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NDIA SB Brief Peterson AFB

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1 NDIA SB Brief Peterson AFB
Air Force Space Command Guardians of the High Frontier NDIA SB Brief Peterson AFB Reggie Selby 21 SW Small Business Programs I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e

2 Overview 3-3-3 Plan Customers and Missions
Peterson AFB and Demographics Spend Analysis and SB goals Current Acquisitions Hot Topics Enterprise Sourcing Grp CRA & Sequestration Points of Contact

3 3-3-3 Plan 3 step process for working with Industry
Industry days – Every 3rd Tuesday (CTU) Information exchange One-on-one meetings 3 goals when meeting with vendors Understand what Peterson is buying Understand what vendor is selling Look for opportunity matches 3 goals for AF SB improvement plan Stop the decline in SB contract awards Reverse the trend Personnel development

4 Major Customers HQ Air Force Space Command (AFSPC)
21st Space Wing HQ Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) HQ U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

5 Peterson AFB

6 Peterson AFB Privatized Housing
Requirements: Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, and Los Angeles AFB combined to form the Tri-Group Housing Project. The Tri-Group signed a $175 Million, 50 year “partnership” with Actus/TVC on September 2007 to construct/renovate PAFB housing. Current end-state is 652 units. . 492 Units Original Status 6 year development period 652 Units designed 2 remain as-is 53 renovations 438 demolished units 597 new units Units by Grade 19 GO 9 SO 99 FGO 83 CGO 13 CMSgt 119 SNCO 310 JNCO

7 Privatized Housing

8 Peterson/CMAFS Demographics
Employees: more than 11,000 Civilians: 4,275 Military: 5,232 Contractors: 2,528 21 Space Wing supports 17,285 retirees 49,000 including families Economic Impact: More than $1.5 billion Indirect Jobs created: 5,101 Housing privatization Initiative: $321M

9 Warning and Surveillance Surveillance Counterspace
21 SW Unit Locations Thule GLOBUS II Clear Fylingdales Cavalier MORON 16 SPCS 76 SPCS Cape Cod Beale DAHLGREN SOCORRO EGLIN MAUI 4 SPCS The 21st Space Wing certainly consists of more than the units and personnel located on Peterson AFB. In fact, we are the Air Forces most widespread and diverse wing with 39 units, 27 locations, in 5 countries, across 13 time zones and 6 separate installations in which the wing provides installation support and protection. The global nature of the wing is mostly due to our missile warning and space control mission, which I will discuss later. As you can see by the chart, the various locations are spread across the globe with 12 different weapon systems in place to carry out our mission. AIR FORCE SPACE SURVEILLANCE FENCE DIEGO GARCIA Warning and Surveillance Surveillance Counterspace 39 Units w 27 Locations w 5 Countries w 13 Time Zones w 6 Installations w 12 Weapon Systems

10 FY 12 Top 5 (92% of spend) Description NAICS $ Value
Acquisition Method A&AS 541712, $127M CSMC, TA2S IT Services 517111 $126M C4I2TSR Other Telecomm 517919 $60M O&M contracts, SSPARS, GEODDS, PARCS, Construction 236220 $26M SABER IT Hardware 31, 32, 33 $12M AFWAY, GSA TOTAL $351M CSMC – Contract for space and missile capabilities TA2S – Technical advisory and assistance services C4I2TSR – Command, control, computers, communications, information, intelligence, telecommunications, surveillance, reconnaissance SABER – Simplified acquisition base engineering requirements

11 NAICS By Sector Dollars (FY12)

12 Small Business Goals/Actuals FY12
Met 4 out of 5 goals GOOD WOSB SDB includes 8 (a) SB HUBZone SDV Goals %/19.1M /63.2M %/152M %/12.3M 4%/15M Actuals %/7.1M % /54M %/112M %/13.5M %/14M OCTOBER 2011– SEPTEMBER 2012 OBLIGATIONS $261M EQUALS 67% OF FY12 PROJECTED OBLIGATIONS ($384M). POC: Renae Pollard,

