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Indirect Speech (Reported Speech)

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1 Indirect Speech (Reported Speech)
vorbirea indirecta prezentare

2 Indirect Speech Vorbirea indirecta presupune repetarea a ceea ce s-a scris sau s-a spus intr-o comunicare. Se considera transformarile de pe slide-urile urmatoare doar atunci cand verbul de raportat este la un timp trecut. Atunci cand verbul este la prezent, timpurile din propozitiile care se raporteaza raman neschimbate.

3 Transformari vb. directa  vb. indirecta
Present Simple Present Continuous Past Simple Present Perfect Simple Past Perfect Simple Past Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Past Simple Past Continuous Past Perfect Simple Past Perfect Continuous

4 Transformari vb. directa  vb. indirecta
Will => Would => Shall => Should => Can => Could => May => Might => Must => Would Should Could Might Must

5 Transformari vb. directa  vb. indirecta
Here There Now Then Today That day Yesterday The day before/ the previous day 2 days/ 3 years (etc.)ago 2 months/ 3 years (etc.) before Last month/ year etc. A (the) month/ year (etc.) before; The previous month/ year Tomorrow The next day/ the following day Next year/summer etc. The next year/summer etc.

6 exemple Present Simple “I don’t want this book.”, he said
Present Continuous “She’s working hard for this presentation”, I told my manager. (is working => (this => Past Simple He said he didn’t want that book didn’t want) that) Past Continuous I told my manager (that) she was working hard for that presentation was working) That)

7 exemple Past Simple “Tom gave up his job yesterday”, my brother informed me. (gave up => (yesterday => Present Perfect Simple “I have written a poem”, she exclaimed. (have written => Past Perfect Simple “I had forgotten my wallet”, he explained. (had forgotten => (my => Past Perfect Simple My brother informed me (that) Tom had given up his job the previous day. had given up) the previous day) She exclaimed (that) she had written a poem. had written) He explained he had forgotten his wallet. had forgotten) his)

8 exemple Past Continuous
“I was reading the book at this time yesterday”,she said. (was reading => (this => Present Perfect Continuous “My mum has been calling you since lunch time”, he told me. (my => (has been calling => (you => Past Perfect Continuous “I had been repairing the car for one hour before your arrival”, he claimed. (I => (had been repairing => (your => Past Perfect Continuous She said she had been reading the newspaper at that time yesterday. had been reading) that) He told me his mum had been calling me since lunch time. his) had been calling) me) He claimed he had been repairing the car for one hour before my arrival. he) had been repairing) my)

9 exemple Will “She will do it”, I exclaimed.
“I will have finished by then”, he said. Would “I would like a piece of cake”, he said. Should “You should take care”, he told me. Would I exclaimed that she would do it. He said he would have finished by then. He said (that) he would like a piece of cake. Should He told me (that) I should take care.

10 exemple Can “My brother can swim”, she boasted. May
“You may go there”, I told my boy. Might “It might rain tonight”, I said. Must “You musn’t eat that”, he told her. Could She boasted her brother could swim. Might I told my boy he might go there. I said it might rain that night. Must He told her she mustn’t eat that.

11 “Why are you going there?”, he asked. “Where do you live?”, she asked.
Intrebari – atentie la ordinea cuvintelor!!! (din interogativ trece in afirmativ) “Why are you going there?”, he asked. “Where do you live?”, she asked. “Has she been there?”, my mum wondered. “Who are you?”, she asked him. He asked why I was going there. She asked where I lived. My mum wondered if she had been there. She asked him who he was.

12 Infinitive, exclamatii
“Type these letters”, the boss told his secretary. “Don’t go there!”, I told my boy. “What a nice morning!”, she exclaimed. “Congratulations!”, he told his wife. “Taxi!”, he shouted. “Merry Christmas!”, she told us. The boss told his secretary to type those letters. I told my boy not to go there. She exclaimed that the morning was nice. He congratulated his wife. He called a taxi. She wished us Merry Christmas.

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