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The True Sportsman Hunt Often- Hunt Well Welcome Friends! REDSTONE ARSENAL HUNTER ORIENTATION 2014-15.

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1 The True Sportsman Hunt Often- Hunt Well Welcome Friends! REDSTONE ARSENAL HUNTER ORIENTATION 2014-15

2 Introduction Information required before Redstone Permit can be purchased Give overview of the procedures and policies of hunting on Redstone Arsenal. Explanation of new Phone in system to sign in and out of areas---HUNT-TRAC Reporting of Game harvested on Redstone Redstone weapon registration policy

3 Redstone Hunting Requirements Items required to hunt on Redstone Arsenal (Hunters Must Have Items 1-4 before they can purchase Redstone Permit) 1. Alabama State Hunting License 2. Any States Hunter Education Certificate 3. Redstone Arsenal Hunting Orientation 4. Firearm registration form from DES Redstone Arsenal Hunting Permit All persons hunting on Redstone Arsenal must have completed a state approved hunter education course. For information on courses offered in this area you may look it up on the web or by call 1-800- 245-2740 (Education Coordinator). Contractor form is required of all contractors.

4 Hunting on Redstone RSA has approximately 38K acres of hunting land Areas are marked by signage and most boundaries are natural…streams or roads. Hunters may hunt on ranges if there is no testing and the ranges are open. Info on open/closed areas is released on Friday afternoon and posted to Ranges are secure and must have 100% accountability of who used them. Those wishing to hunt on Redstone must have a state certified Hunter Education class. (any state or OCONUS) No one is ‘grandfathered’.

5 Hunting on Redstone Authorized weapons to hunt on Redstone Archery- Compound, traditional and crossbows Shotguns or Muzzle loaders For Squirrel hunting- Pellet guns are allowed. Ammunition- Pellets only---NO BB’s Per Regulation: No Hunting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

6 HUNT-TRAC is a system where you call in with a P.I.N. # and check into an area. If you decide to go to another area call and change over the phone. This saves you time and gas. This system is used Army wide.

7 Sign-Up Procedures 1. When you purchase your Redstone Permit you will be issued a P.I.N number. This # will be how you sign in and out of areas. 2. Active duty sign ups begin day before hunt at 1600, all others 1800 3. Outdoor Rec has 2 dedicated phone lines to access Hunt-Trac. 4. Follow the instructions on the recording; it gives you step by step directions. 5. Listen to each prompt completely. 6. Listen for your confirmation, be sure response is your name. 7. Follow the same instructions when checking out.

8 Sign-up Procedures 8. You or someone in your party is required to have a cell phone that must be on! (at least vibrate) There is an area on Hunting Request form for this number. This is for your safety. Deer and Wild Turkey must be checked in at the Skinning Station ORC must issue reciept (John Deere green building at ODR) Please declare all other game in the Skinning Station.



11 Reporting Game Harvest- All game harvested must be recorded!!!! ODR has a game check in building. It is the John Deere green building. There will be tools to remove the jaw bone and weigh and measure the antlers and record this info for the biologist. Hunters are welcome to skin their harvest and may hang deer for up to 3 days in walk in cooler. Hunters are welcome to use Skinning Shed. Make sure when you are done that shed is clean. Game waste must go with hunter and Outdoor Rec will provide garbage bags. Don’t use dumpster. $500 fine.

12 Weapon Registration All Firearms must be registered with the Provost Marshals office off Grey Road. Forms are available here at ODR or Once a background check is preformed and weapons registered please present weapon registration, Alabama hunting permit, proof of H.E.I.D. class and ODR safety card (provided tonight) we can then sell you a Redstone Hunting Permit. Fee is $50. Contractors must have contractor form on file with ODR.

13 Nationally, and in Alabama, the most common cause of Incidents are HUNTER JUDGEMENT MISTAKES

14 Things you can do to make it safer Use common sense Use good safety habits Let your friends know the instant they are being unsafe or careless PLAN YOUR HUNT AND HUNT YOUR PLAN YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED AHEAD OF TIME TO BE SAFE

15 Hunter Safety State regulations are compiled each year in a regulations manual. This can be found at Redstone Arsenal Regulations at New information will be posted by game warden and ORC on message board behind main counter.

16 Another way to look at ethics is through the “4 C’s Careful Courteous Considerate Capable

17 Redstone Arsenal Updates 2014-15 Crossbows are allowed Pellet Guns are allowed for squirrel hunting. Pellets only; BB’s are not allowed. Outdoor Rec participates in all state sponsored youth hunts. More info at www.Outdoor Those using climbing stands must have a safety harness…it could save your life!!!!! During Deer gun season Hunter Orange cap and vest!!

18 Redstone Reminders Always declare your weapon at the gate and show your RSA Hunting Permit to the guard. Weapons must be in a case (hard or soft sided), unloaded with ammo separate from weapon. It is ILLEGAL to drive with a loaded weapon on RSA. If using a tree stand a Safety Harness is required

19 Redstone Reminders Hunters are welcome to use Walk-in cooler, please use provided id tags. If the walk-in is not kept clean cooler will be closed. Lockers in restrooms are not for Weapons or Ammo. During Deer Gun Season Hunter Orange is required. May be removed once 12 feet in air or in a blind

20 Redstone Reminders Per Game Warden Kelly Smith- If it does not have a name it is NOT a road. Don’t make your own path. Have your Area Form and Contractor Form Visible in Vehicle to MP’s or Game Warden. If you park near a cattle gate make sure you are not blocking it. Make sure you leave room in case an emergency vehicle must access the area. Someone in your hunting party must have a cell phone with them. Garrison Reg requires and it’s for your safety.

21 **Important Phone Numbers** Game Warden- Kelly Smith 256-665-4981 Post Security/Police- 256-876-2222 Outdoor Recreation- 256-876-6854/4868 IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL 911 AND TELL THE DISPATCHER THAT YOU ARE ON REDSTONE ARSENAL. YOU WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO REDSTONE DISPATCH.

22 Contact Info for Family and MWR - Outdoor Rec Bill Moreland, Manager, 759-2801 Tom Pyburn, Business Manager, 759-2802 Frederick Anderson, Hunting Spec 309-4198

23 F.A.Q’S Who can hunt on RSA? Active duty military, retired AD, National Guard and Reserves. DoD civilians and their dependants. NASA civilians and their dependents. Contractors who work full time on Redstone. (Contractor form signed by your C.O.R.) Can I bring a guest to hunt with me? Active duty & Retired AD may bring up to 2 Guests (must have every thing required of you) How many Bucks/Does have been released? Biologist will post info at Outdoor Rec before Gun Season.


25 Buck Harvest

26 15” Outside Spread

27 QUESTIONS? We will answer all your questions or concerns! We are happy to serve you and we hope you have a successful and productive season. HUNT OFTEN---HUNT WELL!

28 Certificate of Review Please print out this sheet and bring it with your Alabama Hunting Permit and all other relevant paperwork to purchase your Redstone Arsenal Hunting Permit.

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