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Roots of CivilizationMr. Joshi Shout out to Mr. Marak!

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1 Roots of CivilizationMr. Joshi Shout out to Mr. Marak!

2 The year is 4145 and a fantastic discovery of the lost Usa civilization is made from the year of the Great Disaster- 1985…

3 Illustrations of Secret Burial Chamber from the Lost Civilization

4 What follows are illustrations of objects that have been found and possible explanations of their use by this ancient civilization.


6 The Plant That Would Not Die Grown in separate pieces, this plant was developed for eternal life


8 The Sacred Pendant Found with a beautiful necklace. The meaning of the pendant is yet to be determined.


10 Musical Instruments The two trumpets to the left were played by forcing water from a sacred spring through them. The sounds of the trumpets were controlled through two handles, marked H and C. The instrument at the right is probably used in some type of percussion.


12 Ceremonial Burial Cap To be worn by the deceased as they make their sacred journey to the unknown.


14 Portable Shrine Was to be carried through life and into eternal life. The inscriptions were meant to identify the individual's religious preference.


16 The Sacred Urn In the religious celebration, the religious leader would chant into the urn while water from the Sacred Spring flowed in to mix with sheets of Sacred Parchment.


18 The Sacred Collar Was worn by the High Priest during the burial ceremony.


20 Wearing the Sacred Collar The Sacred Collar is seen attached by the Sacred Headband when it is worn. Notice also the Sacred Pendant and earrings.


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