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An introduction SS 08-05 The Renaissance. Mini quiz!!!!! What could they possibly have to do with the Renaissance?

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1 An introduction SS The Renaissance

2 Mini quiz!!!!! What could they possibly have to do with the Renaissance?

3 What are their names? Make you think of anyone?

4 Donatello Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael All famous painters of the Renaissance!

5 What do you know about the Renaissance?

6 What is the Renaissance? This painting shows and imaginary scene between Michelangelo and his student. The Belvedere torso is part of an ancient Greek sculpture that inspired Michelangelo to rethink how artists portray the human body

7 What is the Renaissance? It is one of the moments in history that changed the way people viewed the world. Renaissance – comes from the French word renaître meaning to be ‘born again’ A historical period originating in the cities of the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe (Florence, Venice, Genoa) Aprox 1350 – 1600 CE Revival of classical art, architecture, literature and learning One of the most notable eras in history P

8 Chapter 1 – What Were the Factors that Shaped the Renaissance Worldview? How Did Other Civilizations Set the Stage for the Renaissance in Europe? The Silk Road The Hundred Years War The Crusades The Magna Carta Urbanization The Black Death

9 How Did the Renaissance Begin? The Crusades Entire armies were exposed to different ways of life Europeans became more aware of other cultures Travellers returned home with new ideas and knowledge P.21

10 How Did the Renaissance Begin? The Black Death People looked to other reasons as to why to plague occurred Questioned normal healing methods No one was safe from the plague (classes obsolete) Rich, poor, strong, weak, young and old all affected

11 How Did the Growth of Cities Contribute to a Changing Worldview? Trade Increased contact with other societies Revival of business and shipping Trade increased wealth among common folk Jobs that were not part of the feudal system were created Individuals felt like they were part of communities rather than belonging to their lord

12 How Did the Growth of Cities Contribute to a Changing Worldview? Urbanization The movement away from countryside into cities Caused by increase of trade and jobs in cities Within 50 years of the Black Plague the cities of Florence, Genoa and Venice became the most successful and powerful cities in Western Europe. These cities began as republics (power held by people) Were eventually ruled by despots (powerful tyrants) or oligarchies (government with few people in power) These cities began to establish sovereignty through ambassadors

13 Renaissance Europe (Italy)

14 How Did Florence Reflect the Renaissance Worldview? Political and economic systems Was a city-state (a city that governs itself and the countryside around it) Built by the Arno River which has been a trade route for centuries Center for highly successful bankers and silk wool merchants Richest of the city states Eventually run by one powerful family, the Medici’s p. 36 Social Systems Merchants became wealthier and moved up in class systems Organized guilds (organisation of craftsmen of merchants) Similar to today’s unions Culture The Medici’s fostered Renaissance culture Supported all kinds of arts and new knowledge Promoted ideals of citizenship

15 How Did Venice Contribute to the Italian Renaissance? Located between the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Europe Controlled most of the ports in the Adriatic Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea Trade items passed and shipped through Venice Social Systems Three classes in Venice Aristocracy (nobility) Original citizens Common people Government Venice was a republic Head of government called the doge (often the doge voted in by rich, influential families) Scuole oNew social institutions tied to religious beliefs (collected money, prayed, held masses)

16 How Did Venice Contribute to the Italian Renaissance? Venice became an important city-state for many reasons Stable government Most successful in sea trade Strong naval base Upper class supported to arts Became the center for the European book trade Had a famous university that promoted the study of science, medicine, and law

17 How Did Genoa Reflect the Renaissance Worldview? Was a crossroads of traffic and culture between western Europe and the Mediterranean Crusaders who came into the city paid the Genoans for their services and granted them important trading privileges Founded a powerful bank due to the increase in trade Venice and Genoa fought for trade posts in the Mediterranean until the Peace of Turin in 1381 The peace allowed Genoa to focus and grow its business and trade sectors Wealthy families paid for creation of daring architecture Hired master artists from Rome, Florence and Venice to beautify homes and public buildings

18 CHAPTER REVIEW P. 18, #1 P.21, # 1, 2 P.32 # 1, 2, 4 P. 36 #1, 2, P. 41 # 2, 4 P. 44 # 2, 3 P. 47 #1, 5, 7

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