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04/2007 European Funds in Bulgaria 2007-2013 Supported by the European Commission (DG ENV)

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1 04/2007 European Funds in Bulgaria 2007-2013 Supported by the European Commission (DG ENV)

2 04/2007 The funding allocated to Bulgaria amounts to EURO 9,362 Billion Divided into two different funds The rural development The structural and cohesion funds

3 04/2007 The rural development Part 2 of the CAP: Common Agricultural Policy Amount : EURO 2,689 Billion Two instruments EAFRD: European agricultural fund for rural development EURO 2,609 Billion EEF:European fisheries fund EURO 80 Million

4 04/2007 Structural and cohesion fund EUR 6,673 Billion Divided into three funds ERDF: European regional development fund: EURO 3,205 Billion ESF: European social fund: EURO 1,185 Billion CF: Cohesion fund: EURO 2,283 Billion

5 04/2007 Funds Sharing Out

6 04/2007 Bulgarian Priorities National Strategic Reference Framework and Operational Programmes National Development Plan Structural funds

7 04/2007 Bulgarian Priorities National Development Plan The Bulgarian National Development Plan (NDP) : is a national strategic document presenting the long-term public investment programme of the country NDP defines the vision, the strategic goals and the national development priorities as well as the necessary financial resources and institutional framework required for their realization. The role of the NDP is to structure and present the strategic choices made by the national investment policy in order to ensure adequate coordination, justification and provision of financing of the interventions, co-financed by the EU resources. Structural funds

8 04/2007 Bulgarian Priorities National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013 In addition to the NDP, all member state has to prepare a set of strategic documents defining and justifying the financial support of the EU funds : National Strategic Reference Framework 4 Priorities: Infrastructure Development Human Capital Development ( employment) Enterprenership development Promotion of Stable Territorial Development Structural funds

9 04/2007 Structural funds Operational Programme 2007-2013 Two National Plan: Rural development plan EARDF EURO 2,6Billion Aquacultural and fishery development plan EFF EURO 80Million 6 Operational Programme : ( waiting European Commission’s approval in 2007 Spring) 1.Transport ERDF+CF EURO 1,62Billion 2.Environnement ERDF+CF EURO 1,47Billion 3.Human Ressources development ESF EURO 1,03Billion 4.Economic competitiveness development ERDF EURO 0,999Billion 5.Administrative Capacity ESF EURO 0,15Billion 6.Regional development ERDF EURO 1,36Billion Document establishing measures based on NSRF, EU goals and priorities in its Environmental policy, as well as international commitment.

10 04/2007 Divided in 3 components Priority Axis: details on OP priorities Description of the different Measure for the each priority in order to implement Axis Financial plan with an amount for each funds according to axis and year. Structural funds Operational Programme 2007-2013 How it operates? Management Authorities Transport Ministry Environment and Water Ministry State Administration and Administrative reform Ministry Economy and Energy Ministry Regional Development and Public Works Ministry Agriculture and Forestry Ministry Fishery Executive Agency

11 04/2007 Financial Breakdown 2007-2013 Structural funds

12 04/2007 PART FOR ENVIRONEMENT 4 Priorities: 1.Improvement and development of water and wastewater infrastructure 2.Improvement and development of waste treatment infrastructure 3.Preservation and restoration of Biodiversity 4.Technical Assistance The Operational Programme for environment is developed in the framework of the Convergence Objective, with financial support of the Cohesion Fund and ERDF. Structural funds

13 04/2007 REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ( Environment ) 4 Priorities Sustainable integrated Urban Development Physical and Risk prevention: quality of air, utilization of water, alternative energy… Regional and local accessibility Access to sustainable and efficient energy resources, decrease of harmful emission, uncontrolled felling in the forest, effect on people’s health.. Sustainable tourism development Nature protection, conservation, discovery, rural and natural tourism and activities… Regional and Local networking, cooperation and Capacity Main Objective for Environment: ( linked with OP ENVIRONNEMENT in addition) Best access to dinking water Improvement of quality of air and water Improvement of environmental infrastructure,restoring water supply system To improve technology and efficiency To develop a best waste collection systems and services Structural funds

14 04/2007 Administrative Territorial Set Up  Northwestern  North Central  Northeastern  Southeastern  South Central  Southwestern

15 04/2007 COOPERATION CROSS BORDER GOAL: To strengthen cross border cooperation through joint local and regional initiatives and strengthening transnational cooperation. To support actions conducive to integrating territorial development linked to Community priorities Promoting the exchange of experience To integrate areas divided by national borders that face common problems requiring common solutions. BULGARIA OP Cross Border Cooperation joint with other country: Bulgaria – Romania, Bulgaria- Greece. Op Cross Border Cooperation region: South East Europe

16 04/2007 Useful links:

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