 9. If it is within the PS skill set they can help track outcomes. 10. Make sure all releases of information include PS when appropriate.

23 Why Include a Peer Support Specialist? Peer Supports assist in community building as SOAR applicants have frequently isolated themselves and they can now understand that they are not alone They go in person with the applicant to gather data This frees up time for the case worker to do other research and work on other parts of the application They provide peer counseling and can assess when an applicant may need more intensive assistance when the process becomes too much Peer Supports are able to introduce the applicant to the community if they are new to town Peer Support Specialists are culturally and linguistically matched in order to facilitate comfort and overcome possible language barriers

24 Sowing the seeds for mental health recovery Online social networking group for SOAR

25 Ideas and Next Steps Hold a national training for Certified Peer Specialists to assist in the SOAR process Gather success stories Outline pros and cons of including Peer Support Specialists in process A refresher course on ethics and confidentiality would be advised

26 Resources Mary Ellen Copeland Wellness Recovery Action Plan: National Association of Peer Support Specialists: Consensus statement on Mental Health Recovery: Ten Fundamental Components of Recovery National Census Statement: _consumer.htm _consumer.htm

27 Stephanie Kay Lane, MSW, MHP, CPC 360-464-3880 360-464-3688

28 Peer Supports at the VA Tobbie Jackson, Certified Peer Specialist VA Medical Center Hampton, Virginia

29 Getting Started Understand the process Take your time Don’t let anyone push you to do something you’re not sure about

30 Overcoming Challenges Educating supervisors about SOAR Getting the Medical Summary Report signed

31 Questions and Answers Facilitators: SAMHSA SOAR Technical Assistance Center Policy Research Associates, Inc.

32 For More Information on SOAR Visit the SOAR website at Or contact: SAMHSA SOAR TA Center Policy Research Associates, Inc. Delmar, NY 518-439-7415

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