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3 - Diamond Package = Rs /-

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1 3 - Diamond Package = Rs. 48000/-
Shivansh Money Grow Joining Option 1 - Silver Package = Rs. 3000/- 2 - Gold Package = Rs /- 3 - Diamond Package = Rs /-

2 Profit Sharing Income –
Rs. 3000/- , 200 Rs. generate Every week till 30 week Silver Package Rs /- , 800 Rs. generate Every week till 30 week Gold Package Diamond Package - Rs /- ,3200 Rs. generate Every week till 30 week

3 Binary Income 10% Matching of Business Volume 1st Pair will be 2:1 or 1:2 = 300 Matching of Business Volume    2nd After 1 Pair 1:1 will be up to unlimited Depth.  3rd Power leg will be carry forward

4 Capping 1st Silver Package capping Rs. 3000 per day of Matching
Business Volume.    2nd Gold Package capping Rs per day Matching Business Volume.   3rd Diamond Package Capping Rs Per day Matching of Business Volume.    

5 Profit Sharing incentive Minimum Rs. 800
Withdrawal Request Binary Minimum Rs. 1000  Profit Sharing incentive Minimum Rs. 800

6 Terms & Condition – Join Option
- Through will also you make Promo pin which can why join with co. pin. - Co. Pin can be purchase from Company any which can be join with Promo Pin. Pin Type 1 - Silver - Rs. 3000 2 - Gold - Rs 3 - Diamond - Rs Promo pin, 1500, 6000, 24000, Can Create from Wallet only - Co. Pin Rs. 1500, 6000, Can Purchase pin Company only. Binary Closing will be midnight daily

7 Charges – Fund Transfer one ID to another ID 10%
Bank Transfer – 20% You will get reward & Bonanza income after 20% Deduction charges Payout for in active Account a/c payment will release after a/c activation to active Direct (1 Left in 1 Right) will recover for beanery Bonus. Profit Sharing incentive start from Every Friday

8 That’s our dream here at Yagooft… to become known as the company that figured out how to connect the world… and did it. Yagooft has designed a software system called Turbo-Talk that will change the internet and change the world. So if you want to make new friends, or new business contacts, and possibly even learn to speak new languages, you are going to be able to do it all right here at Yagooft.

9 As a Yagooft affiliate, you will have the opportunity to build your own global business by introducing Yagooft to members and merchants everywhere. And we aren’t just going to connect the world, we are also going to offer benefits to people world-wide with our online advertising system. You see we’re entering the group discount buying arena – a multi-billion dollar industry. For the rest of 2012 we will be focusing on creating a global affiliate base, because our affiliates will be the ones who introduce Yagooft and all our programs to the world.

10 Thank You!    I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn about Yagooft. Yagooft is here and it’s something the world has never seen before, something that people don’t even know they want yet, and they won’t, until you introduce them to it. In ten years’ time, when we look back, it will be hard to remember the time before Yagooft was a household name. Get back to the person who introduced you to Yagooft and they can help you get started today. And welcome to Yagooft.

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