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A primary care clinic for students, their spouses, and dependents.

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2 A primary care clinic for students, their spouses, and dependents.

3 Information online at click on “Attention New International Students”

4 The Services Provided at the Student Health Center Proof of Immunity TB Skin Test Health and Wellness appointments Sick and illness care Prescription Assistance Women’s health Travel Medicine

5 The Services Provided at the Student Health Center Staff include: Physicians (Doctors) Nurses Nurse Practitioners Insurance Support

6 The Basics of Insurance Health Insurance protects you against incurring debt because of a medical emergency. It is a contract between an insurance provider and an individual. It is a smart way to stay healthy and free yourself of worry!

7 The Basics of Insurance Common terms: Premium The amount of money you pay for the policy you select. Deductible The initial portion of a covered expense which must be paid by the insured person Pre-existing Condition A condition that existed prior to the effective date of coverage under the given insurance policy

8 Insurance at the U All new international students will be enrolled in University of Utah Student Health Insurance Plan Cost included as separate item in your tuition bill You must pay for this insurance by the tuition day or you will receive a registration hold

9 Insurance at the U: Waiver If you have an existing insurance plan, you may be eligible for a waiver of the insurance requirement Be cautious if you purchase non-University insurance, they may not provide protection and coverage if you become sick. Contact Kerry Hill for more information 801-581-5804 or For the fall semester, the waiver is available from August 15 th through September 8 th.

10 Proof of Immunity at the U Must show proof of vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) Proof must be translated into English If you don’t know, Student Health Center can take a blood sample Must submit proof of Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test If none is available, you can make a TB Skin Test appointment with Student Health Center Available by phone or at orientation (document check-ins)

11 Making Appointments 1.Purchase Health Insurance by paying tuition bill 2.Complete forms online ( 3.Call 801-581-6431 4.Bring completed forms with you to your appointment *Note: appointment not needed if feeling sick

12 on shuttle route green or black, free parking You Are Here

13 Final Reminders 1.If you are sick or hurt and not in a life-threatening situation, go to Student Health Center first (M – F, 7:30 AM – 5 PM; Sat., 9 AM – 12 PM) 2.For life threatening situations, go to the Emergency Room (ER) 3.Update immunization and immunity information with the Student Health Center 4.Print insurance cards online


15 University of Utah Campus

16 General University Information # 801-581-7200

17 (University Police and Security)

18 Campus Alert System

19 Keep valuables close by or locked up!


21 No marijuana

22 Salt Lake City Area

23 Safest States in America: Maine Vermont New Hampshire South Dakota Utah

24 Walk in the day time with groups of people


26 SLC Elevation: 4,209 feet (1,283 m)

27 Automobile Safety

28 To drive, you must have a Utah Driver’s License Utah IDs are also available but do not permit driving



31 Computer Safety and e-mail Scams

32 Online Safety - Online Safety - Keep Your Identity Safe and Private  personal information  credit card numbers  personal profiles money  online shopping  password  E-MAIL attachments  anti-virus protection software  unsolicited (spam), harassing or offensive e-mail

33 Be aware of e-mail scams If you receive an e-mail or any type of communication that – asks for personal information or – mentions your visa or passport or legal status in the U.S Make sure you know who you are communicating with. Be careful of scams! If you have any doubts, please contact ISS. If you have any doubts, please contact ISS.

34 Student Services Building 426 801-581-6826 Offers support to U students to assist with personal, academic and career concerns. Resources: Counseling Center

35 Madsen Health Center 801-581-6431 Offers support to U students to assist with health, insurance, and immunization concerns. Resources: Student Health Center

36 Union Building 234 801-581-2788 Student Government with campus involvement and leadership opportunities Resources: ASUU

37 Union Building 410 801-581-8876 Offers support to U students to assist with cultural and immigration concerns. Resources: International Student & Scholar Services

38 ISS Programs: Language and Culture Exchange Program International Women’s Association International Spouse Orientation: Friday, August 29 th 4:30 – 6:30 pm, Union Theatre Friendship Family Program International Ambassadors and iMentors Union Building 410 801-581-8876

39 Participate in the Passport to Success during orientation and your first year at the U!! – Mandatory and Optional American Classroom Library Services Transportation Tutoring Services Volunteering Student rights/responsibilities


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