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DZACDZAC June 2014. Injury Investigation Oak Ridge National Laboratory - March 31, 2014.

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1 DZACDZAC June 2014

2 Injury Investigation Oak Ridge National Laboratory - March 31, 2014

3 Scattering Chamber Removed from service early 2000’s 1585 lbs.-65 inches tall Purpose of the wheeled cart was to permit adjustment of the equipment during experimental configuration-Not intended for transportation

4 Decision to Excess Excess Property Form indicated the assembly was “top-heavy” and that Riggers would need to transport Moving crew transported to the Excess Property Sales Warehouse Buyer purchased the unit and arrived to pick up the scattering chamber and other equipment

5 Buyers Truck/Loading Dock Two employees 1 in front 1 behind Slight incline 6.25% Reached the transition point between the loading ramp and the truck Fell on the employee in the path of travel

6 Overturned Scattering Chamber

7 Injuries Lower leg fractures Broken thumb Several Lacerations Surgery required

8 Moving From Storage to Excess Move Crew Moved Item to Excess – 3 Laborers – 1 Driver Excess Property Form was affixed to the assembly Last item loaded on the deliver truck-secured to the left side of the truck with two straps – Form was not noticed – Movers did not recognize or consider high center of gravity – Wheels, smooth level path

9 Shifted During Transport to Excess

10 Stainless steel vacuum tube and flange punctured the wall of the delivery truck Two of the 4 wheels suspended in midair One Mover used a sledge hammer to dislodge the tube on from the wall of the truck While two salvage handlers stood on the elevated section of the cart using their combined weight to bring the scattering chamber into an upright position

11 What Went Wrong? Organizational Change-Supervisor and two Salvage Handlers were new to their positions 3 Experienced Salvage Handlers retired A Salvage Handler call in sick and was replaced with a Laborer Excess Property Form is removed from the equipment two –three days prior to sales-standard Practice A premium was put on the timely and efficient loading of vehicles

12 What Went Wrong? Salvage Handler activities were judged to be grade 4 their work plan was indicated as grade 3 – Incomplete execution of ISM and Laboratory safety expectations of Grade 3 work Work plan was not of sufficient detail to enable comprehensive identification of hazards and assignment of controls – e.g. moving top heavy and potentially unstable equipment

13 What Went Wrong? No records of proper lifting techniques training No documented pre-job briefing Moving crew pickup list does not include Excess Property Forms information Involvement of Riggers support is based on judgment and experience-not weight

14 What Went Wrong? The Salvage Handler had no information-on weight, or stability of wheels Salvage Handler B did not communicate with Salvage Handler A-Movers did not communicate with Salvage Handler Supervisor Salvage Handlers choose to move the chamber down the ramp rather than move the truck to a larger door where they could have used a forklift

15 What Went Wrong Unsafe Behavior exhibited by Moving crew by standing on the base of the chamber Moving Crew and Salvage Handlers failed to notice the Excess Property Form hazard indications Potential risk of providing unstable item to a member of the public was unrecognized

16 Action Items

17 Round Table – June Homework Best Practices – What is your work group doing “right”? – What are your work group’s“ Best Practices”? – How can we expand on those “Best Practices”? – Is Safety a value shared by everyone in your work group? – Do you feel like you own safety?

18 July Homework Chemicals Do you know the hazards and controls for all of the chemicals you work with? Do you and your coworkers know where to find your Safety Data Sheets? Do you have any questions about the chemicals necessary for your work?

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