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Wayland Baptist University

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1 Wayland Baptist University
DIRECTIONS: After viewing the material, click anywhere on the slide to continue to the next slide. To return to a previous slide or to exit, right click and choose the option desired. Wayland Baptist University ORIE 0001 New Student Orientation Updated: January 2008 CLICK NOW!!!

2 Preface Thank you for choosing Wayland Baptist University for your educational needs. The New Student Orientation (ORIE 0001) is designed to familiarize you with who Wayland Baptist University is, what we can do for you, and important information that will make your educational experience a little easier. The information contained in this orientation is in no way comprehensive, and is subject to change. Please speak with an academic advisor regarding specific questions you may have. This orientation should take about 30 minutes to view.

3 Mission of the University System
Wayland Baptist University exists to educate students in an academically challenging, learning-focused and distinctively Christian environment for professional success, lifelong learning, and service to God and humankind. Hawaii Campus Mission Statement We seek to serve the Lord by offering quality education in a Christian environment and with Aloha spirit. We further seek to provide practical and meaningful instruction and encouragement that will lead to professional advancement and enriched lives. Aloha Ke Akua.

4 A few words from the Dean
Welcome to the WBU-Hawai'i webpage. We hope you will find the information contained herein helpful. If you are a new student we are truly blessed that you have chosen to pursue your studies with Wayland Baptist University-Hawaii Campus. There really is a difference! Wayland enrolled almost 500 students last semester. We have been in Hawaii making a commitment to quality Christian education for over 29 years. Two great reasons to celebrate. We are truly glad you are part of it! Do take seriously your task when completing faculty evaluations after each class. I read each one so I need open feedback concerning teachers, classes, and texts. Don’t suffer silently if you see something you think needs to be improved. And let us hear about the good things as well. Obviously, I can’t change everything, but if you don’t let us know your concerns, I can’t help you. As always, your response to these surveys is held in strict confidence. And speaking of hearing from you: if you provide an idea on how to improve WBU-Hawaii you can earn a cash bonus! So look around, think of ways that we can improve recruiting, service to students, classes, scheduling, and so on. Submit your ideas and earn a bonus…and help make your school an even better place. Our success is due to you, our students, staff, and faculty. I will continue to strive for ways to serve you better. Great things are happening at WBU-Hawaii. Be a part of it. There is a degree of difference! Aloha Ke Akua, Dr. Reid, Hawaii Campus Dean

5 University Profile FOUNDED: In 1906 by the Staked Plains Baptist Association in Plainview, Texas, and chartered in 1908 by the State of Texas. LOCATIONS: With more than 7,000 total students attending at 13 campuses including Plainview, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Lackland AFB, Amarillo, and San Antonio, Texas; Honolulu, Hawaii; Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska; Phoenix and Sierra Vista, Arizona; Clovis and Albuquerque, New Mexico; Altus, Oklahoma; and Kenya, Africa. ACCREDITATION: Wayland Baptist University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia ; Telephone number ) to award degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, and master degree levels.

6 Application Process Obviously you have already begun the application process…why else would you be viewing this Orientation…but the following documents are required to complete the application process. All undergraduate students must complete the following forms: Application for Admission Official transcript from most recent institution attended Credit Agreement Orientation/Catalog Acknowledgement Medical History & proof of immunizations All degree-seeking students must also complete the following: Request for degree plan Non-refundable Application Fee - $35 -Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended, even if no credit was granted

7 Evaluation of Transfer Credit
The academic advisors at Wayland Baptist University-Hawaii Campus are currently authorized to do unofficial evaluations of previous academic, military, and other credit. Official evaluations are completed at the Plainview Campus upon receipt of a student’s official transcripts and documentation. This process normally takes 4-6 weeks once all transcripts are received. The Official degree plan, issued by Plainview, is a worksheet used by academic advisors and students to track progress towards completion of a given degree. The degree plan is not a substitute for speaking with an academic advisor. There are many subtle requirements that can be missed, therefore periodic reviews with an academic advisor are highly recommended.

