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Social Media Mountains to Mole Hills Tweet at

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1 Social Media Mountains to Mole Hills Tweet at me: @DavidaPride

2 30 Seconds About Me... ✤ Chief Relationships Officer at Social Impressions ✤ Been studying Social Media Marketing for over a decade and have coached or consulted Social Media for: ✤ Chipco Intl. ✤ Tri-State Steel ✤ Windham Weaponry ✤ Portland Harbor Hotel ✤ Maine Office of Tourism ✤ I have two dogs, two cats, three chickens, and one wife. Big Fan of Maine Baked Beans, Rescuing Animals, and Positive People

3 Why Should You Care? ✤ Facebook is home to over 1.3 billion users. ✤ Twitter has 271 million active users ✤ 22% of the world uses a social network once a day. ✤ 70% of marketers have stated that Facebook or Twitter has lead to new customers. ✤ Even if you don’t care, your competition still will. Stats via:

4 Pocket

5 Check out My Pocket...

6 They Will Talk ✤ ✤ ✤ Monitoring your name? ✤ Google Alerts ✤ Via your CMS Tweet questions at: @DavidaPride

7 What Not To Do ✤ Respond in all CAPS ✤ Call Names ✤ React Quickly with Emotions ✤ Buy Fake Reviews Tweet questions at: @DavidaPride

8 Do… Tweet along: @DavidaPride - Respond (In most cases) - Offer to Take the Conversation Offline - Offer a Solution - Prepare a Unified Response to Major Issues - If the Problem Is Solved Ask the Reviewer to Update the Review

9 Well Done. Tweet along: @DavidaPride

10 Facebook Pages, App

11 No more excuses...

12 Be Visually Appealing Like this baby seal Tweet your seal pictures to: @DavidaPride



15 My Favorite Measurement Tool


17 “Midway in my life’s journey I went astray...” Dante, The Inferno ✤ Quality vs. Quantity ✤ Fake Likes ✤ Fake Fans ✤ Fake Results ✤ Fake Money...doesn’t buy much. via: via

18 Still scared? Relax and have fun. The value is that you are there taking part in something that you can no longer avoid. In fact, you are doing something you have always done.

19 What It all Means To You...

20 Let’s Connect 207.415.7712 @DavidaPride

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