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WT41N0 and RS419 Sales Overview

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1 WT41N0 and RS419 Sales Overview
Enterprise Mobility Solutions WT41N0 and RS Sales Overview 1 1

2 The Current Wearable product line
~ 200,000 shipped! Ring Scanner RS409 Updated “Titan” RS309 WT4090 Wrist Mount RCH51 Charge Cradles Hands-Free Imager RS507

3 WT41N0 and RS419 Multi-modal hands-free wearable for text or voice based applications allowing workers to achieve maximum error-proof productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy for streamlined warehouse and package handling functions. Value Proposition Next generation MPA 3.0 platform with best-in-class dual core processor and Windows CE7.0 provides faster processing speed for more efficient application performance Flexible platform – support for hands-free text and voice-based picking eliminates effort and cost associated with purchasing and supporting multiple systems for different applications. Support for a/b/g/n improves network performance enhancing user productivity while reducing power consumption providing customer’s long battery life Rugged design ensures dependable operation in challenging warehouse environments, incl. cold storage. Incorporation of the latest 1D laser technology with adaptive scanning, selectable scan angles, and enhanced aim features enable rapid and easy scanning of bar codes from near contact to more than 200 inches – the largest working range in its class Proven business continuity through accessory and peripheral compatibility - cradles, chargers, batteries, ring scanners, ring imagers, and headset QD’s Differentiation beyond hardware with industry-first HTML5 framework (RhoElements), EMDK, MSP, TEAM Express*, Fusion, and value-added software tools & utilities “Develop Once, Run Many”… RhoElements enables customers to write their application once, and run it on different mobile computers and operating systems Hands-free design enables workers to easily handle materials while interacting with the mobile computer. Award-winning ergonomic design ensures user comfort and worker safety to increase productivity a/b/g/n WLAN provides real-time information that improves decision making, reduces errors, and enhances user productivity. Rugged design IP54 sealing and 4 ft. / 1.2 m drop specification across the entire operating temperature range Reduce device replacement costs and maximize uptime Designed for wide temperature ranges ensuring operation in a wide range of warehouse temperatures, including -20°C in freezers (-30°C when using freezer pouches).

4 Key Features Design and Ergonomics: Display: System:
Arm- or hip-mounted Designed for full-shift comfort and no intrusion beyond corporeal envelope Dimensions 142 x 93 x 26 mm (11.3 oz) – 1X battery Display: 2.8" color QVGA – 320 x 240 landscape Available with and without touch screen Available without display System: Processor: OMAP 1.0 GHz Memory: 512 MB RAM / 2 GB Flash OS: Windows Embedded Compact (CE 7.0 Professional) Accessory eco-system: Works with all existing wearable accessories Wearable scanners Headsets & adapter cables Wrist & hip mounts & freezer pouches for use in coldest warehouse freezers Connectivity: WLAN: a/b/g/n WPAN: BT v2.1 + EDR Voice Support: Can supports partners’ voice-recognition and TTS engines for voice-directed applications Superior Ruggedness: Multiple 4 ft drops to concrete across operating temperature range IP54 sealed Freezer pouch supports warehouse freezer use Rugged connectors for audio adapters or ring scanners Data Capture: Optional Wearable Scanners: RS507 cordless BT or cabled Imager w/ SE4500 imager engine RS409 cabled ring scanner with SE955 laser engine RS419 cabled ring scanner with SE965 laser engine RS309 cabled back-of-hand scanner with SE1224 laser engine & freezer specs Battery: 2400 mAh standard battery 4800 mAh high capacity for a full freezer shift Extremely rapid one-handed battery swap

