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Mrs. Supino Grade 5 Room 31 Lincoln Elementary 2014-2015 Welcome to Back to School Night.

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1 Mrs. Supino Grade 5 Room 31 Lincoln Elementary 2014-2015 Welcome to Back to School Night

2 I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year. I grew up in Davis County and enjoy teaching here. This will be my first year teaching fifth grade, and I love the curriculum. Fifth graders will have the opportunity to learn some fantastic subjects and will be engaging in higher order thinking. “Owl” about me “Owl” about me

3 My Teaching Philosophy I believe every student can succeed and that students should have ownership and accountability in their learning. I believe learning should be engaging and meaningful. I believe the students and I can foster a sense of community where there is respect, support, and encouragement.

4 Class Schedule Monday – Thursday8:45 – 3:25 Friday 8:45 – 1:25 Morning recess10:10 Lunch11:30 Afternoon recess1:20 Our class will have P.E. on Tuesdays. Students should come dressed appropriately.

5 Student Expectations Come and be on time Be an active learner and participate Follow directions quickly Respect others with words and actions Respect school and personal property Do YOUR best

6 Classroom Management Our class will discuss and decide on a set of class rules and consequences together. These rules will be sent home for parents and students to sign.

7 I will use a management chart to monitor and reinforce appropriate student behavior. Students will be rewarded with free time, prize drawings, and incentives. Additionally, the whole class will be rewarded for positive behavior.

8 5 th Grade Curriculum Language Arts Math Social Studies (U.S. History) Science Healthy Lifestyles Fine Arts Technology More information can be found on the district website under “Curriculum”.

9 Differentiation No two children are exactly alike. Neither will they learn in the exact same way. There will be four fifth-grade classes this year, and we as teachers will collaborate with one another to best meet the needs of all the fifth-grade students. It is our goal to reach the students where they are to help them grow and succeed.

10 A Day in Our Class The students will begin the day by completing their data tracker, where they will account for their attendance and behavior. This tracker will also be used to log assignments and test scores. This will facilitate student accountability and character education. Information the students track will be reviewed and discussed during SEP conferences.

11 Lessons Lessons will begin with whole class activity/instruction where students will learn new material and take notes. Students will then work in small groups or pairs with formative assessments to gauge understanding. Finally, students will be given assignments to complete independently. These assignments will most often be graded on completion.

12 Reading Homework Students will be expected to read at home for 20 minutes each day. A weekly reading log will be sent home for students and parents to track reading times. Reading logs will be turned in to me each Friday.

13 Homework Students will be given a teacher-parent communicator folder that should be checked each day. Homework will be placed in the “return to school” pocket and should be returned to class the following school day.

14 Homework Projects Homework Projects There will be times throughout the year when the students will complete special projects that will require some work be done at home.

15 Classroom Supplies All necessary classroom supplies will be provided. If you would like to donate supplies, we always need : pencils pencil top erasersdry erase markers tissuesblue or red pens hand sanitizerantibacterial wipes

16 Contact Information Contact Information For further information about programs held at Lincoln Elementary, please visit the school’s website at If you have questions or concerns, please email me at or reach me at the school by calling 801-402-2450. I would be happy to schedule an appointment to speak with you.

17 We’ll “owl” work together and fifth grade will be a “HOOT!” Don’t Forget:

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