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2014-2015 ORIENTATION OSEA Oregon City Chapter 14.

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1 2014-2015 ORIENTATION OSEA Oregon City Chapter 14

2 About OSEA The Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) is a labor union that represents 20,000 educational employees working in Oregon school districts, community colleges, education service districts, Head Start agencies, libraries and park and recreation districts.

3 About OSEA As one of the largest labor unions in Oregon, and with the second largest membership of educational staff, OSEA is a recognized leader within the state’s labor and education community.

4 About OSEA Every OSEA chapter receives assistance with: contract negotiations contract enforcement grievance representation organizing members around issues of concern communications

5 About OSEA OSEA provides resources for members in the areas of: professional development leadership training steward and building employee representative training union building Examples of offerings: Peer Support Training Time Management Self Protection Lift Certification Food Service Ergonomics New/Sub Custodian Academy Effective Communication

6 About OSEA At every level, from local elections to statewide programs, OSEA promotes and protects the interests of members through education, political action and lobbying at the state Capitol.

7 About OSEA OSEA members are public and private employees, but they are also community members who care about their neighbors, schools, state and nation. It is for this reason that OSEA feels like so much more than a union, it is like family.


9 State Level Organization A Member’s Union At the annual conference, member delegates: Approve the state budget Make decisions that determine how the organization will operate

10 State Level Organization Executive Director, Rick Shidaker Advises State Executive Board Members Runs the state organization Directs state-level support staff, including: – Organizers – Field Representatives – Public Relations Reps. – Technology Staff

11 State Level Organization State Executive Board Unpaid volunteers who are OSEA Members Elected by delegates at annual conference Holds regular meetings to attend to business between annual conferences

12 State Level Organization Zone Directors – Provide assistance to chapters – Facilitate communication between chapters – There are seven zones, Chapter 14 is in Zone 2 Zone 2 Director, Jane Carlson

13 State Level Organization Field Representatives – Act as an advisor in contract negotiations – Provide assistance to chapter leadership – Represent employees in disciplinary proceedings

14 Our OSEA Field Representative Kieran Carney – represents OSEA Oregon City Chapter 14 and several other chapters Contact Information – Office: 503.223.1807 – Email:

15 Local Level Organization Members* Elect Executive Board Ratify Contracts Approve Chapter Budget Conduct chapter business at chapter meetings May serve on chapter committees * You must submit a signed membership card in order to have the rights of membership

16 Local Level Organization Chapter Committees By-Laws Contract Negotiations Insurance Scholarship If you are interested in joining a committee, contact one of the Executive Board members

17 Local Level Organization President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary Unpaid volunteers who do association work outside of regular work hours Conduct business between chapter meetings Elected to 2-year terms by members President and Treasurer elected in even numbered years; Vice President and Secretary elected in odd numbered years Executive Board

18 2014-2015 CHAPTER EXECUTIVE BOARD OSEA Oregon City Chapter 14

19 President Julie Salisbury – Instructional Assistant, Candy Lane Elementary Contact Information: – Email: julie.salisbury – Text/Cell: 503.407.6566 – Candy Lane x 8150

20 President Responsibilities include: – Set the chapter and Executive Board meeting schedules – Preside at all chapter meetings – Attends other meetings of interest to the chapter (i.e. district budget committee meetings) – Appoints committee chairs and members – Protects the rights of all employees in the bargaining unit

21 Vice President Traci Sether – Instructional Assistant, Ogden Middle School Contact Information – Email: traci.sether – Ogden Middle School x 8300

22 Vice President Responsibilities include: – Attend chapter meetings – Act as ex-officio member of the School Board – Assist the President – Act as President in that officer’s absence

23 Treasurer Vicki Poyser – Instructional Assistant, Gardiner Middle School Contact Information – Email: vicki.poyser – Gardiner Middle School x 8200

24 Treasurer Responsibilities include: – Attend chapter meetings – Receive and bank all money for chapter – Pay bills for chapter – Bookkeeping for chapter – Maintain membership records – Prepare monthly treasury report to be sent to OSEA in Salem

25 Secretary Darla Lancaster – Secretary, Eastham Contact Information – Email: – x 8508

26 Secretary Responsibilities include: – Attend chapter meetings – Record minutes of chapter meetings – Transcribe unapproved minutes and sends them to the President for review – Present minutes for approval at next chapter meeting – Keep copies of all agendas, unapproved and approved minutes


28 Benefits of Membership Eligibility to vote on local and state association issues Eligibility to attend association state, regional and national conferences Eligibility to serve on a chapter committee OSEA Journal Newspaper delivered to your home OSEA E-News (state union news emailed directly to you) Access to OSEA and AFT resources, including training

29 OSEA/AFT Benefits and Discounts* $1 million occupational liability coverage Entertainment, sporting events and theme park discounts Costco enrollment promotion AT&T wireless discount Health Club Discounts Pet insurance Medical, dental, vision, presciption and supplemental life insurance Hearing aid discount Union auto purchase discount program Park-N-Fly discount

30 OSEA/AFT Benefits and Discounts* Union member mortgage program Discounts on auto and home insurance Union motor club program Car care and car rental discounts Estate planning discounts Union-endorsed credit card Credit counseling assistance Computer purchase discounts Discounts on flowers and magazines * This list subject to change

31 How to Become an OSEA Member Complete and sign the membership application card in your OSEA packet Mail the application card

32 RESOURCES FOR MEMBERS OSEA Oregon City Chapter 14

33 OSEA & AFT OSEA Information: OSEA Benefits: benefits AFT Information: AFT Benefits:

34 Chapter Website: About Us: Contacts, Building Reps., Committees News: Local, State and National Membership: Benefits, Key Documents Actions and Events: Take Action, Events (includes meeting dates)


36 Weingarten Rights If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from what he or she says (in an investigatory interview), the employee has the right to request union representation.

37 Weingarten Rights When the employee makes the request for a union representative to be present, management has three options: – (1) Stop questioning until the representative arrives; – (2) Call off the interview; or – (3) Tell the employee the interview will be called off unless the employee voluntarily gives up his/her right to a union representative (an option the employee should always refuse).

38 Weingarten Rights Once an employee asks for union representation, any attempt by management to continue asking questions before a union representative arrives is illegal. The representative must also be allowed to speak privately with the employee before the interview. rights/weingarten-rights/

39 Your Contract Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) – Where to find them: Chapter website under Resources/Key Documents OCSD site under Departments/Human Resources/Contracts Hard copies available from Human Resources – Become familiar with the CBA and MOUs – If you have questions about them, contact the chapter President or another Executive Officer

40 Need Assistance? If you need assistance, or if something does not seem right – Refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and MOUs – Contact your building representative – Contact chapter President or another Executive Officer – Contact the OSEA Field Representative for the chapter

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