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Ms. Outlaw 1st Grade Outlaw Outriders OPEN HOUSE.

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1 Ms. Outlaw 1st Grade Outlaw Outriders OPEN HOUSE

2 Jordan Outlaw My name is Ms. Outlaw. I am a big animal lover. I have two sisters, Megan and Addie. I am the middle child. I have a passion for children and seeing the light come on when they learn something new. I graduated with my Bachelor’s from the University of Arkansas in Fort Smith. I cannot wait to begin this year and not only teach your children, but also learn from them.

3 My Creative Classroom My classroom is to accommodate all children of different learning styles. I keep it as creative as possible to keep the kids interested. In my classroom we are called the Outlaw Outriders and it’s western themed. I do as many hands on lessons as I can so I can engage the children.

4 Outlaw Outrider Classroom


6 Super Supplies! Erasers Glue Sticks Scissors Backpack Pocket Folders #2 Pencils Crayons Highlighters Pencil Box Wide-ruled Spiral Notebook Wide-ruled Paper Kleenex


8 There Will Always Be Consequences For Your Actions! Good Consequences!!  Classroom Coupons  Pull Prize Out Of The Western Boot  Earn A Movie Day  Earn Gold Stars  Classroom Pet Deputy  Classroom Sheriff Of The Week Bad Consequences  Warning  Recess Time Can Be Cut  Time Out In The Hallway  Conference With Parent  Office Time  Stars Can Be Taken Away

9 Roping In The Key Curriculum Respond to who, what, when, where, why, and how questions Main ideas of what we read Draw pictures of stories we have read Write poems Growing plants of our very own Problem solve Learn why it rains Measurement skills Learn fun songs Keep in mind these are only a few of the many things we will be learning this year to prepare your children for the 2 nd grade.

10 Thank You!! I am so excited to start school in August and build relationships with your children and get them prepared for the future. I have so many great lessons in store for them. They will be in good hands. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 918-316-9751 or you can reach me at my e- mail, Thank you for your

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