13 Air Force SB Performance
(.733%) ($1.2B) Small Business Obligated $ Total Eligible Obligated $ (.960%) ($.6B) (1.08%) ($.6B) AF FY11 Goal: 17.4% AF FY12 Threshold: 14.5% $600M Increase Required To Maintain FY 11 Utilization - We have seen declining numbers since 2009 Straight line estimate would put us at 13.4% for FY12 if we do not take action now Net $600M increase from estimated FY12 SB Obligations necessary to meet FY11 Threshold AF Threshold is to achieve FY11 Utilization % of 14.5% AF Goal of 17.4% based on FY11 goal – the FY12 is currently being adjudicated by OSBP, SAF/AQ and SAF/SB $10.0 B $8.8 B $8.2 B $7.6 B (Est.) * FY11 Data will not be finalized by SBA until Jun 2012 Source: FPDS-NG Small Business Achievement Report a/o 14 Jan 2012

14 Current Acquisitions  Title: Hardness Maintenance/Hardness Surveillance (HM/HS) & High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Technical Support Incumbent: SERCO Sources Sought Posted: 2 Oct 12 RFP: FA R-9006 NAICS: , 1,500 emp. Method of Acquisition: TBD Type of set-aside: TBD Current Contracts expires: N/A Contract Type: TBD Contract Length: 5 years Estimated Award Date: 2013 Link: R-9006/listing.html

15 Current Acquisitions Check FBO – Use FA2517 (Peterson AFB) as search criteria You can set up search agents on FBO based on: DoDAAC Locations

16 Air Force Web Site

17 Long Range Acquisition Estimates

18 Hot Topics IT – NECENTS 2 Construction – SABER
Air Force Installation Contracting Agency (AFICA) or Roofing -$300M in contracts

19 Enterprise Sourcing Group At a Glance
AFMC/CC (Command Authority) AFMC/PK (Contracting Authority) ESG/CC In Operation Forecasted Commodity Councils Information Technology (ITCC) Force Protection (FPCC) Furnishings Council (FCC) Civil Engineering (CECC) Medical Service (MSCC) Office Supplies (OSCC) ESG supports existing installation commodity councils and establishes new commodity councils Green is existing Blue is future Clothing (CCC) Advisory & Assistance (A&AS CC) Equipment Services (ESCC) Education & Training (ETCC) Base Support Services (BSSCC) Comm. Equip (COMCC) Contracting Units 770th Business Support Group 771st Enterprise Sourcing Squadron 772nd Enterprise Sourcing Squadron 773rd Enterprise Sourcing Squadron

20 ESG Available Strategic Sourcing Vehicles: Overview – as of 14 Sep 2012
Commodity Council Project POC Contact Info Mandatory Use? Commodities Office Seating Corey Minc Yes Dorm Furnishings Office Supplies Raymond Lewis Civil Engineering Taxiway Lighting Sharma Wilkins DSN Air Force Tools and Parts Program (AFTAPP) – Scheduled availability Sep 2012 Brian Brown No IT Digital Printing and Imaging (DPI) Ben Burns Client Computing & Servers (CCS) Desktops, laptops, Servers & Displays Martin Toland Cellular Services and Devices Barbara Sanford Medical Medical Clinical Acquisition for Support Services (CLASS) (Direct Patient Care) Melissa Garmoe DSN Medical Support Services Capt Robert Goeke DSN Consultant, Advisory & Technical Services (CATS) Force Protection Force Protection Load Carrying System Maj James Simmons Uniform Items – Scheduled availability Nov 2012

21 ESG Processes

22 Continuing Resolution & Sequestration
DoD AF Peterson Discussions

23 SAVE THE DATE 7th Annual Veteran’s Conference and Small Business Resource Day When: Thursday, 2 May :30 – 3:30 Where: Antler’s Hilton Website: PH:

24 Contact Information Mr. Reggie Selby 135 Dover Street, Suite 2211/Bldg 350 Peterson AFB CO Phone: (719) Ms Renae Pollard Please call (719) or for an appointment

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