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Electronic Timecard System Changing Role of the Supervisor Approve employee time upon completion of each pay period –Thoroughly review each time report.

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1 Electronic Timecard System Changing Role of the Supervisor Approve employee time upon completion of each pay period –Thoroughly review each time report prior to approval –Review comments to ensure compliance Example – Bereavement leave –IMPORTANT: Deadline for approving time is on Mondays following the end of the time period at 10am. This will allow time for returns. Unapproved time reports will not be paid Review periodically during pay period –May need to return a report submitted in error Coordinate backup plans with other approvers about absences Work with the Department Payroll Representatives (Amy Roberson and Kimberly Basnight at 684-6683) –Ensure all employees submit reports as appropriate

2 Submit time for employees who are out unexpectedly due to illness or injury and could not have submitted time off for themselves. –Time cannot be submitted in advance of a pay period –If employee has “touched” the timecard, and is not available to submit the time, a paper timecard will need to be submitted through your Departmental Payroll Representative. Supervisor should return cards when… Not enough hours are recorded. Unpaid hours are not recorded. Bereavement information is not complete. – Employee must provide relationship of deceased, dates of death and funeral; supervisor ensures compliance with policy. Changing Role of Supervisor, cont’d

3 Supervisors login to Duke@Work The MyTeam Tab has been added to Duke@Work From MyTeam, the supervisor chooses the link to Approve Current Period Timecards The link includes the begin and end date of the current pay period. The link will be disabled if the period is no longer open for time card approvals. Click Here to view the list of employees

4 Supervisors are presented with a List of employees. There is a dropdown for People I Approve and People I Approve as a Backup. The hyperlink on the far right side of the grid will display the current status of the timecard. Not Entered – No timecard has been created. Saved – Employee saved the timecard but it is not ready to be approved. Submitted – The timecard is ready for review and can be approved or returned to employee for correction. Returned to Employee – The timecard was returned to the employee for correction Approved – Timecard has been approved by a supervisor or backup Approver created, submitted and approved - Approver added Time Off and/or Premium Pay on behalf of the employee.

5 Daily Time Information Additional Types of TimeSupervisor Certification Supervisor’s Electronic Timecard Layout Action ButtonsComments

6 SectionDescription Additional Types of TimeAdditional Types of Time are not displayed unless the supervisor opens the card for input. Daily Time InformationThe daily time information displays only rows with time recorded. CommentsAny comments entered by the employee are visible to the supervisor and can not be changed. Employee CertificationThere is a date and time associated with the last employee certification. Action ButtonsThe action buttons now include Open for Input, Return and Save and Approve. Open for Input allows the supervisor to add Additional Types of Time for the Premium and Time Off categories. Once open for input, Additional Types of Time can be selected and a new row is inserted into the Daily Time Information section. Return sends the timecard back to the employee for corrections. Save and Approve approves the timecard. Supervisor CertificationTo approve the time, the supervisor must click the checkbox. Supervisor View of Electronic Timecard

7 TypeDescription PremiumsWeekend Premium (1 st Shift) Weekend Premium (2 nd Shift) Weekend Premium (3 rd Shift) OtherHours Worked (Second Shift) Hours Worked (Third Shift) Additional Types of Time Employees can add additional types of time to the electronic time card : The types of time an employee can enter are based on eligibility rules The menu options change based on the rules. Employees click on the types to get a list of options. Premiums Time off Other Students will only see Time off and will be limited to the following: Unpaid vacation Unpaid sick The following table lists all possible options.

8 Type DescriptionAdditional Selections Time OffJury Duty D-Day Vacation – Unpaid Sick – Unpaid Designated Holidays New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Friday After Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year’s Eve BereavementFuneral – Immediate Family Funeral – Extended Family Additional Types of Time - continued

9 Timecard System Limitations Maximum hours per day limited to 24 Vacation and sick time cannot exceed accrued balance Time off cannot exceed daily work schedule If worked time and time off both entered in one day, the combined time cannot exceed daily work schedule No more than 2 types of time off can be entered per day Time off cannot be entered during 90 day orientation period Holidays available for entry for 60 days following date of actual designated holiday Discretionary Holidays must be taken in full day increments Time cannot be entered after termination date

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