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Reaching your audience in the digital age Sarah Fracek Account Executive, Social Media Director.

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1 Reaching your audience in the digital age Sarah Fracek Account Executive, Social Media Director

2 Is traditional marketing declining? “People don’t watch TV commercials” “People don’t listen to the radio” “No one reads the newspaper”

3 During the next 20 minutes, Facebook users will … Upload more than 2.7 million photographs Share 1 million links “Like” 7.6 million pages

4 Just how big is the digital world? Twitter will have ~200 million users in 2011 Facebook has over 500 million users; half are logged on in any given day Web surfers view over 2 billion videos a day There are 32 million Wordpress-based blogs 1 in 4 U.S. Adults now use mobile apps Sites like Facebook and Twitter now account for 22.7% of our time spent on the web

5 Consumers are living digitally. Businesses must do the same.

6 Are your consumers breaking up with you?

7 So how do you reach them in this digital age?

8 In the future … We don’t ADVERTISE to them online. We must PARTICIPATE IN A CONVERSATION and ENGAGE them. FACEBOOK is NOT the answer. Consumers won’t look for products and services anymore. They will find them via their social networks with WOM Brands need to develop more consumer- relevant content to keep relationships with customers and stay top-of-mind Digital will be the main content platform where all brand-related content is available. All other forms of media will carry teasers.

9 Evolution from Marketing to Conversations IdentifyFindListenEngageContributeReinforce

10 New tools for marketers

11 Endless amounts of data

12 Print vs. Web Mainstream Online Images taken in before words Logo, bottom right Designed for freshness Interrupts their life Trying to make money Words taken in before images Logo, top left Designed for familiarity Visitor chooses to interrupt their life Trying to save money

13 How do I find my audience online?

14 Identify your consumers Job roles, industries, titles Names of individuals Traits of your social audience Determine your keywords All job roles/industries/titles and synonyms/variations Locale qualifiers Topic or trait indicators Search Facebook and LinkedIn Search roles/titles/industries/traits Add them to your community table Use the search engines Search known individuals for Facebook/LinkedIn profiles and blogs Search for communities directly Search Twitter Search for known individuals and include their URL in your table Search individual’s tweets for relevant keywords

15 Online Community Monitoring List Download at

16 Start with a “good” Web site SEO-enhanced Easy to navigate Regularly updated Give them a reason to come back Motivation to visit (free stuff, games, interactivity, resources, information, etc.)

17 Tailor your message to the medium AwarenessDetail Instant Updates Visual Storytelling Surprise and Entertain Connection and Sharing


19 Reaching your audience in the digital age Slides can be downloaded online at Sarah Fracek Account Executive/Social Media Director E-mail: LinkedIn: Twitter: @SarahFracek Phone: 262-241-9414

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