8 Registering for Classes
In order to register for classes you must: Have a completed Application Packet on file. Turn in a signed Enrollment Contract detailing the courses for which you wish to register. Make a minimum payment of 1/3 down for tuition (excluding financial aid or tuition assistance that is in order). Degree-seeking students who are registering for a second term must have all official transcripts turned in to complete their file (students using federal financial aid must have all documentation turned in and processed before they may qualify for any money). Registration is not difficult, but it is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Classes do fill up, so students are encouraged to register early! Books normally go on sale at the same time general registration begins. Books must be paid for in full at the time of purchase.

Tuition and Fees Payment Plan Refund Policies Financial Aid Programs

10 Tuition and Fees Undergraduate tuition: $185 per semester hour. Most classes are 3 semester hours or $555 per class. Undergraduate Internet tuition: $265 per semester hour. Most classes are 3 semester hours or $795 per class. Tech Fee: A $9.00/ semester hour Technology fee will be assessed for both in-house and Virtual Campus classes. These funds will be used for upgrading and maintaining computer technology, web sites and student accounts. Application fee: $35 (non-refundable) Drop fee: $10 per course Transcripts: $5 per transcript requested (requests go directly to the Registrar’s Office in Plainview. An order form is available on the WBU web page Graduation fees: Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees $75 (each) Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees $105 (together) Master’s Degrees are $100 (each). 69 71 72 72

11 NOTE: All students must submit a Credit Agreement
Payment Plan Option Normally, payment for tuition and fees are required at the time of registration. However, a payment plan for tuition and fees is available for all students. Books are not included in a payment plan and must be paid for in full. (Some exceptions can be made for financial aid & TA students.) Tuition and fees can be paid in three installments (see below). PAYMENT SCHEDULE 1/3 of total tuition and fees due at registration 1/3 of total tuition and fees due within 30 days after registration 1/3 of total tuition and fees due within 60 days after registration NOTE: All students must submit a Credit Agreement as part of the Application Packet due to the availability of the payment plan. 70 72 73 73

12 Payment of Account A student’s account balance from a previous term must be paid in full one week prior to registration for a new term. Payments may be made by: ► Cash (Exact amount required) ► Check ► Money order ► Credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover). Regardless of the terms or sources, the account is the fiscal responsibility of the student until paid in full. All proceeds from financial aid are first applied to the student’s outstanding balance. Prompt disbursement to eligible students will be made when a credit remains and after financial obligations to Wayland are paid. NOTE: A student account must be paid in full before Wayland Baptist University will issue an academic transcript or diploma. 72 74 75 75

13 Refund Policy In the event of withdrawal by a student in good standing, because of illness or other reasons, subject to review and approval by the administration, a student will receive a refund according to University Policy. Students MUST submit a signed and dated drop form in order to qualify for any tuition refunds.”    “Fees” are not refundable after the first class meeting. 100% Refund of Tuition when a student drops a course: ● Prior to the first class meeting ● For “virtual campus courses,” the first class meeting is the 1st day of the term (VC is considered a 10 week term) 75% Refund: ● 1-4 days after the 1st class meeting of a 10 week term ● 1-2 days after the 1st class meeting of the terms 5 and 3 weeks in length 25% Refund: ● 5-12 days after the 1st class meeting for a 10 week term ● 3-6 days after the 1st class meeting of the terms 5 and 3 weeks in length 0% Refund: ● 13 days and beyond after 1st class meeting for a 10 week term ● 7 days after the 1st class meeting of the terms 5 and 3 weeks in length *No refund is available for audited classes. *A $10.00 administrative fee will be charged for processing each course dropped. This fee is waived for drops before the term has started. 74 76 77 77

14 Financial Aid Programs
Approximately 91% of all Wayland degree-seeking students receive some type of financial aid. The aid comes from many sources, including Federal and State funding. Students interested in applying for financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Advisor at ext 225 or ext 235. Financial Aid Programs available to Wayland students who qualify: Federal Financial Aid Military Tuition Assistance V.A. Educational Benefits Employer Assistance Scholarships For more information: see the web site - Financial Aid link 76 78 79 79

