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The Reformation Martin Luther.

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1 The Reformation Martin Luther

2 Explain!

3 Causes of the Reformation
Renaissance emphasis on the secular and individual challenged church authority Printing Press spread secular ideas King didn’t like the church trying to control them People tired of paying papal taxes

4 Problems with the Catholic Church
1. Critics of the Church claimed its leaders were corrupt 2. Popes of the Renaissance spent way too much money on worldly affairs. One ceremony cost 1/7 of savings Pope Leo X- Most extravagant Pope. Spent huge sums of money on art and parties. “Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it.”

5 Problems with the Catholic Church
Lower church officials were not very good Poorly educated Married Gambling Drinking

6 Indulgences Leo X wanted to remodel St. Peter’s Basilica
He needed money To do this he had church officials sell indulgences- pardon for the commission of a sin Basically a get out of hell free card

7 What is an Indulgence? Indulgence= a Pardon, forgiveness for wrong doing. Who would he sell them to? Sinners- release them from fault. Buy them for your relatives Especially if they were dead and needed help in the afterlife Buy them for future sins That would be the way to plan ahead. Can you See a problem?????

8 Who was Martin Luther Son of a Miner German Monk
Professor at the University of Wittenberg Resented the Pope’s official, Johan Tetzel, selling indulgences

9 Taking a Stand!!!! October 31,1517 Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg Church Doors. Protesting the acts of the Church. Wanted a debate, but got a revolution If you havin’ church problems I feel bad for you son, I got 95 problems and the pope is one!

10 Three Basic Teachings of Luther
1.People could win salvation only by faith in God’s gift of forgiveness. “Salvation by Faith” 2. All people of faith were equal, therefore people could read and interpret the bible for themselves 3. All Church teachings should be based on the bible.

11 The Pope’s Threat 1520 Pope Leo X threatened Martin Luther with excommunication from the church unless he recanted his statements Luther refused to recant and publicly burnt the Pope’s decree condemning him Pope Leo X then excommunicates Martin Luther Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to hell.

12 Luther becomes an outlaw
1. Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, controlled Germany. Issued the Edict of Worms- declared Luther an Outlaw and a Heretic. No one could aid Luther Luther goes into hiding and translates the Bible into German

13 Lutherans Were Born Priests became ministers. Wear normal clothes
Services led in German instead of Latin. Clergy were free to wed.

14 The Peasants Revolt peasants take Luther’s ideas of Christian Freedom to heart and demand an end to serfdom 2. Peasants roam the countryside raiding monasteries, churches, etc 3. Luther horrified. Calls for their destruction 100,000 dead. Many lose faith in Luther

15 See the difference

16 How did we get Protestants?
Many princes of Germany support Luther, therefore they seized property from church and independence from Charles V Become known as Protestants- Christians who belong to non-catholic churches Charles V wins, but couldn’t unite the church 1555- Peace of Augsburg- the ruler of each German state can pick the religion of his state

17 Differences Between Catholics and Protestants
Faith Alone Bible as interpreted by each individual Priesthood of believers, priests can marry, select own minister Simple service in the vernacular, 2 sacraments (Lords Supper and Baptism) Catholics Faith, Sacraments, Good Works The Bible as interpreted by the Church Priests appointed by Church and cannot marry Elaborate Mass, Service in Latin, 7 Sacraments Salvation Authority Clergy Worship

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