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Business Correspondence

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1 Business Correspondence
Letter Presentation 4/28/2010 Business Correspondence Write a letter that will actually get read! Senior Exit Project

2 Different Styles in a Letter
Letter Styles Block style-all lines begin at left margin Modified block style-date, complimentary close and signature lines begin at horizontal center Punctuation Styles Open-no colon after the salutation and no comma after closing Mixed-a colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing

3 Different Styles in a Letter
Paragraph Styles Block-all paragraphs begin at the left margin Indented-each paragraph is indented 5 spaces

4 Parts of a Letter Dateline Inside address (address of the receiver)
Salutation (Greeting--Dear Mr. Jones:) Body Complimentary close (Closing--Sincerely yours,) Signature lines Signature block-business letter Writer’s name and title Return address-personal business letter Writer’s name and mailing address Special notations Reference initials (initials of typist used in business letters only) Enclosure notation (show something included with letter) Copy notation (list name(s) of persons receiving letter also)

5 Proper Spacing of a Letter
Center the page vertically QS after the dateline DS after the inside address DS after the salutation SS the paragraphs in the body DS between paragraphs QS after the complimentary close SS the lines in the signature block or return address DS after the signature block DS after special notations if included

6 Letter Styles & Formats
Personal Business Letter

7 Personal Business Letter Format
Block style Open punctuation Block paragraphs Return address Enclosure notation Included if sending something with the letter

8 Personal Business Letter Example
Center page vertically Page Layout -> Page Setup -> Layout -> Page Vertical Alignment -> Center Type dateline Month, Day, Year format Enter 4 times after Type inside address SS address lines Enter twice after Type salutation Followed by a colon Type body of letter Block paragraph format November 4, 2005 Mr. John Doe, Director Super Computer Company 9365 Employer Lane Walla Walla, WA 98789 Dear Mr. Doe: Type Paragraphs. Paragraphs are blocked at left margin and single spaced with a DS between. Let lines word wrap.

9 Personal Business Letter Example
Type body. Paragraphs are blocked at left margin and single spaced with a DS between. Let lines word wrap. Sincerely, Sammy Student 12343 Student Avenue Genius, KS 63455 Enclosure c Carolyn Counselor DS after last paragraph Type complimentary close followed by a comma Sincerely, Enter 4 times after Type return address SS address lines Enter twice after Type special notations if needed Enclosure Copy

10 Letter of Appreciation
Thank You Letter to Your Mentor

11 Exit Project Thank You Letter to Mentor
Purpose Show appreciation to mentor for helping you with exit project. Give insight to you as a person List your goals you want to accomplish in the exit project Format Write it in formal personal business letter format Proofread very carefully-errors make the wrong impression Submit by deadline (check deadline date list)

12 Introduction The opening paragraph should convey appreciation
Thank you for Why you appreciate it Example: Thank you for agreeing to be my mentor. Your expertise in (??) will help me tremendously with my (exit project ??).

13 Body The middle paragraph should contain explanatory comments
What you hope to accomplish or gain by completing your exit project Personal growth or interest Career preparation Example: I have always been interested in (??). I like to (??). This exit project will allow me to (??).

14 Conclusion The final paragraph should be a courteous closing Example:
Your leadership and support as my mentor will . . .(insert phrase). I appreciate all your time and assistance as I complete my exit project. AND/OR The exit presentation will be given on March 16, I will contact you with my exact presentation time.

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