15 Federal Financial Aid There are 3 basic types of Federal Aid available through the Hawaii Campus: ● Stafford Loans ● Pell Grants ● Perkins Loans ● Plus Loans (parent loans) Eligibility for Federal Aid is determined by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form (for more information visit The FAFSA will be evaluated for eligibility and results will be mailed to students in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR). This SAR should be reviewed by the student for accuracy. Wayland Baptist University students must also complete an Institutional Application for Financial Aid Form, available at any Wayland site. To be eligible for financial aid, students must be degree-seeking and officially admitted to WBU Please be aware that is a commercial site that will charge you for a free service. Do not go there. Use instead. 78 80 81 81

16 Military Tuition Assistance (T.A.)
The military normally pays 100% of all tuition and lab fees for active duty members as of Oct Students using this form of Tuition Assistance (TA) must turn in authorization paperwork with their registration each term. Normally, TA paperwork is available through your Education Center. Any changes in enrollment must be processed through the WBU office on your post or base. Spouses of active duty Air Force members may qualify for up to $375 per term in Spouse Tuition Assistance (STAP). Eligibility is determined by the Air Force Education Center at $

17 V.A. Education Benefits Students using the G.I. Bill are required to pay 1/3 of their tuition and fees at the time of registration. The Wayland V.A. Certifying Official sends Enrollment Certifications, detailing enrollment and costs, to the V.A. Regional Processing Office (RPO) electronically after the initial drop period. It normally takes 30 days for V.A. to process paperwork and begin to send the student payments. Students using V.A. for the first time must send the RPO an Application for V.A. Educational Benefits Form before they can qualify for any benefits. Students are encouraged to verify enrollment via internet or telephone on a monthly basis after the initial 30 days. Verification of enrollment will reduce the time involved in receiving monies (call ) for more information or visit Speak to an Education Officer or the Wayland V.A. Certifying Official for more information. Other programs sponsored by the V.A. include: V.A. Vocational Rehabilitation and Survivors’ and Dependants’ Educational Assistance.

18 Employer Educational Assistance
Employers often assist their employees in paying for continued education or degree completion. Check your organization’s educational policies for more information or speak to your supervisor. If your employer has a program that will pay for your tuition, fees, and/or books, you may provide WBU a letter detailing what the employer will pay. Students that can provide documentation of financial assistance may be allowed to register for coursework without paying at the time of registration.

19 Degree Programs The Hawaii Campus of Wayland Baptist University currently offers the following degrees: Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE) Bachelor of Christian Ministry (BCM) RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) [on-line] Master of Management (MAM) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Education (M ED) Master of Christian Ministry (MCM) Master of Counseling (MAC) Master of Public Administration (MPA)

20 This could be your degree!
THE B.S.O.E. DEGREE This could be your degree!

21 The Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE) degree program is designed to accommodate a diverse number of needs for working adult-learners. Options are built into each degree program plan to maximize credits. However, each degree plan has requirements which must be met to complete a specific degree. The information which follows will enable you to interpret and follow the BSOE degree plan requirements more fully. When you meet with an academic advisor, the information contained in this presentation, as well as additional information about your degree plan, will assist you in academic decisions. You are also expected to read the academic, curriculum, and financial requirements in the student catalog and other student information packets provided during your enrollment with Wayland.

22 Degree Requirements To receive a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE), a student must complete the following requirements: Complete as a minimum, 124 semester hours of a degree plan course work, which includes: 43 hours in General Education Core 36 hours in a Major field of study 24 hours of Professional Development course work 12 hours of Practicum/Internship Work Experience 9 hours of Electives Complete a minimum of 52 non-junior college hours. Complete 36 upper-division hours (3 and 4 thousand level courses). Maintain a minimum GPA of This includes Wayland course work and hours transferred from other sources. 16 18 17 17

23 Majors Available Business Administration Occupational Education
Human Services Religion Justice Administration Management Career & Technology Education Each major carries the option of several specializations that may be selected by the student to fit individual needs or unique training and work experience. For personalized counseling regarding professional needs and goals, contact your academic advisor . 51 53 53 53

The Business Degree for people on the GO!

