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Conversing Online: Using Social Media to Engage with Your Community.

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1 Conversing Online: Using Social Media to Engage with Your Community

2 Your Tour Guides Kate Bladow Social Media Listener & Experimenter Joyce Raby Technology Consultant and Social Media Coach

3 Best Social Media Quote Ever “Social Media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one knows how. When it’s finally done, there is surprise that its not better.” - Avinash Kaushik Analytics Evangelist Google

4 Second Best Social Media Quote “Go live among them.” - Joyce Raby (if you want to engage your community you must first listen to what they are already saying)

5 Choosing Your Tools Pick a tool based on who you are trying to reach what your supporters are using what your goals are how much time you have Hundreds of tools exist. Don't automatically assume Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace is the right tool for your goal!

6 Potential Tools Blogs Microblogging Twitter Tumblr Social Networking Sites Facebook LinkedIn MySpace

7 Social Media Is a Conversation Online cocktail party Chance to respond to negative comments Engaging builds relationships

8 Listening

9 Responding


11 Engaging Helping People Help Themselves Turning Lawyers into Volunteers Building Community Support

12 Example: Houston VLP 11/9/

13 Example: LawHelp/NY

14 Example: ABA

15 Example: TRLA

16 It's an Evolving Strategy Pick something small (what do you want to market?) Pilot (create and launch) Evaluate (did you accomplish your goal?) Adapt/adjust based on feedback and your experience Do it again….forever.

17 How to Measure Engagement Search Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and important content sites for Organization name, program, services, & key individuals Competitors' names, programs, services, and key individuals Track fans/friends/followers, comments/retweets/likes, web page visits, and so on

18 Define Your Metric We learned something about our community we didn’t know before Number of influential people who tweet about us Number of nice things tweeted about us Number of influential blogs that wrote about us Number of direct conversations we had Amount of useful, meaningful feedback

19 Creating a Social Media Policy Shriver Survey on Social Media Of respondents: 6% have a formal written social media policy 12% have an informal unwritten policy 13% are drafting a policy 39% would like to draft a policy 19% are choosing not to draft a policy

20 Resources  We Are Media Project  Beth Kanter  Mashable  Chris Brogan

21 More Resources  Social Networking Primer for Poverty Law Advocates and Organizations  technola  Joyce Raby  LSNTAP Tech Library

22 Need More Help? Social Media Audits Social Media Plans & Strategy Create/Measure Specific Social Media Campaigns Joyce Raby, Kate Bladow,

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