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Social media positioning - what you need to know.

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1 Social media positioning - what you need to know

2 A bit about me A social media consultant & coach Clients nationally and internationally I mostly talk about shoes, chickens, dogs & yoga on my own social media Geek!

3 Some good things about social media Being part of the conversation It’s essentially word of mouth online It opens up new collaborations and suppliers It connects you in a very personal way to your customers It builds customer loyalty

4 And some not so good things… It isn’t free! It has a fairly long lead time The need to manage multiple streams It takes up more of your time than you think It’s a great procrastination tool It makes it easy for people to complain very publically

5 Context, Context, Context Facebook – People staying in touch with their lives Twitter – Very real time, what I am seeing now! LinkedIn – Business to business, corporate. The grown up one Pinterest – Images that are linked to a webpage. Lifestyle is key Youtube – A search engine as well as a social network. Anyone under 25!

6 5 secrets to an effective & fabulous social media presence

7 Know what you want from your social media

8 Don’t have multiple personalities online

9 Don’t internet stalk your competition too much

10 If someone complains, what matters is how you respond to it

11 Have some fun!!!

12 First Steps – Do it now! Do a quick review of where you are currently online & what is & isn’t working for you Book onto one of courses Check your broadband speed (especially if you want to use video in your strategy)

13 Any questions? You can always come and see me afterwards

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