25 Business Administration Major
The Business Administration Major is a practical, convenient way to complete a baccalaureate degree and receive valuable training for various areas in the business administration field. The curriculum is intended to build upon previous educational and practical experience, adding training in the administrative area. Specializations available in the Business Administration Major include: ■ General Business ■ Health Care Administration ■ Human Resource Management ■ Technical Management ■ Others 54 56 56 56

26 Business Administration Major with a Specialization in General Business
The Specialization in General Business is designed to prepare those who want to pursue a career in business. The curriculum focuses on marketing, management, business law, information systems and computer applications. This major is intended to build upon previous educational and practical business experience, adding training in business administration. Business Administration Major with a Specialization in Human Resource Management The Specialization in Human Resource Management is specifically for those who have a minimum of 12 semester hours of HR management credit. This specialization is intended to build upon previous educational and practical experience, adding training in the business administration for those working towards management positions in human resource or administrative fields. It’s focus is on human resources, organizational behavior, structure and process, as well as informational systems.

27 Business Administration Major with a Specialization in Health Care Administration
The Specialization in Health Care Administration is designed to prepare those who want to pursue a career in administration and management in the Health Care Field. The curriculum is intended to build upon previous educational and practical medical experience, adding training in the business administration, health care law, delivery systems, marketing, administration & organization of health facilities, and more. Business Administration Major with a Specialization in Technical Management The Specialization in Technical Management is specifically for those who have a minimum of 12 semester hours of hands-on, technical credit. This specialization is intended to build upon previous educational and practical technical experience, adding training in the business administration for those working towards management positions in technical or administrative fields.

28 HUMAN SERVICES People helping people.

29 Human Services Major The Human Services Major provides the tools students need to understand society, social institutions and structures, and the impact of culture on collective and individual behavior. With a solid base including broad experience in psychology and sociology, Wayland’s goal is to prepare students for graduate study and for professional occupations from law enforcement to social service agencies when they graduate in the Human Services Major. 55 57 57 57

Help keep our Society Safe

31 Justice Administration Major
The Justice Administration Major is designed to prepare students for entry into or to sharpen an existing knowledge base in a career in municipal, state, or national law enforcement. Job training related to these fields may also be applied in this major. Studies of Criminal law and criminology, the American legal system, cultural diversity, public administration, ethics, with practical aspects in community relations, forensics, deviance, juvenile delinquency, dispute resolution are a few of the courses of study available. 55 57 57 57

32 MANAGEMENT Leading Businesses & Organizations

33 Management Major This major prepares students for a professional career in management via curriculum designed to help them face challenges in the new millennium. The degree also prepares the student for graduate studies. The BSOE degree may utilize credit from traditional and non-traditional learning experiences that working adults bring into their degree plan session. It is a practical and convenient way to complete an education tailored for managers.

34 RELIGION Biblical Study & Practical Ministry

35 Religion Major Pastors, Church Directors, Missionaries to foreign countries, Bible Study and Sunday school teachers, laymen, and those interested in increasing their biblical, theological, historical, educational and practical knowledge in religion will be challenged by this BSOE degree. Up to 12 credits from ministry experience can be transferred into this degree program. There are many directions this major may take depending on the student. Please refer to the Wayland catalog for a more in depth description.

Training for the Trades & Industry

37 Career & Technology Education Major
This major is designed to build upon previous education and experience in a technical field. Teachers in the technical fields are well suited for this degree. Curriculum includes professional roles and responsibilities, instruction and assessment, designing, delivering and managing instruction, developing aims and objectives of workforce development, human relations for technical instructors and more.

You have learned things no classroom could ever teach you…now get credit for it.

39 Occupational Education Major
This major is an individualized program designed to enable students who have previous academic, professional or technical education to work toward their baccalaureate degree. Possible specializations within the Occupational Education major include: aviation mechanics, logistics, management information systems, avionics, drafting technology, electronics technology, law enforcement, fire science, and various other technical and academic fields. The list of possibilities is long with over 66 different specializations. Check with an academic advisor for the best major to meet your degree needs. Occupational Education Major with a Specialization in Corporate Training and Development This specialization is designed for training professionals in the corporate setting, such as instructors, technical writers, and educational consultants. 56 58 58 58

Equipping for ministry! The Christian Ministry Major is designed to provide training for those in pastoral, missions, youth ministries, and other areas of religious ministry whose Wayland degree will be their terminal formal training and to provide pre-seminary training for those planning to enter religious graduate programs. Major requirements are divided into the biblical, historical, theological, educational, religious, and practical areas. 57 59 59 59

41 THE DEGREE PLAN Your map to the future!

42 Top of the Degree Plan This is what the top of an official degree plan looks like. The information contained in this portion of the degree plan is where most of the mistakes that can happen…will. It is important that you speak with an academic advisor to ensure the coursework you are taking will meet all degree requirements including the ones contained in the top of the degree plan.

