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Ch. 1 sec 3 Luther Leads the Reformation Causes of the Reformation

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1 Ch. 1 sec 3 Luther Leads the Reformation Causes of the Reformation
Printing press spread secular ideas Individuality Rulers challenged the church’s authority Religious reform began in Germany

2 A. Criticisms of the Catholic Church
Critics of the church claimed its leaders were corrupt Pope Alexander the VI admitted to fathering several children Many broke their vows with marrying, drinking, and gambling to excess

3 B. Early Calls For Reform
John Wycliffe of England and Jan Hus of Bohemia advocate for reform Believed that the bible had more authority than church leaders Many Europeans were reading religious works and forming their own opinions

4 II. Luther Challenges the Church A. The 95 Theses
Wrote this in response to Johann Tetzel selling indulgences ( a pardon that released a sinner from his sins) Posted his theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg on 10/31/1517

5 A. The 95 Theses 3. Someone took his work and printed it so all could read it 4. This began the reformation movement

6 B. Luther’s Teachings People could win salvation only by the faith in God’s gift of forgiveness The teachings should be based on the words of the Bible All people’s faith was equal in the eyes of the Lord

7 III. The Response to Luther A. The Pope’s Threat
His ideas spread like wild fire and attracted many followers At first Church officials ignored Luther’s protests and thought it would disappear In 1520 Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther because he wouldn’t take back his claims

8 B. Emperor’s Opposition
Holy Roman Emperor Charles V summoned Luther to Worms to stand trial as a heretic Luther refused to take back his statement and Charles V issued the Edict of Worms Edict of Worms declared that no one was to feed or shelter Luther

9 B. Emperor’s Opposition
3. Prince Frederick the Wise of Saxony disobeyed the edict and cared for Luther 4. In 1522 Luther returned to Wittenberg and discovered that many of his followers had become a separate religious group called Lutherans

10 C. The Peasants Revolt German peasants excited by reformers talk of Christian freedom then wanted freedom from serfdom Angry peasants raided and pillaged monasteries

11 C. The Peasants Revolt 3. Luther was horrified and wrote a letter to the princes to respond harshly to these acts 4. The princes killed over 100,000 peasants and thus the peasants rejected Luther as a result

12 D. Germany at War German princes began to assert their independence from Charles V by accepting Lutheranism and denouncing Catholicism In 1529 there were two sides- the Protestants-German princes that supported Lutheran ideas & the one’s that supported the Catholic church

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