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Tri-County Technical College Quality Enhancement Plan.

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1 Tri-County Technical College Quality Enhancement Plan

2 What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)? SACS requires Tri-County to have a plan for increasing the effectiveness of some aspect of our educational programming related to student learning provides an opportunity for Tri-County to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness

3 What is a QEP? focuses on an issue(s) considered important to student learning 5-year initiative that has significant (even transformational) impact

4 How does SACS define student learning? changes in students’ knowledge, skills, behaviors, and/or values must be attributable to the college experience

5 Phase I Phase II Phase III

6 Phase 1: Accomplishments Brainstorming sessions with faculty, staff, students, and administration  determined factors that affect student learning  identified top 12 factors related to student learning Literature review on top 12 factors

7 Phase 1: Accomplishments Consolidated top 12 factors into 6 higher level factors based on literature review Analyzed the College’s Institutional Plans to determine how the 6 factors match Determined how the factors interrelate Integrated all the steps by answering a common set of questions for each factor

8 Phase 1: Accomplishments Three topics emerged  Starting Now: The Transition to College  Integrating General Education into Technical Programs  Aligning Expectations: Building a Foundation for Success

9 Phase 1: Accomplishments After a general faculty/staff meeting where individual feedback was solicited, the Executive Staff selected TCTC’s QEP theme: Starting Now: The Transition to College

10 What will the QEP do? Complement Tri-County’s commitment to enhancing student learning Serve as an important phase of an on-going initiative ─ the QEP is not an episodic event

11 Why this QEP theme? TCTC’s cultural migration is focusing on student learning Need to address success rates in gatekeeper courses Theme recommended by faculty, staff, and administration Potential impact on large numbers of students and utilization of best practices

12 What are TCTC’s primary QEP goals? Improve student success rates in gatekeeper courses that have traditionally high unsuccess rates Improve our students’ transition to college  advising, placement, orientation, learning styles  campus engagement, personal responsibility, success skills, individualized learning plan Reduce non-productive behaviors that affect student success in gatekeeper courses  withdraw rates, multiple changes of major, low grades, etc.

13 Phase I Phase II Phase III

14 Phase II: QEP Design Team Charged with selecting a focus (topic) for the QEP under the guidance of the SACS Leadership Team  must stay true to the theme preferred by the faculty and staff and selected by the ES Topic must be based on empirical data and focused on student learning

15 Phase II: QEP Design Team Broad enough to have a significant impact on the institution Narrow enough so there is a clear framework for development and implementation Learning Excellence Initiative


17 Smart Start  traditional orientation information and skills preparation for success in the first term  learning outcomes

18 Learning Excellence Initiative Learning Communities  freshman seminar course serves as the hub of the community freshman seminar course is a reconceptualization of COL 103 developed by faculty who will be teaching the course

19 Learning Excellence Initiative Learning Communities (continued)  Two additional courses are linked with the freshman seminar course 2 credit courses 2 developmental courses  Courses will have 3-4 points of intersection  Courses will have some shared measurable student learning outcomes

20 Why is the TCTC QEP beneficial for students? The first year of the college experience is critical for future academic success The QEP is focused on our students’ transition to college, a topic of major concern for faculty and staff The QEP learning communities will provide an increased opportunity for students to engage with faculty, other students and the subject matter in an exciting and challenging way

21 Why is TCTC’s QEP beneficial for faculty? Draws on the expertise of TCTC’s faculty Encourages an environment of high student performance Enables faculty to gain access to proven best practices Develops a community of practice that benefits all faculty and their students

22 Why is TCTC’s QEP beneficial to staff? Focuses on student success; streamlines several processes Improves and enhances student engagement (campus resources and activities) Provides staff with access to best practices Increases student participation and satisfaction with College services and their transition experience

23 How will the QEP make the College better? The QEP will contribute significantly to improving student learning and success, which will ultimately impact the College’s…  vision to be a role model  commitment to continuous improvement and innovation  strategic plan (enhancing opportunities for student success, promoting a collegial environment, and expanding educational opportunities)


25 Communication and Feedback QEP Initiative group portal on Campus Pipeline provides a window into the project  Today’s presentation  Background information  Discussion group  Updates  Outcomes assessment results (eventually)

26 Information on the Quality Enhancement Plan is now available on the “QEP Initiative” group section of Campus Pipeline. The group is open to everyone, but you will have to “join” before you can access the information for the first time. Here’s how:  Click on tab for “Groups” (top right of your CP screen)  Click Groups Index  Click “Academic”  Click “QEP Initiative” and “Join” (You only have to join once; the group will automatically appear on your personal list when you click on the tab for Groups.)

27 Phase I Phase II Phase III

28 Phase III: Implementation Should begin in August 2006 Naming of the implementation team and key personnel Design-to-implementation should be seamless More information to follow…

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