43 General Education The General Education portion of the degree program is what makes the BSOE a liberal arts education. It includes English, History, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Religion, Political Science, Speech, Computer, and Physical Education credits. This section is often referred to as the “General Education Requirements,” & is somewhat standardized from school to school. Speak to an academic counselor about any questions you have regarding transfer credit into this area.

44 Graduate Exit Seminar The Graduate Exit Seminar (GRAD 4101) is required in the General Education portion for all students wishing to graduate with their Bachelor’s degree. The course is considered a capstone course in which you will use your learning at Wayland Baptist University to complete an assessment in you major field of study and general education. Additionally, students will assess their professional growth and development, build a resume and portfolio, discuss interviewing techniques and reflect on their education at Wayland.

45 Major and Specialization
This is an example of the Major/Specialization portion of a degree plan using a Business Administration Major. Each major or major with a specialization has a specific list of courses that are required to complete all the degree requirements. When you speak with a counselor or receive a degree plan, carefully follow the listed requirements.

46 Elective or Minor All BSOE students must complete 9 semester hours of elective credit. If a student wants a minor in a specific field he or she must earn 18 semester hours of credit in their minor subject area instead of elective credit. The minor must contain a minimum of 6 semester hours of upper division credit. (see an academic advisor for details)

47 Practicum/Internship & Professional Development
The Experiential Professional Development is the portion of the BSOE degree that makes it unique from traditional BA or BS degrees. Wayland Baptist University is able to evaluate 4 or more years of employment evaluations for up to 12 semester hours of Upper Level internship credit. Speak to an academic advisor about documenting your employment for college credit. The Professional Development portion of the BSOE degree is additional credit that supports the major. The requirements change from major to major, so please speak with your academic advisor regarding what courses you must take to fulfill this portion.

48 Transfer Credit Degree Requirements
Wayland Baptist University accepts credit in transfer to the BSOE program from any regionally accredited college or university. Students can test out of a maximum of 42 semester hours of CLEP or DANTES test credit. ACT and SAT scores can also be evaluated for Math and English credit. Advance Placement (AP) test credit is eligible for transfer. Wayland Baptist University currently accepts all American Council on Education (ACE) evaluated academic credit, including military credit and some governmental and civilian training. Community College of the Air Force is limited to 48 hours of transfer credit. Some professional training is eligible for evaluation for credit. Speak to an academic advisor about education or training you think may be eligible for transfer or evaluation. Degree Requirements The degree plan can be a complicated process. It is easy to overlook a degree requirement which can postpone graduation. Degree plans are provided annually and are guides for completing your degree. If you have questions about your progress, please contact an academic advisor. 34 36 35 35

49 Residency Requirements
All Wayland students, seeking a degree in Associates of Applied Science (AAS) and/or Bachelors of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE), must complete a prescribed number of Wayland course hours to establish institutional residency. For a BSOE degree the residency requirements are 31 semester hours, and the AAS requires 18 semester hours. Residency hours may be completed at any time in a student’s program and at any Wayland location or through Wayland Virtual Campus courses. Non-resident credit includes credit by transfer, examination, evaluation of prior learning experiences, and valid work experience. 67 69 70 70

A Window into Wayland

51 Transcripts take a minimum of two weeks to receive.
Academic Transcripts To obtain a Wayland academic transcript from the office of the registrar a student must: Have completed at least one Wayland class with a passing score. Have a complete file on record including official transcript(s). Have a zero ($0) account balance. Pay the appropriate transcript fee ($5.00). Request Transcript in writing using the official transcript request form, which is available at any office and online. Transcripts take a minimum of two weeks to receive. 79 81 82 82

