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SATIA GROUP - TC TERRYTEX LTD - Business Partners for Terry Towels Corporate Presentation 1.

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1 SATIA GROUP - TC TERRYTEX LTD - Business Partners for Terry Towels Corporate Presentation 1

2 TC TERRYTEX LTD - Vertically Integrated across Textile Value Chain TC TERRYTEX LTD has presence across the Textile value chain Spinning Yarn Dyeing Weaving Processing FINALPRODUCTFINALPRODUCT Cotton Farming Ginning 2

3 TC TERRYTEX LTD is the nouveau venture of Satia Group. Satia Group is one of the oldest and most respected groups of North India with interests in Paper, Yarn and now Terry Towels. Established in 1980 Satia Group commands a current turnover of USD 180 Million. Associated Companies of Satia Group are: - SATIA PAPER MILL LIMITED - SATIA SYNTHETICS LIMITED - TC SPINNER PVT LTD - TC TERRYTEX LIMITED The factory of TC TERRYTEX LTD is very conveniently reachable. It is situated on the National Highway-21 at Lalru, near Chandigarh. Approach by Air - Factory is well connected with the Air Services. It is just 16 miles (25 Km) away from Chandigarh Airport. Flight from New Delhi to Chandigarh is only of 45 minutes duration. Approach by Car - Factory is just 4 hours drive by Car from New Delhi. Approach by Rail - Factory is well connected by Railway service. The factory is located 6 miles (10 Km) from Ambala Cantt Station. TC TERRYTEX LTD- The Company 3

4 TC TERRYTEX LTD- Infrastructure TCTL has the most sophisticated manufacturing set-up in South Asia. The factory is spread across 150,000 Sq Meters and is equipped with worlds latest Airjet TSudocama, SMIT Rapier looms, Jacquards from Bonas and running at 550 RPM with vario-pick facility. SPINNING CAPACITY – 85000 Spindles – 25550 MT per annum WEAVING CAPACITY – 65 Dobby looms + 16 Jacquard looms – 7000 MT per annum DYEING CAPACITY – 7500 MT per annum STITCHING CAPACITY – 7500 MT per annum AUTOMATED COLOR KITCHEN - Data Color, USA 4

5 TC TERRYTEX LTD- Infrastructure 5

6 TC TERRYTEX LTD- Product Range & Designing Product Range – Our design range encompasses a wide range in both Yarn dyed & Piece dyed qualities across Dobbies and Jacquards: Bath ensembles Embroidered towels Beach towels Kitchen towels Christmas TowelsEmbellished Towels Specialty Towels Bath Mats Bath Robes Bath Wraps Designing – In house design studio with latest hardware and software from NedGraphics facilitates outstanding product development. 6

7 TCTL Test Standards 7

8 Colour consistency in colour conformity (lab dips & batch to batch) By using same quality of yarn (same source, batch no, count, T.P.I,C.S.P, TM etc) Same source and batch no for dyestuff and chemicals. Thorough check before using a new batch of dyestuff and chemical for production. We are using HUNTSMAN DYE STUFF for best reproducibility. Dyeing m/c are fully automatic and controlled by micro processor supported by color kitchen and color dispensing system from Data color. Develop the receipt from shade swatch and issue a unique recipe no. Thus the said recipe is being used for all dye lots of that particular color. We have SAP system in place and exact recipe being used at all times for color conformity can be reviewed at any time and by anyone. Please refer next slides for JPEG of our color continuity charts. 8

9 Our Strengths within Product Development Vertically integrated set up with support from spinning units, thus we can do value added/innovative yarn such as Cotton- Bamboo, Air fill, Cotton Modal, Cotton Linen, Slub, Low twist etc. Weaving techniques :- Variable pile height, Thick & Thin, Waves, Weft Inserts, Surface textures in Dobby and Jacquard. Sampling fabric dyeing machines and can do lots as small as 50 kgs, 400kgs, 800kgs,1200kgs. Strength in Yarn dyeing with small dyeing machines of 50 kgs each. In house design studio with latest hardware and software from Ned Graphics. Our designers with extensive exposure of the overseas market provide us feedback and support on latest innovations and developments in different designs, techniques and pattern. 9

10 Development timelines 1.From Pantone & sketch to sample – 1.15 days for Plain dyed products 2.21 days for Yarn Dyed products 3.15 days for Dobby products. 4.21 days for Jacquard products. 2. From approved sample to production start – 1. 20 days from approved sample/trims approval and procurement. 2. Overall 45 days for Piece Dyed Dobby products. 3. Overall 75 days for Yarn Dyed and Jacquard products. 4. Final lead times are dependent on loom space booking and availability. 10

11 Responsibility (Towards the environment, workers and the customers) - The factory uses the Reverse Osmosis treatment and a zero discharge plant with a water treatment capacity of 2 million liters of water everyday with an additional water recycling capacity of 90%. Philosophy of the company – We strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology and also to maintain, develop and hire the best people, enabling us to building long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the customer. TC TERRYTEX LTD- Philosophy and Responsibility 11

