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COMPETENCES Mención de Lengua Extranjera (Tercera Clase)

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1 COMPETENCES Mención de Lengua Extranjera (Tercera Clase)

2 What are competences? Zabala (2008:43-45) “It is the capacity to carry out tasks or confront diverse situations in an efficient way in a given context. It is neccesary to set attitudes, skills, and knowledge in motion, and this should be done in an integrated and interrelated way.” “Competences need to identify whatever a person needs to give answer to life-long problems. Therefore, competence consists of efficient intervention in different life situations wherein the aforementioned attitudes, skills and knowledge are integrated.” Knowledge IN EXECUTION

3 Competential features Integrate concepts, procedures, attitudes Practical purpose Contextualisation Answer to society of knowledge Focus on needs Level of achievement

4 Once Opon a Time… 1998 UNESCO European Council at Lisbon 2000 (People!) Succession of European Councils Objectives of Education and Training 2010 European Council 2006

5 KEY COMPETENCES (European Parliament) Communication in the mother tongue Communication in foreign languages Mathematical competence and basic competence in Science and Technology Digital Competence Learning to Learn Social and Civil Competences Sense of Initiative and Enterprise Spirit Cultural Expression and Conscience

6 What about us…?

7 Our Educational System… Basic competences are the main reference for diagnosis evaluation Reference point in terms of evaluation and promotion

8 BASIC COMPETENCES Linguistic Communication Mathematical Competence Knowledge and Interaction with the Physical World Treatment of Information and Digital Social and Civic Cultural and Artistic Learning to Learn Autonomy and Personal Initiative Emotional Competence (Castilla La Mancha)

9 GENERAL AND SPECIFIC COMPETENCES (Zabala, 2007) GENERAL COMPETENCES Respond to a real, specific situation in a place and a given context. They are formulated according to capacities that represent their dimmensions. e.g. read, write, speak, listen SPECIFIC COMPETENCES Derivation of a general competence, which is what really gives sense to a general competence. e.g. orally present opinions about the implications of human intervention on the environment, respect cultural and linguistic differences, etc.

10 HOW DO WE FORMULATE THEM? GENERAL COMPETENCE Action verb in Infinitive with a competential content (e.g. Read all types of texts) SPECIFIC COMPETENCE (e.g. Respect Spanish cultural and linguistic differences) OPERATIONAL COMPETENCE: short- term skills/strategies e.g. Dialogue in an ordered and respectful way about linguistic diversity in Spain

11 HOW DO WE EVALUATE THEM? Organic Law 8/2013, 9th of December, for the Improvement of Educational Quality 41q97zg&hd=1 Educational Standards

12 RICHARD GERVER Creating Tomorrow’s School Today (2010) “To be successful you must respect failure and understand the power that not knowing can give you. Very few ever truly aim high enough or realice their potential. The really successful never stop trying, never stop making mistakes and never feel that they have got all the answers.”

13 COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES Noah Chomsky (Competence/Performance) Dell Hymes (60’s) – Communicative Competence - Systematic potential - Appropriacy - Feasibility - Occurrence

14 CANALE & SWAIN (1983) Grammatical Competence Sociolinguistic Competence Pragmatic Competence Strategic Competence


16 SUBCOMPETENCES Grammatical competence Phonological competence Semantic competence Lexical competence Syntactic competence Orthographic competence Orthopoeic competence Sociolinguistic competence Strategic competence Etc.

17 What is OUT objective? What is our concern? Communicative Competence or acquire British pronunciation? How do we distinguish? What is purity?

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