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Social Media and Perkins Graphic designed in

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1 Social Media and Perkins Graphic designed in


3 Emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010 List


5 wiki/Google_products

6 ki/List_of_Yahoo!- owned_sites_and_services




10 What is Twitter?

11 Tweet-Agenda 1 What is Twitter? 2 How to Tweet? 3 Twitter Goal: Customer Relations 4 Twitter Goal: Product, Promotion & Sales 5 Twitter Goal: Crisis Management 6 Twitter Goal: Reputation Management 7 Twitter Do’s & Don’ts 8 Twitter tools

12 The simple answer: Twitter is a micro-blogging solution that gives you 140 characters to answer the question “What are you doing?” What is Twitter?

13 The more accurate answer is: Twitter is a micro-blogging tool that gives you 140 characters to: Create content Engage in conversation Connect with others What is Twitter?

14 How to Tweet?

15 Basics @ RT # DM

16 Follow people by clicking “Follow” on their profile page “Message” shows they are following back Use key words in bio Create a clear description Name URL Profile picture


18 What to Tweet?  Articles (URLs) from blogs / online magazines  RT’s from Tweeters you want to follow you  Answer people  Interesting things you want your followers to know

19 General Rules  12 to 1 (give more than you ask for)  Tweet before following  Better to have more followers than follow  Don’t spam  Use less than 140 characters  Always answer back

20 Twitter Goal: Customer Relations

21 Twitter Goal: Customer relations Engage with customers Humanize your brand Build loy alty Have key customer relation personalities that people can identify with your brand

22 Twitter Goal: Customer Relations Offer troubleshooting tips Online resources New product info

23 Product, Promotion & Sales Links to promos Discount codes for sales Blog post updates Tweet from events

24 Promotion Basics  Tweet at least 3x daily at spread out intervals.  Offer Twitter-only exclusives  Keep content relevant to your products & industry

25 Be good.. Offer Tweep or Twit: a Twitter user Tweet: using Twitter to send text message Follower: a tweep who tracks your tweets Shorten URL: use a URL trimming site Re-Tweet or RT: resending another twit’s tweet DM: direct message in private to a specific twit @ reply: sent to a specific tweep but visible to all #: hash mark designating topic as in #genealogy Avatar: your Twitter profile photo

26 Twitter Goal: Crisis Management

27 Direct line with customers to announce recalls or issues Increases transparency Builds trust

28 Twitter Goal: Reputation Management

29 Give customers a direct look at your corporate values Industry news Thought leadership

30 Twitter Do’s & Don’ts

31 DO  DO find out what people are saying about your company.  DO set up an RSS feed Twitter searches.  DO follow key contributors, customers & potential customers.  DO check @’s and DMs regularly & answer them!  DO be dedicated to Twitter

32 More DO’s  DO watch what your competition is doing  DO follow Twitterers with similar interests  DO use Twitter to start a conversation  DO add your Twitter ID to your email signature  DON’T automatic DM


34 Tools  - Management  - Management  - Analytics  - Ranking


36 More Tools  – Shorten URLs  – Search  - Post pictures  - Ranking


38 Apps to Tweet  - Multiple accounts  – My favorite  

39 A-S adventuritter: an adventurous twitterer beetweet: a buzzing tweet; a “hot” tweet co-twitterer: a partner that tweets on your Twitter account. dweet: tweet sent while intoxicated drive-by-tweet: a quick post inbetween tasks friendapalooza: a quick burst of friend- adding mistweet: a tweet in which one later regrets neweeter: a new tweeter occasionitter: an occasional tweeter politweeter: a political tweeter politweet: a political tweet qwitter: a tool used to catch twitter quitters- reportwitters: reporter style twitterers sweeple: sweet twitter people

40 twitter-basics

41 Thank you




45 Let’s review your Page. Go ahead, pull it up. Your Facebook Page should contain all or most of these: Links to your blog posts Links to related articles (whether they’re yours or not) Videos Photos Discussions Facebook Pages


47 Create awareness of our brand on Facebook Get 10,000 “Likes” by year-end Have at least 5 comments or shared items each week Make Facebook one of the top 3 referrers of traffic to our site Get 2,000 entries to our Facebook contest Write down five goals for your Facebook Page. They might be:

48 Create awareness of our mission on Facebook Get 50 “Likes” by year-end Have at least 1 comment or shared item each week Make Facebook a vehicle for college community awareness of Perkins and CTE activities ADHE Perkin’s Goals:

49 Arkansas Northeastern College

50 facebook/

51 YouTube 101  How to Upload How to Upload  YouTube has 67 videos similar to this one.  Thousands of individuals have made their own instructional videos just on the subject of YouTube.  Marketing :Southeast Tech Marketing :Southeast Tech  Instruction: How to Start an IV Instruction: How to Start an IV  Instruction: Symptoms of a Slipping Transmission Instruction: Symptoms of a Slipping Transmission

52 Slideshare  Why use it? Why use it?




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