52 Grade Policy Students may check their grades after the term by visiting the WBU website IQWEB and logging onto the IQ web page with their Power Campus number and pass word. Student grades are maintained at the Hawaii Campus. A student may come in to any office to receive course grades with picture I.D. At no time will student course grades be released over the phone or to a third party without written permission due to Federal Privacy requirements. 80 82 83 83

53 Classroom Contact Hours
Standards of Conduct Wayland proudly adheres to high standards of intellectual, personal, and spiritual values. Convinced that self-discipline is more desirable than outside force, and that the truly educated person must pursue what is right under all circumstances, Wayland charges each student with the obligation to preserve these standards. Each student enrolled at Wayland is responsible for reading and abiding by the rules and regulations as printed in the University Academic Catalog, Student Handbook, and student information sheets. Classroom Contact Hours Most Wayland Baptist Hawaii-Campus terms are 10 weeks in length with each course meeting from 5:30 PM. until 10:00 PM. See schedule for details and exact dates. Break periods and individual study time outside the class does not count toward classroom hours. 81 83 84 84

54 Learning Outcomes at Wayland
Wayland Baptist University’s accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), mandates that a record of the learning outcomes attained during the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (BSOE) program be maintained by the student and Wayland Baptist University. These outcomes will be tracked through student portfolios, college or university transcripts, capstone courses, tests, exit interviews, employer surveys, and other sources. Outcomes attained at Wayland will be tracked and documented by the student, staff, and faculty. Guidance for maintaining these records will be promulgated through newsletters, counseling sessions and classroom activities. 20 22 21 21

55 Attendance Policy Students enrolled at Wayland Baptist University should make every effort to attend all classes. All absences must be explained to the satisfaction of the instructor, who will decide if the omitted work may be made up. Any student who misses 25% (normally more than 2 sessions) of the regularly scheduled class meetings will receive a grade of “F” for that course. If a student is going to be absent for more than 25% of the classes, they may withdraw before the sixth week to avoid receiving a failing grade. When a student reaches a number of absences considered to be excessive by the instructor, the instructor will so advise the student and file an Unsatisfactory Progress Report with the Campus Dean. Additional attendance policies for each course can be further defined by the instructor in the course syllabus. If an instructor fails to appear or fails to send notice of arrival within the first 30 minutes of a class period, students may leave without incurring an absence. The student may petition the Campus Dean for exceptions to the above stated policies. 84 86 87 87

56 Plagiarism Smoking/Drinking
Intellectual integrity and truthfulness are fundamental to scholarship. Scholars, whether performing as students or as teachers, are engaged in a search for truth. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and also a form of thievery. It is a breech of scholarly responsibility, unethical, and illegal. Plagiarism occurs when a student fails to give proper credit when information is quoted or paraphrased. Carelessness is no excuse. If there is any doubt about what constitutes plagiarism in any particular class, a student should consult the professor before submitting the paper in question. Smoking/Drinking Wayland Baptist University is a smoke and alcohol free environment. Smoking, use of tobacco products, or alcoholic beverages is not permitted in any classroom. Smoking or use of tobacco products is only permitted outside the buildings. 82 84 85 85

57 Student Appeals The process for student appeals or grievances is detailed in the University Policies and Procedures Manual and Student Handbook. This manual is readily available in the Wayland Campus office. Typically, the appeal process begins with the instructor. If a satisfactory decision is not rendered, the process continues through the Campus Dean and the Vice President for Academic and Student Services, Main Campus. A student experiencing discriminatory or sexual harassing behavior by peers, instructors, or staff should directly contact the Campus Dean immediately. 86 88 89 89

