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Environmental Resources Unit Animal Wildlife Management.

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1 Environmental Resources Unit Animal Wildlife Management

2 Lesson Understanding Hunting Ethics

3 Learning Objectives I can define hunting and shooting I can describe hunting heritage and why people hunt I can discuss hunting rights and priviledges I can list the five stages of a hunter I can discuss land ethics

4 Terms to Know Ethical hunters Firearm Hunting Image Limiting out stage Method stage Muzzleloader Poaching Privileges Responsible Shooter stage Shooting Sportsman stage Sportsmen/women TREAD Trespassing Trophy stage

5 What makes a responsible hunter? Make a list of positive and negative things that you have seen or heard of hunters doing. Discuss this list in class. What does all the “cons” do for the image of hunting?

6 Just a Thought… What are some of the privileges that are taken for granted as citizens of the United States? List some of these privileges on the board and discuss them. Make sure to include voting, driving a car, etc... What about hunting?

7 What is hunting? Hunting is killing game for food and/or recreation. Some people use the game for trophies. Hunters emphasis the enjoyment gained from hunting. Many families schedule hunting trips, or schedule them around the hunting seasons.

8 What is shooting? Shooting is non-hunting fireing of guns to develop skills in aiming, firing, & accuracy. Many go to skeet ranges where a shotgun is fired at clay targets. Many also go to shooting ranges to practice, or sight in a new gun. More shots are fired shooting than hunting.

9 What is hunting heritage? All people where hunters at one time. Hunting was a way to gather food. Early man used rocks, clubs & spears to hunt. Blackpowder once used for fireworks in China was then used for firearms.

10 What is hunting heritage? A firearm is a tool used to shoot a projectile. Muzzleloaders where first used in Europe. A muzzleloader is a firearm loaded through the muzzle.

11 What is hunting heritage? Shotgun type firearm Muzzleloader

12 Why do people hunt? Game is a crop that is produced by the land and harvested by hunters. When game is more abundant regulations are set for a bigger harvest. When low hunting may be restricted.

13 Why do people hunt? Most hunters enjoy improving skills, like identifying game signs, calling game, & scouting territory. Many like the taste of wild game.

14 Why do people hunt? Hunting is an important accept of population contol. As population goes up, so do wildlife problems.

15 Is population control necessary?

16 What are hunting privileges? Privileges are extra benifits given to people who meet certain conditions that can be taken away. Hunting licenses and education certificates can be revoked if misused. Most hunters have to get permission to hunt some land. Hunting without permission is called trespassing. It is illegal and can be fined.

17 What are hunting privileges? Responsible hunters plan a hunt by learning landand asking permission. They learn to follow laws related to hunting and hunting equipment. Ethical hunters behave as guests on other peoples property. Ethical hunters thank the owner and offer some of the game meat in exchange for land use.

18 What are hunting privileges? Privileges can be taken away from hunters. It only takes a few to ruin the hunters image. Image is the way others see you. Irresponsible hunting includes unsafe use of firearms, not knowing laws, & not respecting others rights. Society ranks improper behavior as the single most negative aspect of hunters.

19 What are hunting privileges? Not only is poaching illegal, but it is dangerous to animals and humans. Poaching is takeing game where hunting isn’t allowed, while trespassing, out of season, shooting more than limit,or takeing game after hunting hours.

20 What are the five stages of hunters? Method Stage:  In this stage, hunting has become very important to the hunters.  They still want to take game, even limit out, but more important to them is how it is done.

21 What are the five stages of hunters? Sportsman Stage:  After years of hunting, these hunters enjoy being with friends in the outdoors more than taking game.

22 What are the five stages of hunters? Shooter Stage:  This hunter thinks good hunting means a lot of shooting. Limiting Out Stage:  More concerned about the number of birds or game animals shot. Trophy Stage:  These hunters try to shoot only certain game.

23 What is the Hunter’s Code of Ethics? I pledge to learn and follow the rules of firearm and hunting safety AND require it from hunting partners. I pledge to obey all hunting regulations I pledge to respect the beliefs of hunter and non-hunters. I pledge to report wildlife and hunting violations.

24 What is the Hunter’s Code of Ethics? I pledge to ask permission to hunt from land owners and will offer a portion of my bag to my host. I pledge to hunt under the rules of fair chase. I pledge to improve my skills and take only a clear shot at game. I pledge to support wildlife conservation programs.

25 What is the Hunter’s Code of Ethics? I teach others about being a true sportsman. I pledge to make full use any game I bag. I will prevent its waste.

26 Who is responsible for land ethics? We must TREAD lightly…  Travel only on designated routes  Respect the rights of others  Educate yourself  Avoid streams, meadows, wildlife  Drive responsibly

27 What about drugs and alcohol & hunting? A safe, responsible hunter knows that alcohol and drugs affect skill, judgment, reaction time, and coordination. Alcohol in your bloodstream reaches all parts of your body. It does not warm you. The best way to avoid dangers of alcohol and drugs is to say NO.

28 What about drugs and alcohol & hunting? Fine Motor Control affects marksmanship Judgment affects zones of fire Hearing affects location of game Color Perception affects game ID Reaction Time affects quickness Vision affects game ID Coordination affects muzzle control

29 Why is it important how the public feels about hunting? Their feelings will affect future laws and regulations regarding hunting and land use. The majority of the population favors some hunting under strick regulations.

30 Why is it important how the public feels about hunting? Hunters should understand and respect others feelings on hunting.  For example, don’t transport you harvested deer on the top of a vehicle or other easily visable place that may be offensive.

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