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Strategic Planning and the NCA Special Emphasis A Focus on Community Engagement and Experiential Learning.

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1 Strategic Planning and the NCA Special Emphasis A Focus on Community Engagement and Experiential Learning

2 The development of collaborative partnerships between education, business, social services, and government that contribute to the academic mission of the University and directly benefit the community. Community engagement includes activities in the teaching, research, and service endeavors of faculty, students, and staff. May 21, 2008Indiana State University Community Engagement Defined

3 Technical assistance and applied research to help increase understanding of a local or regional problem or test solutions for that problem. Lectures, seminars, and other public forum that provide a neutral place to explore community issues. Extension of learning beyond the University walls and into the community. Enriching the cultural life of the community. Service, including internships and service-learning, that directly benefits the public. Economic development initiatives, including technology transfer and support for small businesses. Involvement of community members in planning and decision making activities of the University. May 21, 2008Indiana State University Community Engagement includes:

4 Experiential Learning Defined Experiential learning, at its core is operationalized by engaging students in learning through sequential exposure to challenging, compelling, and enriching activities conducted in appropriate settings. It integrates development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and fosters application of methods of critical inquiry. It engages students in personal reflection in order to organize, interpret, and bring meaning and coherence to their learning experience.

5 Experiential Learning Defined It can also be described as a process through which the student reflects upon an applied experience and from that reflection gains new insights and learning. Experiential learning typically takes place outside of the classroom or other structured learning environment. Experiential learning includes, but is not limited to, service-learning, internships, and other types of community-based learning.

6 Types of Experiential Learning Service Learning Cooperative Education Internship Practicum Undergraduate Research Design Project Cultural Immersion

7 NCA Special Emphasis The Special Emphasis Self-Study option is available to mature institutions with a history of positive reviews. The Special Emphasis Self-Study is a customized approach that allows institutions to pursue planning and evaluation that further enhance the self-study process and contribute to the attainment of its organizational priorities.

8 NCA Special Emphasis In spring 2008, ISU received approval from the NCA Higher Learning Commission to complete a self-study focused on answering the question, “How can we expand and deepen our commitment to community engagement and experiential learning?

9 Special Emphasis Areas of Focus Mission Leadership Promotion, Tenure, Hiring Organization, Structure, and Funding Student Involvement and Curriculum Faculty Involvement Community Involvement External Communications and Fundraising

10 Special Emphasis Progress Special Emphasis Committee Formed NCA Criterion Committees have worked to establish our current level of commitment for each of the organizational factors

11 Sampling of Potential Challenges Tenure and Promotion – Community engagement is most often described as synonymous with community service. Alignment of mission statements and strategic plans Funding questions

12 Sampling of potential challenges Curriculum questions – Not all students have CE/EL experiences embedded in their required course of study – Outcomes assessment – Service-learning designation has not been implemented effectively

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