58 Drop/Add a class A student is considered having officially withdrawn from a course ONLY after he or she has notified the Wayland Hawaii Campus staff IN WRITING and paid all accounts. Students are required to complete a Change of Program Form in order to officially Drop, Withdraw, or Add a class. Failure to complete the proper paperwork can result in a failing grade or no grade for a class completed. Please notify the Wayland staff if your name is not listed on a class roster in which you feel you have properly enrolled. VERY IMPORTANT - If you simply stop going to class, and you have not withdrawn from the class, you may receive a failing grade because you did not notify the Campus Dean in writing that you wished to drop the class or fill out an official drop form. SPEAK WITH A COUNSELOR IF YOU NOTICE ANY DISCREPANCIES ON A GRADE LETTER IMMEDIATELY. CHANGES MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE IF YOU WAIT FOR MORE THAN ONE TERM TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE! 87 89 90 90

59 Contact Information For a problem in a degree plan: Students should direct problems within their degree plan to an academic advisor. Please do not bypass the advisor by calling Main Campus. This action may prolong solving the problem, as all bypassed inquiries will be re-directed back to the Hawaii Campus advisors. The Campus Dean is also available to assist in degree plan problems. For financial aid problems: Students experiencing financial aid problem should meet with a Financial Aid Advisor. For account problems: Students experiencing accounts problem may direct these issues to the Campus accountant. If a student is unable to pay the balance on a past-due account, the student should call the Campus financial aid office and arrange a payment plan. 36 38 37 37

60 Evaluations Wayland believes in continuous evaluation to assess its academic programs. As such, all Wayland students can anticipate evaluation activities both during and outside class. Testing areas may include the general education core, major field, and student opinion surveys. Test and survey data are used to help improve Wayland programs. Students are also asked to evaluate instructors for each class. These surveys are sent directly to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness in Plainview. Instructors and the Campus Dean receive summary reports for each class and are never allowed to see individual evaluation sheets. 88 90 91 91

61 WBU web site Students can: View Grades
View inventory of textbooks Books View campus classifieds (see Pono ‘Uhane bookstore to list textbooks and sell items) Access Blackboard/ IQ web View Course syllabi and instructor data Enroll in Virtual Campus (on-line classes)

62 GRADUATION Commencement is a very special part of the Wayland experience. Graduation gives graduates, families, friends, and the Wayland faculty and staff the opportunity to celebrate the achievement of an important academic milestone. Graduates must apply for graduation about 3 months in advance of the ceremony date. For further information regarding graduation requirements, speak with your academic advisor or Graduation Coordinator. Graduation application deadlines are posted on the Hawaii web site. 90 92 93 93

63 Graduating with honors
A student graduating with the baccalaureate degree who has been in residence for at least 60 semester hours, has earned a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or greater on all work taken at Wayland, and who meets the required GPA for all work including non transfer and transfer work is eligible for graduation with Latin honors. Latin honor designations include the following: Honor Designation Required Cumulative GPA Cum Laude (with Honors) to 3.69 GPA Magna Cum Laude (with high honors) to 3.89 GPA Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors) or above GPA Graduation honors may be awarded to students graduating with the baccalaureate degree if at least 60 semester hours of credit with letter grades (A,B,C, etc.) from all sources have been earned, and if they have achieved a GPA of 3.50 or greater on all work taken at Wayland and if they meet the required GPA for all work including transfer work. Honor designations include the following: Certificate of Honor to 3.98 Certificate of Distinction to 4.0

64 Hawaii Campus Homepage: click here Main Campus Homepage: click here
CONCLUSION For more information about the degree programs with Wayland Baptist University and how to complete the BSOE degree, please contact an academic advisor at the Hawaii Campus office nearest you: Aiea Office, Kauhale St., D-14, Aiea, Hawaii 96701, (808) , fax: (808) Camp Smith (808) ■Schofield (808) Hickam AFB (808) ■Tripler (808) Kaneohe MCBH (808) Pearl Harbor (808) Thank you for choosing Wayland Baptist University. We are committed to serving your educational and professional development needs. Hawaii Campus Homepage: click here Main Campus Homepage: click here 98 100 101 101

65 Orientation Memo A memo certifying that you have viewed this orientation is included in the Application Packet, and is required for enrollment at Wayland Baptist University. Please fill out the memo and turn it into the Hawaii Campus office with your Application for Admission and other required Admission paperwork. If you do not have the memo certifying that you have viewed this orientation, go to the Hawaii web page and print off a copy to sign and submit to your Academic Advisor. If you would like a federal financial information click here. End

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