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Duck Adaptation planet Rain Forest 3000 By Sebastian Parra.

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1 Duck Adaptation planet Rain Forest 3000 By Sebastian Parra

2 Planet rain forest My climate for my planet is going to be 90 Degrees

3 Protected by its self My bird will protect itself from the changes in weather by digging and building a hole in a tree and a hole. Oslo it has thick layers of feather and it lives in all plant under ground and mount doll

4 What it has? What type of body covering or coverings will your bird have? Why? a. covering #1: my bird has a long beak like a hummingbird purpose: the purpose is building a home b. covering #2 camouflage purpose: pretest it self from being Eaton c. covering #3: poison clause purpose: to make Shure perpetrators will not eat him or ambush him

5 movement My birds movement has all abilities and it has A tale that has nine tales the abilities like rikatiad and has fast feet no one can catch him

6 Duck eye My eyes for my duck will have large eyes because he will see better if he has large eyes

7 Food and beak What type of food will your bird eat on this planet? My bird is going to be an omnivore which eats plants and animals.. Therefore, what type of beak will it have? My beck is a long beak

8 How to get water 9. My special adaptations to get water is by its beak and the feet

9 KRAVEN the ducker Long beck Sharp and long legs Shamble of poison And bad lucky Moon shape to tern camo mode

10 Good environment yes it use mimicry and camouflage to help it blend into its environment from its body

11 protection 11. the predators that might harm bird is monkeys, lion, poisonous spiders and wolfs and all kinds of stuff. 12. My bird will protect itself from the predators by camouflage, mimicry and the tale.

12 Adaptation of a duck My most unique adaptation in my bird is the camouflage and the tale of nine the tales.

13 Plant Adaptation 3000 By: Sebastian Parra

14 shelter My bird will find shelter from digging a hole and a tree notch

15 Plant adaptations What components will your plant have? Why? a. Stem #1 The stem is long and large purpose: the purpose is to store more water _ b. Flower #2 The flower is big and bright colors purpose: So other animals do not eat the plant c. Leaves #3: The large leaves help absorb energy purpose: So It could get a lot of energy d. Roots#4 It is so long purpose: because it get more water

16 Plant Adaptation Summary 15. What type of roots will your plant need? Why Long because it can get more water from under ground 16. How will your plant make its own food (Photosynthesis)? It will get food by absorbing the sun energy 17. How will your plant disperse its seeds? The wind will mo the flower and still getting energy 18. What special adaptations will your plant have to get water? The special adaptation is its ve long roots 19. What are the consumers that might eat your plant? Caterpillars, moths, bugs and other things 20. What is the most unique adaptation that your plant has? It s the camouflage mode that t has

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