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PR & Social Media for Rotary: Making it make sense! May 9, 2012.

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1 PR & Social Media for Rotary: Making it make sense! May 9, 2012

2 Moving Forward into 2012  Rotary needs to learn how to better “toot its own horn”  We are a service organization of over 1.2M people and raise millions of dollars for amazing causes, yet are the last ones to tell our communities the great work we are doing.  We are trying to attract new generations yet we do not use the channels for which they use to communicate.  Take small steps to adopting these channels  Facebook first, Twitter, Hootsuite and some other fun apps!

3 Fun Fact Only 21% of Americans DON’T use the internet Who does?

4 What do you to talk about?  Special Events – Golf Tournaments, Events open to the public  Fundraising Announcements  Concerts, Picnics and Parties (open to Rotarians and Community)  Community Service Programs  Boys & Girls Club  Meals on Wheels  Guest Speakers  Like author, Jesse Cozean

5 Traditional v. New Media  Target: Community Newspapers, TV and Magazines:  Get media contacts for the right departments  Draft Press release  Is this outreach pre or post event? How soon ahead/after do you send??  Target: Blogs, Websites and Social Media profiles:  Snippets of info that lead to the sources  Links to websites with detailed info (post press release or blog)  Images (if post event)  Videos (if post event)

6 Social Media Sharing When your club gets media exposure, keep perpetuating the message by sharing the links from: – Your Club Website – Facebook Page (Has more than 800 million active users) – Twitter (Has 100 million active users) – E-Newsletters – Club Meetings

7 So how do I get started? Facebook Set-up Handout Twitter Set-up Handout

8 Wrap Up Spend 10 minutes a day – Connect with other club pages Are they posting events Are there people interacting with them on their Wall? – If so, what about? – Search for your friends and fellow Rotarians See what they are posting Comment back, RSVP via FB – Post updates on your own page

9 Thank You Julie Kreisler TKG Marketing, Inc. @julzie0429 or if you must:

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