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2015 District Assembly Secretary and Treasurer Basics Naomi Masuno, District Secretary.

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1 2015 District Assembly Secretary and Treasurer Basics Naomi Masuno, District Secretary

2 Login to the District’s website (

3 Login If you don’t know your Login name and password, click on the retrieve login link and the information will be sent to the email address on file.

4 Member Area After logging in, the Home Page looks the same. Click on “Member Area “ at the top.

5 To Update Officers, Click on “For Clubs”

6 Click on “Define Club Executives” This year’s officers will be shown. Click on “Next Year” to list your officers. Use the “Add New Positions” to add lines.

7 To update member information, click on “For Members”, then “Edit My Profile”

8 Member Profiles Click “Edit” and enter your information To download a picture, click on “Update” under the silhouette The primary email address will be used for emails. Check other tabs for other categories to edit. Change passwords in the “Settings” tab. Opt in or out in the “Privacy” tab Don’t forget to click on “Save” at the bottom.

9 Attendance “Monthly Club Attendance” If you use ClubRunner for your club, the information should automatically upload. Number of Members is the count at the end of the month.

10 District Monthly Attendance Report

11 District Information for you in the “President & Officers Resource” page Find this link on the Home Page. There’s a calendar for important dates and the miscellaneous information is posted here.

12 Rotary International’s Website (

13 Click on “My Rotary” to get to the Sign in/Register page.

14 Sign in with your email address and password. Login password maybe different from District’s website password. Email address is from the District’s website, unless you change it for RI. If your email address changes, RI’s website needs to be updated separately.

15 From “Manage”, click on “Club Administration” in the drop-down menu on the left.

16 Update Club Officers and Committee Chairs before 7/1/15. The 2014-2015 officers will no longer have access after 6/30.

17 Club Secretary Reporting 1. Semiannual Invoice - Due July 1 and January 1 each year 2. Attendance – Due by the 15 th of each month 3. Membership Changes - within 2 weeks in ClubRunner Maintain Records 1. Membership 2. Calendar 3. Meetings  Meeting notices  Agendas  Minutes 4. Club Records (retain for 7 years)  Constitution, By-Laws  Correspondence

18 Semiannual Club Invoice RI website: Manage=>Club Administration => Semiannual Dues 1. Club membership list and invoice 2. Pay by check or online with credit card 3. Due July 1 and January 1 4. Amount billed cannot be changed. Make all membership changes promptly.

19 RI Club Invoice

20 Attendance (refer to Constitution) Make-Ups: within 14 days before or after the regular meeting, attends at least 60 percent of the regular meeting of another club 30 minutes of a eclub “meeting” attends a meeting of a Rotaract or Interact club, Rotary Community Corps, Rotary Fellowship attends a RI convention, an international assembly Rotary district conference, a Rotary district training assembly, any district meeting participates in a club service project or a club-sponsored community event attends a board meeting or a service committee Can exclude from attendance: “Rule of 85” (age plus years of membership in Rotary) Excused for 12 months for reasons which it considers to be good and sufficient

21 Attendance Reporting by the 15 th login to> “Attendance”=>”Monthly Club Attendance” Input total active members, new and terminated members, # meetings, % attendance. Attendance= attending members and make-ups divided by M M=active members + Rule of 85 attending members (exclude excused and honorary) Clubs using ClubRunner for their club, attendance reports automatically upload to the District’s website.

22 Club Treasurer Duties Managing funds Collecting and submitting dues and fees Reporting on the state of your club’s finances Working with The Rotary Foundation Developing a budget with the President and Committee Chairs Separate bank account for Foundation Grant funds Preparing your successor

23 Annually Budget – approved by Board IRS 990 – due by 11/15 All Clubs with gross receipts of $50,000 or less are required to file Form 990-N (electronic postcard) Due 15 th day of the 5 th month after June 30 Send a copy to Mark Harbison at General Excise Tax (GET) as required by State Tax Department

24 Semi-Annually RI $27.50 per active member ($55 annually for 2015-16) due July 1 and Jan 1 to RI District $28.75 per active member ($57.50 annually) due July 31 and Jan 31 to District Treasurer. Suggest that you send out the club invoice by June 1 and Dec 1. You may want to include an “Optional” line for Rotary Foundation giving and HRYF.

25 RI Dues – Where does it go? $2.26HR, Legal, Audit $3.36Finance $4.40Governance and Executive $4.83International Operations $9.58Messaging and Communications $9.75IT, Operations, Administration $17.82Programs and Member Services (Based on 2012 dues of $52) $1 per member annually for Council on Legislation $0.34 per member annually for D&O/EPL insurance $2.73 per member annually for General Liability insurance Add $6 semi-annually for the Rotarian magazine RI Dues

26 Budget Items RI Invoice District Dues HRYF Dues ($100) District Assemblies President’s Meeting (2016 Oahu) Pre-PETS (2016 Oahu) PETS (San Jose airfare, registration, extra night) PETS Hospitality (about $100) District Workshops (PRLS or Master PRLS, Foundation, Membership/New Focus) RYLA District Conference

27 Resources & Reference District Website: RI Website: ◦ Club Secretary’s Manual or Treasurer’s Manual ◦ Be a Vibrant Club: Your Club Leadership Plan ◦ Standard Rotary Club Constitution ◦ Recommended Rotary Club By-Laws ◦ (for supplies)

28 Mahalo!

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