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Business Letters.

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1 Business Letters

2 Advantages of a Written Message
Provides both you and the reader with a record of the request May be taken more seriously Less easily forgotten than a spoken request

3 Parts of a Letter Heading Inside address Salutation Body
Complimentary Closing Signature Initials Enclosures Copies

4 Heading At top of the letter Your address Your city Your state
Your zip code Today’s date

5 Inside Address 4-7 returns after Heading Other Person’s address
Other Person’s city/state/zip code

6 Salutation 2 returns after inside address
Dear ---- Sir, Madam, Mr., Mrs., etc Use colon after salutation

7 Body of Letter 2 returns after Salutation Single spaced
Doubled spaced between paragraphs Full block style – no indenting

8 Complimentary Closing
2 returns after body of letter Sincerely, Truly yours, etc Use a comma after closing

9 Signature 4 returns after complimentary closing
Type your name and title if needed Your signature goes between complimentary closing and typed name Use black or blue pen

10 Extras 2 returns after signature Initials Enclosure CC
If someone else typed it for you SG:mg Enclosure If you are sending something along CC Copies sent to someone else

11 Medford Areas Senior High
1015 West Broadway Medford WI, 54451 March 3, 2008 4-7 Kraft Pizza 940 S. Whelen Ave 4 Dear Sir or Madam: 2 Thank you for your prompt response to our request for donations for our Annual School-to-Work fair and workshop. We appreciate your willingness to help our students in this endeavor. We will be using your donation to help set up booths and displays at the fair. We will also be using a portion of the donation to provide refreshments for the participants. Thank you again for your cooperation and willingness to help the students of Medford Area Senior High. Sincerely, Shari Gajewski Special Education Department SG:mg Enclosure cc: Jim Smith

12 Required for Business Letters
Need to be written in an appropriate style Effective letter styles Be courteous Be conversational Avoid awkward phrases or insensitive language

13 Organization of a Letter
Situation 1st Introduces the message State the subject and purpose Answers the question, “Why are you writing this?”

14 Organization of a Letter
Explanation 2nd Middle of letter Presents the information and ideas Heart of the message The details Answers the question, “What’s it all about?”

15 Organization of a Letter
Action 3rd Conclusion Focuses on outcomes What you want the reader to do, when and how Answers the question, “What’s next?”

16 Types of Letters Informative Letter Letter of Inquiry Complaint Letter

17 Informative Letter Deliver a message Examples
Give instructions or directions Keep others informed about latest developments Company opportunities Provide record of meeting or agreement

18 Letter of Inquiry Seek information about a Job Person Product Service
Policy Procedure

19 Letter of Inquiry Questions the letter writer asks himself or herself?
What do I want or need? By when?

20 Letter of Inquiry Why? Where can I get it? From Whom?
Is my request realistic?

21 Complaint Letter Explain a problem and ask for a solution
Produce evidence that the problem exists Explain why they need to take responsibility

22 Complaint Letter Facts to include Transaction Product or service
Where, when, how it was purchased Receipt or cancelled check Product or service Model or serial number

23 Complaint Letter Facts to include Problem Possible solution
Be specific Any inconvenience it is causing you Possible solution What action you want them to take Refund, replacement or apology

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