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2 October A presentation on: Twitter: It’s Not Just for Bored Celebrities by Kalena Jordan Search Engine College.

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1 2 October A presentation on: Twitter: It’s Not Just for Bored Celebrities by Kalena Jordan Search Engine College

2 2 October Who the heck is Kalena Jordan? One of the first people to offer Search Engine Optimisation services in Australia/NZ, back in 1997. In 2004 I co-founded the online search marketing training institution I’ve been blogging about search since 2002 and currently author an “agony aunt” style search engine advice column at and I blog at From skeptic to Twitter *Power User* [@kalena]. Rely on it almost entirely for industry news & business leads.@kalena

3 2 October Audience Question: Hands up – how many of you are Twitter users? Keep hand up if you use Twitter once/month or more. (below average) Keep hand up if you use Twitter once/week or more. (average) Keep hand up if you use Twitter once/day or more. (above average) Keep hand up if you use Twitter once/hour or more. (power user) Keep your hand up if you use Twitter more than once/hour…

4 2 October

5 2 October Key Twitter Facts – free signup Founders are ex–Googlers Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Launched March 2006. Fastest growing community site on web. 1,382% growth in 12 months to Feb 09. The largest user group is 35-49 year olds. 50 million tweets a day being sent. Source: Neilsen

6 2 October Key Twitter Moments Mumbai terrorist attacks. Oprah’s on-air tweet. Ashton Kutcher beats CNN to 1m followers. Plane ditches in Hudson River. Michael Jackson dies. Kanye West steals Taylor Swift’s limelight. Earthquakes / tsunamis in Samoa & Indonesia

7 2 October Is Twitter Useful for Business? Ok, so lots of celebrities are on Twitter and it’s great for breaking news. But is it useful for business? Are NZ businesses actively using Twitter?

8 2 October Some NZ Brands on Twitter Air New Zealand @flyairnz Telecom NZ @telecomNZ Best Blooms @bestblooms Spagalimis @spagalimis Epic Beer @epicbeer Mr Vintage @mrvintage Ponoko @ponoko Wine Vault @TheWineVault Hell Pizza @HellPizza666 Te Papa @Te_Papa All Blacks @allblacksrugby NZ Rugby @NZRugby Vodafone @vodafonenz Book a Bach @bookabach Orcon @orcon Tourism NZ @PureNewZealand TV3 @tv3nz ASB Bank @ASBBank Google NZ @googledownunder NZ Herald @nzherald

9 2 October NZ Personalities on Twitter John Key @johnkeypm Rhys Darby @rhysiedarby John Campbell @johnjcampbell Paul Holmes @paul_holmes – not indexed by many search engines now – use keyword phrase combinations where possible (don’t dilute the relevancy by adding more words than necessary)

10 2 October Audience Question: How many of you use Twitter for your business? (Survey)

11 2 October

12 2 October Why Twitter is Good for Biz Conversation is a powerful, persuasive business tool. Twitter is where the conversation is happening. People are already talking about your brand. Placing your business on Twitter is like being at the water cooler, handing out the cups. Twitter allows you to engage directly with customers and potential customers in real time in front of an impressionable public. It’s fun! As an effective advertising tool, the dusty old Yellow Pages seems prehistoric in comparison.

13 2 October How Do Businesses Use it? Manage & contribute to your online reputation. Interact and engage with your customers. Help and offer solutions. Offer incentives to buy / sign up. Give your brand a personality. Virtual PR and marketing activities e.g. Vodafone Real time competitions e.g. *Find Ms Parker* Learn from your customers. Adapt accordingly.

14 2 October Set Up Your Brand on Twitter Reserve your Twitter name ASAP e.g. @Google Connect your account with a logical email address. Template your Twitter page to match your brand (e.g.)(e.g.) Assign a staff member to monitor /use the account daily. Create keyword alerts (TweetBeep / Google) and assign someone to process and respond to them. Flesh out your Twitter profile for viewers. Set goals for your Twitter channel and review / revise them regularly (# of followers, # of tweets, links posted). Design a dedicated Twitter landing page (e.g.)(e.g.)

15 2 October

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17 2 October

18 2 October Case Study – The Pizza Win Silicon Valley pizza chain Tony & Alba @tonyalba_pizza@tonyalba_pizza Used keyword tracking & Twitter Search tool to monitor conversations on Twitter for the keyword *pizza*. Noticed a local tweeting to his buddy suggesting their families visit a particular pizza parlour. Tweeted to them suggesting Tony & Alba’s instead. Further away, but gave incentive of reserving table and providing free soft drinks for the whole family. RESULT = future business from 2 families & those who observed Twitter conversation.

