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La Rioja 2013 – IES Comercio Foro de Lenguas Extranjeras.

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1 La Rioja 2013 – IES Comercio Foro de Lenguas Extranjeras

2 What is P.E.L. ? European Language Portfolio

3 FUNCTIONS Pedagogical Promote a reflexive teaching and learning. Specify the learning objectives in Communicative Approach. Favour the autoevaluation in the identification of the adquired Competences. Promote an educative change centered in the pupil. Informative

4 Approach (st. can do / …..) Action – oriented Approach Monitoring Language activities Language processes – neurological Text / Discourse Domain (social life) Strategy A task

5 FUNCTIONS Informative Increase the transparency and coherence between teaching traditions and the language learning in the European countries. Put forward a common language among the European teaching. Use the description of the linguistic competences inside the Common European Frame of Reference.

6 COMPETENCESPORTFOLIOCOMPETENCESPORTFOLIO C E F R Common European Frame of Reference Expression & Communication Relation & Interaction Personnal development CONTEXTSCONTEXTS Linguistic competence Innitiative & Entrepreneurship competence Knowledge & Interaction with the Natural World competence Treatment of Information & Digital competence Social & Citizen competence Artistic & cultural competence Learning to learn competence Mathematic competence

7 LEVELS C.E.F.R. (MCER) BASIC USER A1 Breakthrough A2Waystage INDEPENDENT USER B1Threshold B2Vantage PROFICIENT USER C1Effective Operational Proficiency C2Mastery

8 Common Reference Levels Understanding Listening Reading Speaking Spoken interaction Spoken Production Writing writing

9 PEL at Navarrete el Mudo A1 Nursery Education First Cycle of Primary Education

10 NURSERYPORTFOLIONURSERYPORTFOLIO Contents: Concepts Permanent concepts Variable concepts Colours Numbers Weather Daily routines Weekly routines Psychomotor activity Topics Vocabulary acquisition Things blue cards Qualities green cards Actions white cards (red)

11 NURSERYPORTFOLIONURSERYPORTFOLIO Contents: Aural activities & Prewriting HOW? maker copy words WHAT?A red apple This is ……… Mummy is …….. I can see ………

12 NURSERYPORTFOLIONURSERYPORTFOLIO BASIC USERA1 Breakthrough COMPREHENSION Listening Recognize words & expressions myself my family my enviromental world Reading Words & sentences posters advertisements SPEAKING PRE-WRITING Oral interaction Make questions & answer them Simple conversations Speaking Personnal & place descriptions Copy words Simple sentence Write postcards & send congratulations

13 COMPONENTS of P.E.L. A2 Second &Third Cycle of Primary Education Language Biography Language colours. My linguistic experience. What I learn. How I learn. What I know and I can do with language My Dossier. My Language Passport

14 COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE PORTFOLIO rd LOE Organic Law of Education 2/2006 (BOE 3 May) PASSPORT,Bloque 1 Escuchar hablar y conversar Discourse competence (introduces vocabulary & phonetics) Bloque 2 Leer y escribir Sociolinguistic competence (analizes procedures) LANGUAGE BIOGRAPHY Bloque 3 Conocimiento de la lengua Conocimientos lingüísticos Grammar competence (Target structures) Reflexión sobre el aprendizaje Strategic competence (functions of the language) DOSSIER Bloque 4 Aspectos socioculturales y conciencia intercultural Sociocultural competence (attitudes) PRIMARY PORTFOLIO



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