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1 European Structural and Investment Funds Coast to Capital Shadow ESIF Committee 1 st Meeting, December 5 th 2014

2 The ESIF Policy Context Lindsey Simpson Strategic Adviser, European Funding & Research

3 European Structural and Investment Funds Policy ESI Funds governed by Cohesion Policy under Europe 2020. Europe 2020 strategy is about delivering growth that is: smart, through more effective investments in education, research and innovation; sustainable, through the move towards a low-carbon economy; and inclusive, with a strong emphasis on job creation and poverty reduction.

4 European Structural and Investment Funds Policy Cohesion policy is delivered through the ESI Funds European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) European Social Fund (ESF) Cohesion Fund (CF) European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) European Maritime & Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

5 ESIF in England In England in 2012, strategic responsibility for the major part of ESF and ERDF + some of EAFRD was devolved to LEPs Actual expenditure will be the responsibility of the Managing Authorities: ERDF – DCLG ESF – DWP EAFRD – Defra

6 The Thematic Objectives (TOs) Thematic Objective 1 - Research and Innovation Thematic Objective 2 - ICT Thematic Objective 3 - SME competitiveness Thematic Objective 4 - Low Carbon Economy Thematic Objective 5 - Adaptation and Risk Management Thematic Objective 6 - Environment and Resource Efficiency Thematic Objective 7 - Sustainable transport & network Thematic Objective 8 - Employment and Labour Mobility Thematic Objective 9 - Social Inclusion and Poverty Thematic Objective 10 – Education and skills Thematic Objective 11 - Institutional Capacity

7 Our ESIF Strategy and Implementation Plan Lindsey Simpson Strategic Adviser, European Funding & Research

8 Coast to Capital ESIF £57.4m over 7 years (50% ERDF; 50% ESF) plus £3.8m (EAFRD) C to C LEP set strategy and priorities for ESIF European Social Fund (ESF) helping people European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – helping businesses EAFRD – rural development

9 CtoC ERDF Priorities 1.SME/HE/public sector collaborative research and innovation; 5 priority sectors (£7.2m) 2 Business support for potential high growth businesses (£7.2m) 3.Business support for all stages of SME development (£8.6m) 4. Support LCEGS sector & develop its supply chain (£5.7m)

10 Coast to Capital ESF priorities 1.Provide pre-work support through to sustained employment, including target groups (£2.9m) 2.Support employment, self-employment & new employment models e.g. social enterprise(£4.3m) 3. Develop wrap-around, multi-agency support for target groups with multiple barriers (£2.9m) 4. Increase social inclusion by improving community capacity (£4.3m) 5. Develop higher-level skills (£7.2m) 6. Develop intermediate skills (£7.2m)

11 Coast to Capital EAFRD priorities (£3.8m) 1.Building knowledge and skills in rural areas 2.Funding new & developing non-agricultural, micro, SMEs in rural areas 1.Supporting tourism in rural areas

12 Opt-ins and match funding Opt-ins to reduce administration and provide ready made match funding C to C opt-ins: SFA, DWP, BIG Business processes for opt-ins in development Opt-ins for first 2 years

13 Progress and Next Steps The C2C ESIF strategy submitted: May 2014 First Draft Local Implementation Plan: September 2014 Government negotiating with EC to sign off on OPs Coast to Capital ESIF committee being set-up – – will agree with MAs which projects get funded First calls – we are aiming for early 2015 Communications – Tiers 1, 2 and 3. More workshops in the new year – e.g. match funding

14 Purpose of today Turning strategy into action Help us to shape our future call specifications - the types of activities to be included, type of & timings of calls Not being asked to review the strategy Not being asked to come up with projects

15 Session 2: The Process Turning Strategy into Action Vincent O’Connell

16 Shape and context Seven year frameworks EU 2020 Priorities and focus Thematic Objectives (TOs) ESIF – ERDF/ESF/EAFRD/EMFF

17 Structure and process 1 Partnership Agreements Alignment: Mirrors TOs National Reform Programmes Operational Programmes (OPs) Priority axes Investment priorities Targets & outcomes Governance

18 Structure and Process 2 UK Govt and LEPs National/sub-national programme models Managing Authorities National Monitoring Committee LEP agreements Implementation Plans Targets and outcomes

19 Accessing the opportunities “Direct bidding” “Opt-ins” Competitive application processes Calls and specifications

20 Shaping the specification 1 Who does what? Open and unbiased In line with procurement requirements Clear as to assessment process

21 Shaping the specification 2 Eligible activity “Fit” – To PAs and IPs Additionality Market failure

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