19 2 October Case Study – The Burrito Fail Mexican restaurant chain Costa Vida @CostaVida@CostaVida Utah store sent a one-day-only offer for a free sweet pork burrito to their 80 followers. Offer required electronic coupon sent to cell phone. Followers tweeted/txted offer to THEIR followers & so on. More than 2,500 people inundated Costa Vida’s Utah restaurant looking for their free burrito. RESULT = demand outstripped supply and burritos were gone in first hour. Costa Vida spent several days fulfilling promise to coupon holders. WIN or FAIL?

20 2 October Is Twitter Used by Customers? So there are plenty of Twitter users. But are they really interested in connecting with businesses? How do end-users interact with brands on Twitter? (Survey)

21 2 October

22 2 October Why Twitter Works for Business 63% of poll respondents conversed with a company on Twitter. Nearly half of those people had an issue to resolve with the company they contacted. Represents huge potential for customer retention. Direct, instant feedback via tweets is cheaper and more accurate than market research. Twitter account can replace or supplement help desk and customer support lines. Size of business is irrelevant. It’s free advertising!

23 2 October Twitter Business Etiquette Tweet regularly! Don’t do this.this Follow people, interact, offer incentives or guidance. Be polite and helpful. Take any heated conversations to DM. Refrain from sales speak and self promotion. Be human not corporate. Let personality shine through. Don’t push your brand, wait for people to pull it. Be careful using auto-tweet & auto-follow tools. Don’t use auto-responder tools. Non sequitur! (e.g.)(e.g.)

24 2 October Tweet Regularity FAIL { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2 October Tweet Regularity FAIL

25 2 October Auto Tweet Response FAIL

26 2 October Auto Tweet Response FAIL

27 2 October Case Study–Search Engine College Main account @secollege, several accounts for specific course disciplines e.g. @learnseo, @learnppc etc.@secollege alerts to monitor keywords and phrases e.g. “seo course”, “learn adwords”, “seo certification”. Monitor alerts regularly via Gmail & filter them manually. Monitor alerts Tweet @replies to those persons suggesting our courses as alternative to offline training & competitors. (e.g.)(e.g.) Tweet lesson updates, competitions like #findMsParker.#findMsParker RESULT = Qualified leads produce more enrolments. Interactivity creates sense of community for virtual campus. Next>

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29 2 October Case Study–Search Engine College { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2 October Case Study–Search Engine College

30 2 October Human Tweet Response WIN

31 2 October Human Tweet Response WIN { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2 October Human Tweet Response WIN

32 2 October Case Study – The Free Bouquet Saw a special tweeted by Auckland florist @BestBlooms@BestBlooms Placed order, received a call confirming same day delivery Bouquet arrived but wasn’t quite as expected. (e.g.)(e.g.) I let Best Blooms know via DM I was disappointed & they apologised via public tweet. Case closed? Next day a replacement bouquet & box chocs arrived (e.g.)(e.g.) RESULT = Customer disappointment became customer delight and earned a blog post, lots of Twitter RTs and personal recommendations. Customer service WIN. Next>

33 2 October Expectations Not Met { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2 October Expectations Not Met

34 2 October Expectations Surpassed “This was how it was supposed to look! Our mistake. Sincere apologies Best Blooms” { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2 October Expectations Surpassed This was how it was supposed to look.", "description": "Our mistake. Sincere apologies Best Blooms

35 2 October Case Study – The Wine Vault Auckland’s own Wine Vault uses Twitter @TheWineVault@TheWineVault Small brand successfully leveraging social media. Jayson cross-promotes WineVaultTV, his daily video blog with special guests eg. John Campbell. Co creator of #TweetBunchNZ – live Twitter wine reviews. Tweets wine specials, competitions like #findthewine.#findthewine 20%-25% of sales directly attributed to Twitter & Facebook. RESULT = Brand evangelism. Create a sense of fun around your brand to win loyalty and lots of RT’s. Next>

36 2 October Case Study – The Wine Vault { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2 October Case Study – The Wine Vault

37 2 October Final Piece of Advice


39 2 October Follow Me: @kalena @secollege

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