12 TC TERRYTEX LTD- Process Flow Chart and Critical Control Points Process Flow chart & Critical Control points 1Incoming Yarn Parameters testing and lot passing is done by TQM/Lab 2Yarn is checked for CSP, TM, TPI 3Once ok Yarn is passed and acceptance given to warehouse to accept yarn 4Yarn is issued to Direct Warping as per requirement under SAP SO 5Yarn is issued for Yarn Dyeing as per requirement under SAP SO 6Beams are issued for Sizing 7TQM ensures all Beams pass through proper cycle time and proper sizing chemical application is done 8Dyed Yarns are issued to Sectional Warping and TQM ensures that proper warping is done as per required design 9Beams are then knotted and prepared for 1st run. 10 When the 1st piece is woven a thorough check of piece is done by a team from TQM department/Marketing department/design department/weaving department 11 Piece is evaluated for Size, grey weight, picks/cm, ends per cm, design element, border and hem checking is done, aesthetic appeal. Correction if any is done on the weaving at this point of time 12 TQM department/Design department is present for weaving till initial one hour of weaving and evaluates production and checks for thread breaking, machine running 13Above is done for every new quality running on loom for the first time. 143 TQM personnel are always present in each shift to cross check all production. 15 Grey checking and storage - 100% grey checking is done before storage. Defects if any are highlighted back to all concerned in Weaving/TQM/Designing/Production head 16Defects which can be corrected are mended here. 17Grey lot preparation for dyeing is done. TQM and PPC ensures that the right batch is issued

13 TC TERRYTEX LTD- Process Flow Chart and Critical Control Points 18Dyeing Recipe is issued through SAP system. Right chemicals and recipe are issued as per lab dip approved and requirement for bulk dyeing. 19Ropes are marked so that the pile direction is pre determined and pile stays uniform while dyeing cycle works. 20 Once dyeing is complete - each and every dye lot is taken to Lab for color fastness testing, Home laundering testing, color continuity record keeping, shade matching, absorbency tests and hand feel confirmation. 21 Lots are held in aisle in Dyeing Section and marked under waiting area unless TQM approves of all parameters as per Customer protocol. If tQM rejects lot for any reason then Dyeing Department head needs to take back the goods for re-processing. 22 Once TQM gives go ahead the lot is then passed on through the Turbang machine (air tumble dryer) and stenter. TQM ensures width of the fabric required is as per order requirement. 23The fabric is then taken to Length cutting, Length hemming, width cutting and then final packing. 24 TQM ensures length hemming and cross cutting is done properly as required by customer in final product. Product is then moved to finishing section for width stitching, labelling, hanger application, folding, accessories application and into carton 25We follow a system of One Stitcher and One checker cum folder as a team. 26Each line has one supervisor who controls all stickers and packers. In each line there are 8 Juki machines. 27Supervisor checks for proper labelling, proper stitching, folding, accessories application. 28 Before all stitching activity is started - a team of people comprising Marketing Department, TQM, PPC, Finishing head, Finishing Supervisors, QA team makes one piece in each style and signs off. 29This signed sample is displayed in Finishing for everyone to see. 30Each line's production after supervisor approval sends a trolley for inspection of ready goods to QA team in finishing house. 31QA does 100% inspection of the 1st trolley offer for a new product. If product is ok then it is passed through Metal detector and sent to carton packing. 32If trolley is failed then the Supervisor and all members of line are called to understand defects and problems. 33After 1st trolley inspection all further trolleys of the product are checked on AQL 2.5 level. 34 Once goods are packed in cartons and carton marking application along with any stickers is done, TQM does final inspection of goods before calling for final inspection from outside agency/buyer inspection. 35If goods are ok then goods are moved to warehouse and confirmation to marketing department to call final inspection is done. 36TQM department is also part of team for container loading of goods.

14 14 TC TERRYTEX LTD – Audits & Certifications TC Terrytex has been accredited with following Certifications: 1.OekoTex certificate for Terry Towels & Dyed Yarns. 2.GOTS Scope certificate from Control Union for manufacturing Organic Cotton products. 3.GOTS OE Scope certificate from Control Union for manufacturing Organic Cotton blended products. 4.ISO 9001-2008 certificate. 5.GSV (Global Security Verification) Certificate. Audits: TC Terrytex has been successfully audited by KOHLS, TJ MAXX, Bon-ton, TOYS R US, Lidl, Target Stores, Marks and Spencer's, Woolworth, Disney a few of them. All reports and certificates can be made available on receipt of requirement from customers.










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34 …..Accept Challenges & Grow Together We look Forward to.. 34 TC TERRYTEX LIMITED Works Address – Village Sarsini, Near Lalru, Tehsil Dera Bassi, District SAS Nagar, Mohali – 140501, Punjab, India. Phone - +91-1762-506606-08, Fax - +91-1762-506555 Email – Website –

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