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TSgt Robert F. Karnes HQ AMC/A4T Scott AFB IL

2 OVERVIEW Program Features Program Services Users / Providers
WWX / IHX Regions Program Management Team Web Tools First I would like to introduce team from HQ AMC and TCAQ This is an overview of the brief,

3 WWX AWARD FY08 Contract Award One Year Contract
Three Option Renewal Years Effective Date: 1 Oct 07 FY08 Combined Services to Include International Heavyweight Express (IHX) IHX is Contract Line Item (CLIN) under WWX- 4 Mandatory for Cargo Movement Requirements lbs Support Contingencies/Wartime Conflicts CRAF Commitment The FY08 contract award included a new service, IHX: In Jan 2006, USTRANSCOM received a letter from the Service Headquarters requesting expanded commercial service for express shipments up to 300 lbs. 2. A contract was implemented by USTC in Dec 06 as a 10-month test for express shipments from 151 – 300 lbs. The same level of worldwide coverage as WWX to International locations…

Limited to Movement of ONLY High Transportation Priority Cargo Requiring Time Definite Delivery WWX: Premium Transportation for Expedited Delivery of International Small Package Shipments up to 150 LBS IHX: Premium Transportation for Expedited Delivery of International Heavyweight Package Shipments LBS WWX is actually two programs Program to 150 lbs Program to 300 lbs

5 WWX PROGRAM SERVICES Services Includes: Time-Definite Delivery
Door-to-Door Pick-Up and Delivery Carrier Provided Transportation In-transit Visibility (ITV) Interface with GTN Power Track Capability Customs Processing and Clearance Limited Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Movement HAZMAT Info Posted on WWX Web Page Commercial service includes time definite, carrier provided transportation (own trucks, planes, personnel), door to door pick-up and delivery. ITV, customs clearance process, and the carrier must be PowerTrack capable for use where available. HAZMAT service is not a condition under the contract however, if this service is available to the commercial industry then it will be available to the DOD. HAZMAT service are very limited under WWX program and currently only two carriers provide any type of support: FedEx and UPS

6 WWX PROGRAM SERVICES All Carrier Commercial Routes Available to DOD
Does Not Include CONUS to CONUS Services Not for Movement of Classified Material WWX / IHX are Mandatory for All of DOD Civilian Agencies No Longer Mandatory Users GSA is DOD’s Liaison with Civilian Agencies Available to 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Contractors & Cost-Reimbursable Contractors (CRC) Conducting Business on Behalf of Government Must Obtain Prior Approval WWX uses routes available to commercial users. If available to anyone it is available to us.

7 WWX PROGRAM SERVICES Customs Clearance for Duty Free Shipments
Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) Part V, DOD Customs/Boarder Clearance Policies & Procedures Review Customs Procedures and Country Specific Requirements Government Compliance Review DTR Part V Properly Complete Applicable Documentation Contractor Compliance Determine Customs Clearance Requirements Provide Customs Clearance for All Shipments 1. Government shipments are entitled to ‘Duty-Free’ entry… 2. There is a two-part process to meet the duty-free entry requirements. Both the customer (shipper) and the contracted carrier must be familiar with the entry requirements for the country location the cargo will be shipped to. 3. USTRANSCOM maintains a DTR Part-5 which covers the customs clearance policies. Listed is the web link address. All shippers must review the web page before contacting the WWX carriers for shipping service to ensure that all required documentation is completed and available to the carrier for completion of the customs process. 4. The contracted WWX carrier will also review country entry procedures and if requested provide customs documents to the customer to endure duty-free entry. The contracted carriers act as an ‘agent’ for the DOD when dealing with foreign customs officials.

8 WWX USERS American Red Cross Department of Commerce
Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis Department of Defense Department of State, US Embassy, Antwerp, Belgium Department of State, US Embassy, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea Department of Treasury, Office of Comptroller of the Currency This is a sample list of US Governmental civilian agencies who have signed up as users.

