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The Critical Component Innovative IT Energy Management Solutions.

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1 The Critical Component Innovative IT Energy Management Solutions

2 Premium Professional Grade – EN series PDU

3 Dual Network Access - DNA Solution for Landlord – tenant arrangements (colocation data center) Redundant network in 2N configuration RS485 Daisy Chain shares information between Two-PDUs Source A Source B Landlord Network Tenant Network

4 Rack Management Accessories External display option LED Lighting kit Automatic on/off rack lights Rack Access System

5 Premium Professional Grade – Dual Input Dual power input design for Reduced space application Capital cost savingsloss

6 Professional Grade – ES series PDU

7 EN series vs. ES series PDU Function difference between ES and EN series products ESEN Product LinePDU metering only (M type PDU only)All Four series PDU and Inline Meter OutletChinese Outlet, IEC OutletIEC Outlet and European Outlet Display3-digit Seven Segment LED DisplayOLED Display IP Address, CurrentSetting, Alarm, Power and Sensor Connectivity PortsSensor Port *1, Serial Port, SD Card Slot, Ethernet PortSensor Port *2, Serial Port/RS485-1, RS485-2, USB, Ethernet Port Sensor TypeAnalog, support one sensor per unitDigital, support till 6 sensors per unit with sensor hub T, T/H, Dry ContactT, T/H, 3T/H, Dry Contact, Beacon, Leakage, Door, Smoke Sensor AccuracyTBDT: +/-1C, RH: +/-5% User AccountsFixed 3 accounts For Admin, User and GuestUp to 16 Roles and Users, support self-defined by customer Network ServiceTCPIP, HTTP, Telnet, NTP, SNMP v1/v2c, ICMPTCPIP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP/HTTPs, Telnet, SSH, DNS, LDAP/AD, NTP, SNMP v1/v2c/v3, ICMP EncryptionN/AAES128,256,DES,3DES,SHA-1 1024/2048 Security SettingFixed 30mins for idle timeoutUser Blocking, Login Limitation, Password Policy Sever ReachabilityN/ASupport Connected User ManagementN/ASupport Diagnostic InformationN/ASupport Load ShieldingN/ASupport Daisy Chain/DNAN/ASupport (except Dual input SKUs) Maximum Log record items5002000 Power Measurement Accuracy3%1% Max. Operation Temp.45C55-60C Installation adjustment PegN/ASupport

8 EZ Series - Inline Energy Meter Intelligent metering solution for legacy equipment upgrades and stand-alone equipment. Single input and output power connection All core features of metered PDU range (EN1000)

9 EZ Series – Dual Input Power Source A Power Source B Power Source A Power Source B Same function with Simplified installation Space Savings Lower capex Single input Dual input

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