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Media Pack 2012. Who Are Mums in the Know? We are 2 Wilmslow based Mums Both from advertising backgrounds with over 20yrs combined experience at Mediavest,

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1 Media Pack 2012

2 Who Are Mums in the Know? We are 2 Wilmslow based Mums Both from advertising backgrounds with over 20yrs combined experience at Mediavest, Universal McCann, OMD & MTV Vast array of experience working with local advertisers i.e. Transform medical group to global blue chip organisations i.e. Sony Playstation Even vaster array of experience in being Mums in Wilmslow, attending kids classes and trying to find entertainment nearby for our families!

3 Why? Mums in the Know formed due to frustration with current online communities with ‘local’ portals- found huge gaps in information, accuracy and local empathy Poor information aggregation makes knowing ‘what is on when’ difficult to assess without lots of page scrolling Gap to use social media channels to ‘push’ info out to Mums on a daily basis- smart phone savvy & appreciate/enjoy communication via Facebook & Twitter Clear gap in the market for a truly local mums website & network with all the detail and all the simplicity to be of use to families

4 Mums in the Know is: A site which acts as an information hub to family life in Wilmslow (information is aggregated by day of week for easier navigation) A social network presence which allows us to actively talk to our followers on a daily basis, reminding them what they can do in the area that day, and of anything new launching soon. Plus guide to our site to find out further information. A mediator between local mums & local businesses- encouraging businesses to do more family friendly activities & discounts, and encouraging mums to get out and about in their local community. Our solution is much more convenient for time poor mums who are too busy to search through websites trying to find out what is available in the area for families. With our mediator role, we use our increasing local knowledge to create events with local businesses that mums want to attend

5 Our Ethos ‘Created by local Mums, we are here to make mums lives easier and kids lives fun! We detect what's on in the local area and provide daily inspiration for families’

6 We’re Growing! is now a navigational homepage where Mums can choose the local area they want to look at So far we have Wilmslow & Alderley Edge, Bramhall, Hale & Heaton Moor up and running Shortly Didsbury, Bollington, Knutsford, Fleet & Macclesfield will be coming live too.


8 There’s Something About Wilmslow… Wilmslow is a generally affluent area The majority of families live in houses they have bought rather than rent % Kids qualifying for free school meals is significantly lower than the national average Very much broadsheet and glossy mag territory Those living in this area want to make the most of their leisure time and are gym members, skiing holiday takers etc

9 Who is the Mums in the Know Wilmslow Mum? Takes pride in her own & her families appearance Has a 3/4bed semi or detached house Has a BMW 3 series & aspires to a Range Rover From a middle management to professional background- taking a career break/working part time to raise the kids Husband in middle to senior management Careful with money management Likes to be in the know Enjoys the local celeb spotting Loves a bargain, but might not tell you what she paid!

10 Affluent, ABC1 demographic profile for advertisers

11 Mums in the Know Wilmslow A local area blog/ info & listing portal ( )

12 A Twitter feed (@mumsintheknow)

13 A Facebook page ( )

14 More about the portal: Here we publish content either: – Created by us about matters of local interest i.e. Wilmslow Mum Spotlight – Guest posts about family pertinent topics i.e entrance exam prep, Top 10 toy countdowns – Co created posts by us & businesses to promote a business, event or idea We also deliver information in listings categorised as: Events, Places to go, Clubs & Classes, Kids Parties & Family Holidays An education section is currently being built

15 More about the Social Networks We use our twitter & facebook accounts to talk to local mums on a daily basis & give them ideas on what to do that day It is a 2 way communication feed, and as well as giving mums local information in a convenient form, we can also listen to their feedback & discuss issues. We are firmly established as a ‘favourite’ with our followers: Carla Kompany: ‘out of all the accounts I have followed on Twitter, Mums in the Know is my best- so much info!!!’ Nicola (on Facebook) ‘Hey Alex its a great idea u Hav going on here well done i hope everything works out. Im always interested to see wot i can do with Noah. A few of us tried wild things in bramhall last Monday it was fab the kids and adults really enjoyed it. We would Hav never known about it if it wasn't for u! Thanku x Unlike Like · · about an hour agoabout an hour ago

16 And not forgetting.. Our Database Our email database is growing steadily and now includes over 200 local Mums- so we can promote content to them in a more direct & targeted fashion Our database has proven highly responsive and we have filled events by just emailing our database about them with no further promotion required

17 We are already working with:

18 How Can We Work With You.. Site Listing Site Advert Site Blog Site Sponsorship Sponsored emails to our database We also: -create family events & promote them for advertisers -help fill new classes via promotion to our network -recruit our mums for focus groups and research panels Amplified by Promo Tweets Promo FB posts

19 CASE STUDIES Pizza Express Wilmslow Ongoing partnership to create family events. The objective being to bring potential customers into the restaurant at times when the restaurant was not making any revenue (pre 1200.) But also to establish Pizza Express as family friendly part of the community and do something fun for them We created, promoted & ran a series of coffee morning/ events: Dough Nuts (Oct)- c. 40 Mums & Kids in attendance. SOLD OUT The SnowBall (Dec)- c. 55 Mums & Kids in attendance. SOLD OUT Relax Kids (Jan)- c. 40 Mums & Kids in attendance. SOLD OUT ‘We love working with Mums in the Know. They have brought custom into our restaurant at a time when we are usually empty, but more importantly they have established us as a part of the local, family community. They are professional, thorough and fun to work with, and we look forward to our next event together’ Sarah Price, Manager of Pizza Express Wilmslow

20 CASE STUDIES Acorn Academy Acorn was struggling to gain momentum as a new class in a busy environment. We marketed a free taster trial session to our community and filled 2 sessions-bringing a potential 35 new attendees to the class. ‘It was fantastic of Mums in the Know to help me out- I was amazed how many new leads they generated for me. It really helped me establish my new classes,’ head of Acorn Academy

21 And another thing… Many local advertisers targeting mums use traditional media to promote their proposition i.e. free family magazines, local newspapers, message boards etc Unfortunately, they have long lead times so messages are often out of date and look unprofessional when the magazine is finally published They are a cluttered environment & have diminishing returns in terms of responsiveness. They are generally unaccountable in terms of the demonstrable results they acheive for advertisers They are expensive! (with those advertisers who try to monitor performance quoting a cost per lead of c.£40 )

22 By comparison we are agile, and can change messages and approaches on behalf of our advertisers minute by minute We are MUCH, MUCH cheaper! We are accountable so we can assess whether a campaign has worked effectively and rationalise planning going forward based on results. We are responsive- our campaigns so far have delivered unprecedented conversion rates of online impacts to real time brand advocates Most importantly, we are committed to a collaborative approach and to ensuring those advertising with us achieve success.

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