5 WT41N0 Feature Comparison to WT4090
Benefits OS Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE 7.x) Pro CE 5.0 Pro Latest Microsoft OS WLAN a,b,g,n a,b,g Latest Fusion SW and n supports higher throughput Memory (RAM/Flash) 512MB / 2 GB 128MB / 64MB or 128 MB Larger memory footprint Processor OMAP 4 @ 1 GHz Intel XScale 520 MHz Faster Processor Keypad 2 tap version only 2 tap and 3 tap version available Reduction in keypad configurations PAN radio BT EDR (BT 3.0 /4.0 hardware compatible) BT 1.2 Supports both StoneStreet and Microsoft stacks Scanner connection Supports RS309, RS409, RS507 and the new RS419 Supports RS309, RS409 and RS507. RS419 is backward compatible to WT4090. Ring Scanner forward and backward compatibility Audio Built in speaker (5 db SPL increase over WT4090). Built in microphone (continue to support headset mode). Simultaneous headset and terminal audio output supported Built in speaker and no integrated microphone. Microphone capability provided through an external headset connection. Louder speaker; future push-to-talk support without a headset; Simultaneous cabled/BT headset and terminal audio output supported.

6 WT41N0 Mechanical Comparison to WT4090
Benefits LEDs Three LEDs (programmable, charge, programmable) One LED indicating charge Availability of two programmable LEDS for application needs Power Button Red color Black color Ease of determining power button location Programmable P1 P2 Keys Grey color Ease of locating P1 and P2 keys Function Key Blue color Black color with blue border Ease of determining Function key location

7 RS419 Comparison to RS409 RS419 RS409 RS419 RS409 Benefits Scan Engine
SE965 SE955 Longer reading range Adaptive Scanning Automatically adapts scan angle to distance Manual scan angle selection Automatically adapts scan angle for longer range reading of low density barcodes. Scan Angles 47, 35 and 10 degree (adaptive) 47 and 35 degree ( manual selection) Narrow angle Increase range and beam visibility on the far end. Enhanced Aim* Switch between dot and scan Standard aiming dot Improve beam visibility Operating Temperature -30C to +50C -20C to +50C Cold storage capable Cable Cable protection beads No cable protection beads Improved cable durability Cable Strain relief Longer Shorter RS419 RS409 * Future

8 Wearable Series Market Segments
Transportation and Logistics Parcel Handling Package Sorting Retail, Warehouse and Distribution Voice directed applications Picking & Put away Loading

9 WT41N0 and RS419 Configurations
Part Number Description List Price WT41N0-N2S27ER a/b/g/n, non touch display, 512/2G memory, CE7 OS, english, standard battery $2895 WT41N0-N2H27ER a/b/g/n, non touch display, 512/2G memory, CE7 OS, english, extended battery $2925 WT41N0-T2S27ER a/b/g/n, touch display, 512/2G memory, CE7 OS, english, standard battery $2995 WT41N0-T2H27ER a/b/g/n, touch display, 512/2G memory, CE7 OS, english, extended battery $3025 WT41N0-V1H27ER a/b/g/n, voice only wearable, no display, 3 keys, CE7 OS, extended battery $1950 RS419-HP2000FSR Ring scanner, cable to arm $935 RS419-HP2000FLR Ring scanner, cable to waist $950

10 WT41N0 and RS419 Series Timeline
Dates Product Announcement June 19 First Customer Ship –RS419 June 30 First Customer Ship WT41N0 August 30 10

11 Enterprise Mobility Services
Customer Services for the WT41N0 Service Pricing Strategy Pricing will remain the same for WT41N0 as the WT4090 Enterprise Mobility Services Service Part Number Time of Purchase Length of Agreement Service from the Start – Bronze with Comprehensive Coverage SSB-WT41XX-30 SSB-WT41XX-50 Up front with the hardware (prepaid) or within 30 days thereafter Three years Five years Service from the Start – Gold with Comprehensive Coverage SSG-WT41XX-30 SSG-WT41XX-50 Service Center Support – Bronze SCB-WT41XX-10 Any time One year Service Center Support – Gold SCG-WT41XX-10

12 Competitive Positioning
Performance/Features Motorola WT41N0 $2895 Intermec (Vocollect) Talkman T5 $ Motorola WT41N0 VO $1950 Motorola WT4090 $2895 Honeywell (LXE) HX2 $2525 Motorola WT4090 VO $1950 Honeywell (LXE) HX3 - VO $2325 Price (List Price /ASP)

13 Thank You
If you are looking for more information for strategic engagements and other questions please

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