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Murray Avenue Physical Education Rules and Expectations.

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1 Murray Avenue Physical Education Rules and Expectations

2 Physical Education is the means to allow you the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. This class will allow you to improve your physical fitness level and teamwork skills while relieving the tension of academic and other stressors.

3 Uniform White shirt Blue athletic shorts or athletic pants (no yoga pants) Sneakers Murray Ave. PE

4 Attendance Be on Time! A teacher note is required if you are late. Please excuse Mrs. Nemeroff She was working out! 10:22

5 Locker Room The purpose of the locker room is to change quickly into PE uniform. You are responsible for your valuables. All items must be locked in locker not left on the floor or benches.

6 Technology and PE Many times technology will be used in physical education. You are expected to care for the equipment. Cell phones and other devices may only be used when instructed. Devices will be confiscated if used without permission. NO cell phones/cameras may be used in the locker room at any time.

7 Fitness Room You are expected to use the equipment with care and safety in mind. Please report any equipment items in need of repair. Do not enter room until instructed by a Physical Education teacher.

8 Squads Once you leave the locker room you must sit in your assigned squad. Failure to do this will be a deduction in points for the day. If you are not changing due to a medical reason or if you do not have your PE uniform do not enter locker room. Immediately sit in your squad for roll. After roll is taken you may move to the designated area on the bleacher. You may be asked to assist in the lesson such as timer or score keeper. Squads are necessary for quick attendance, instructions and safety.

9 Hallway Behavior When moving between Physical education facilities the expectations will be complete quiet. Academic classes will be in session and consequences will be severe for behavior issues.

10 Make PE Fun!! Participate to your full potential Motivate yourself and others Be safe Use appropriate language and actions Follow directions

11 Athletes Expectations Students who participate in athletics are expected to be leaders in PE class. Athletes who do not participate in PE will not be eligible to play in competition on that day.

12 Dismissal Wait in the gymnasium until you are dismissed by teacher.

13 Grading 10 points per class –Punctual and sitting in squad = 1pt –Appropriate dress = 2 pt –Positive attitude = 1 pt –Demonstration of critical elements = 1 pt –Participation = 5 pts. (0-5 depending on level of participation)

14 If you are not fully prepared for class you can earn a maximum of 8 points if you are wearing safe and appropriate clothing. However, a zero will be given to any student not able to participate in class due to unsafe/inappropriate clothing. What happens if I am not dressed in PE uniform?

15 Chronically Unprepared Students chronically unprepared or not participating to fullest potential, as observed by the PE teacher, will be required to complete a written assignment(s). Topics will be related to health and physical education. Students receiving three zeros will not be able to receive a grade higher then a B.

16 You must have a note from a parent or guardian to be excused from activities due to sickness or injury. You must have a doctor (not a parent) note to be excused from class activities for a period of three or more days. No note = Zero What do I need to provide to the PE teacher if I feel sick or if I am injured?

17 If you have a cast on any body part you will not be permitted to participate in any activities until the PE staff/school nurse receives a doctor note releasing you from treatment and verifying you are able to return to physical activity. No note = zero

18 The Murray Avenue HPE department cares about you!

19 Murray Avenue ROCKS!

20 The Murray Avenue Rules and Expectations can be found on all the HPE teachers web sites. Please review them with your parents. Looking forward to an active, fun and safe school year!

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