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Reported speech February 25th March 4th Direct speech

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1 Reported speech February 25th March 4th Direct speech
She said, “I’m going home”. I’m going home Reported speech She said (that) she was going home.

2 Reported speech /2 Posibles cambios: Tiempos verbales.
He said, “I love you” He said (that) he loved me. Orden de las palabras Mum says, “Why aren’t you at school?” Mum wants to know why you aren’t at school. Pronombres (Ver ejemplo en tiempos verbales) Otras palabras Peter said, “I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow”. Peter said (that) he was seeing the doctor the following day.

3 Reported speech /3 Cambios en los tiempos verbales:
Direct speech Reported speech Present simple Past simple ‘I like peaches’. He said he liked peaches. Present continuous Past continuous ‘Is it raining?’ He asked if it was raining. Past simple Past simple / Past Perfect ‘I didn’t recognize you’. She explained that she hadn’t recognized /didn’t recognize me. Past continuous Past continuous or past perfect continuous ‘I was joking about the price.’ He said he was joking (Or: had been joking) about the price.

4 Reported speech /4 Direct speech Reported speech
Cambios en los tiempos verbales (continuación) Direct speech Reported speech Past perfect Past perfect ‘I hadn’t seen her before that day.’ You said you hadn’t seen her before that day. shall / will should / would ‘We’ll be late.’ I told him we’d be late. can, may could, might ‘I can swim.’ She thought she could swim. must must or had to ‘I must go.’ He said he must / had to go.

5 Reported speech /5 Reporting questions Two kinds of questions
1. Yes / No questions ‘Are you leaving?’ he said. aux s v He wanted to know if / whether I was leaving. s aux v

6 Reported speech /6 2. Wh-questions
‘Where is the President staying?’ the reporter said. Wh-word aux s v The reporter asked where the President was staying. Wh-word s aux v

7 Reported speech /7 Otras palabras here there now then, at the time
today that day yesterday the day before / the previous day tomorrow the next / following day this week that week last week the week before, the previous week an hour ago an hour before / earlier

8 Reported speech /8 Say or tell Tell + el oyente
Daniel told me (that) he was ready. Say no se menciona el oyente Daniel said (that) he was ready. Ask, want to know, wonder ‘What’s the problem?’ he said. He wanted to know / asked (me) / wondered what the problem was.

9 ‘Andrew is working,’ Jessica said.
Jessica said (that) Andrew was working. ‘I’ve fixed the shelves,’ John told Susan. John told Susan (that) he had fixed the shelves. ‘My money had run out,’ said Daniel. Daniel said his money had run out. ‘You can sit over here,’ the steward said. The steward said we could sit over there. ‘When did you start acting, Melissa?’ Guy said. Guy asked Melissa when she had started acting. ‘Has the taxi arrived yet?’ someone asked. Someone asked if / whether the taxi had arrived yet.

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