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Renaissance europe Changes in worldview.

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1 Renaissance europe Changes in worldview

2 Renaissance Introduction - Video 

3 Think-pair-share Over the years, we’ve all met someone or had an experience that changed the way we see or understand certain things. Choose an example from your life experience that illustrates how your values, beliefs, or attitudes changed upon meeting a new situation, a new group of people, or maybe an influential person. It could be something like the experiences you had as you moved to junior high and a new class or an experience you had while travelling… If you wish, you could choose to relate an example from Canadian history.

4 The Renaissance is also a story about contact among people
The Renaissance is also a story about contact among people. In this chapter, you will explore how contact with other groups is one of three factors that shaped the worldview in western Europe.

5 Look at the map on page 14 of your text

6 The silk road

7 The silk road Above all, the most important things that were passed along the road were ideas and knowledge. Understandings of religion, science, technology, philosophy, music and mathematics This led to  SHARING OF WORLDVIEWS!!!!

8 Role of Islamic civilization
Began in the 7th century Trade between far east and Europe was controlled by Muslim middlemen. Muslim empire were the centers of learning Astrolabe – aid to navigation uses the location of stars and planets. Took mathematical ideas from India and refined them into the understanding of numbers we have today.

9 Think about how difficult it was to move trade goods from China to Italy in the Middle Ages. Compare the transportation of those trade goods to how they would be transported today land, rail, air, and water transportation much faster travel much safer from piracy and bandits in most areas than in the Middle Ages size of shipments much larger less contact amongst traders — usually point to point, rather than through middle men direct ordering, not through traders uses gas or other fuel as energy, not animal feed most trade would be by ocean or air, and not use the land route other

10 How did the geographic location of the Islamic Empire made it a center for learning and discovery from 750 to Use the map of the Silk Road to help you answer. Islamic empire controlled trade routes since it was the center of the then known world Islamic empire on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, the trade center of Europe. Merchant ships from the west went there to trade. Islamic empire was at the end of the Silk Road: goods and materials from the far east and the west were all moved through its trading centers. Since most trade occurred through its cities, new ideas arose from the new goods and materials that people saw and uses technologies from the far east reached the Islamic empire, because it was at the end of the Silk Road, and Islamic scientists refined and studied these technologies. Existing and new documents and books were exchanged in this area resulting in expanded scholarship and study.

11 Review Describe the time period known as the middle ages. - a historical period in Europe stretching from the fall of the Roman Empire in the 4th century to the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th century What is the silk road? - a route going from Eastern to western Europe for goods and service trade – the Muslims were considered the middlemen and as such the Muslim empire was center for learning

12 The beginning of the renaissance
Read pages in your textbook Take note of the words in red – these will be your key vocabulary that you are expected to know and understand

13 VS.

14 Crusades Armies from Europe organized crusades to take over control of areas that were under Muslim control. Each religious group Judaism, Christianity, and Islam wanted to be in control of the Holy Land. WHY??  these are their roots!! RESULT? Europeans became more culturally aware

15 What were key factors that led to the beginning of the Renaissance?
mountains — barriers to communication Mediterranean and Black Seas — trade and contact with Asian societies — more open to new ideas nearness of Holy Land led to crusades — cultural contact Regions of good farmland had strong feudal system, e.g., France — limited change Regions of poorer farmland — feudal system not as entrenched — more accepting of change trading contact with Asia brought the Black Plague, first to port cities

16 Identify two different ways in which religion affected the worldview at this time.
Culture: artwork (e.g., paintings, statues) was about religion literature was about religion churches were the biggest buildings besides castles Social Systems: charity was through the church education was offered through the church for the most part Political and Economic Systems people who worked for the church had power

17 Influence: Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci
Born in Pisa, Italy ( ) Raised in the Islamic World of North Africa Wrote a book on the Hindu-Arabic place value system and the use of Arabic Numerals Merchants appreciated his work – contained many problems related to buying and selling, how to calculate profits, conversions between currencies, etc. Acted as a guide for lending and borrowing money

18 Fibonacci Sequence 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, … Seen in nature(pine cones, sea shells, flowers, etc.) and used by architects in building design

19 Read Pages 23-24 in the textbook
While reading think of similarities and differences between the European feudal/social system and the social system we learned about in Japan… How was it different? How was it the same?

20 Social Hierarchy King (most powerful)
The Hierarchical Social system in Renaissance Europe was as follows: King (most powerful) Higher Clergy (owned land and serfs) Nobles Lesser Nobles, Knights, Lower Clergy Serfs, Peasants (90% of pop.)

21 IF YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY OF SERFS WHO LIVED IN THE SMALL HUT, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DAILY CONCERNS? staying alive getting enough food, water, fuel staying warm finding clothing working the land

22 HOW MIGHT YOU DESCRIBE YOUR IDENTITY — WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU VALUE, WHERE YOU SEE YOURSELF BELONGING? I am part of the ……family, and make our living by farming I value food, water, warmth, rest, good health, good crops, lots of farm animals, shelter, a place to sleep, no beatings, shoes, the church, a kind master, not being sent away from my family, and … I belong to the lord who owns the land and will always work and stay on this land Boy: I belong to the lord and if there is a war, I must fight in it. I will marry someone else who lives on the estate or nearby. Girl: If I marry someone from the next estate, I will go there to live

I am part of the … family, a member of the upper class and do not have to work for a living. I value fine foods and drink, a large place to live, lots of servants, lots of clothes and furs, fine horses to ride, hunting, the church, my family, learning to read and write, and …. Boy: I belong here, in charge of this estate, and will always be the master... Boy: I must obey the king, and will go to war for him if he commands. Girl: I will belong to whomever is chosen to marry me. Boy: I will marry whomever my father chooses for me.

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