9 WWX USERS DOT, FAA Logistics Center Department of Veterans Affairs
National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Archives and Records Administration Peace Corps HQ, Office of Acquisition & Contract Management Securities Exchange Commission Small Business Administration This is a sample list of US Governmental civilian agencies who have signed up as users.

10 WWX SERVICE PROVIDERS There are 9 awarded contract carriers for IHX under the companies as listed on this slide. The contracts were not awarded as a partnership however, for some carriers the cargo is moved by a company partner…i.e.. ASTAR/DHL FedEx Continental Airlines Inc Miami Air International UPS National Air Cargo, Inc (NACG) Air Transportation International (ATI) Ryan International Airlines, Inc US Airways, Inc

11 WWX REGIONS The areas in gray are the only countries that we have not shipped to/from using WWX/IHX

Civilian Agency COTR & Agency Points of Contact URL:

Contracting Officer Technical Representatives (COTR) Authority to Act on Behalf of Contracting Officer NOT Authorized to Make Any Commitments or Changes that will Affect Condition of Contract Center For Transportation Management Office of Travel & Transportation Services (QMCC) Federal Acquisition Service U.S. General Services Administration Crystal Drive, Room Arlington, Va Designated COTR for Civilian Agencies Blaine Jacobs, Phone (703) Mobile: (703) Agency Points of Contact (APOC) APOC Provide Guidance to Intra-agency Users Refer Unresolved Problems to COTR NOT Authorized to Make Contract Changes Designated for Each Branch of Service

14 WWX WEB PAGE WWX HOME PAGE: Download Contracts Agency POC Listing
Rate Calculator With Carrier Reliability & Cost Comparison Carrier Performance Reports HAZMAT Information Account Setup Information Current Events, Newsletters, FAQs, Historical Summary 1. This slide lists the AMC WWX web address where you can access…….. Download the carrier contracts Obtain CO, PMO, COTR, or ACOR POC information Review the carrier performance reports HAZMAT information Access the rate calculator where you will be able to review and compare the carriers service reliability, shipping charges and delivery times


16 WWX WEB INFORMATION Contract Information is Available for Download
Carrier Contracts and Performance Work Statements Monthly Carrier Performance Reports HAZMAT Information Rate Calculator for Cost Comparison, Delivery Schedule, and Carrier Reliability URL: WWX: IHX:

17 FY09--WWX Price Estimator -- Not Contractually Binding
WWX RATE CALCULATOR FY09--WWX Price Estimator -- Not Contractually Binding This slide shows the usefulness of the rate calculator. a. The rate calculator will allow the customer to review and compare carrier delivery days, reliability and costs before selecting the carrier for service. b. The carrier rates from US locations to Baghdad, Iraq for a 50lb shipment vary considerably! Note: each carrier identified the amount of delivery days it would take them to complete delivery to each location. This Calculator Provided to you by HQ AMC/A4TID DataPro Center [Updated: 01 OCT 2008] For A Copy of This Rate Calculator, Contact the Program Management Team (Slide 10)

18 Transit Times for letters or
WWX CONTRACT Weight or Letter Use arrow tabs Destination Tab Est. Cost Carriers Transit Times for letters or packages -Basic tools that are available on the WWX web page --ISPX Rate Cal --IHX Rate Cal --Dimensional weight calculator Future applications include the dimensional weight cal on the same page as ISPX/IHX calculator and on-time delivery percentages for each of the respected carrier HVSL= High Value Shipping Lanes (Only DLA Use)

19 Proposed New Rate Calculator
Dimensional Weight shown up front Percentage of total shipments shown as well as the percentage delivered on time

This is the average discounts that the carriers apply to WWX/IHX shipments that are non-basic service

21 WWX ACCOUNT SETUP A Copy of the WWX4 Account Setup Instructions Can be Found at: For Individuals Without CAC Access, Instructions Will be ed Upon Request – Contact: MSgt Robert Karnes – Mr Larry Bala –

22 Questions?


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