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Life in Spanish Missions

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1 Life in Spanish Missions

2 Missions The mission was Spain’s main tool for colonizing Texas.
In the Missions the native Texans were… converted to Christianity. taught to be good loyal citizens of Spain Spain financed the mission and the Catholic church provided priests.

3 Was the Spanish mission system a success or a failure?
Success or Failure? Essential Question: Was the Spanish mission system a success or a failure? You should keep this question in mind and be able to answer it at the end of the unit.

4 Daily Life in the Mission
Morning Prayers Instruction in the Catholic faith Breakfast Work all day in the fields, kitchen, or in the workshops The Native Texans that became part of the mission were often punished by the priest if they did not follow rules. Few Natives converted to Christianity. One of the few tribes that did convert was the Coahuiltecans in South Texas

5 The front of Mission Concepción near San Antonio
Spanish Texans The Franciscan order of the Catholic Church ran the Missions. The Indians who were converted became Hispanics or “turned Spanish” The front of Mission Concepción near San Antonio

6 The Spanish Texans In the late 1700s, about 3,500 colonist were living in what is now Texas. Many of the colonists came to Texas to escape cruel conditions in New Spain (Mexico). They settled in San Antonio

7 Inside the missions Most missions were enclosed by four walls, with towers at the corner for protection. Land surrounding the mission was used for livestock and crops. There was also a mission chapel.

8 Diagram of a Spanish Mission
8 Church Priests’ Quarters Workshops Kitchen Storerooms Well Indian Village Water Access 7 2 3 4 1 6 5 Spanish Mission

9 Hard times in the missions
Missions were less successful than Spain had hoped. The Native population shrank because of disease and escapees. The missions did not grow enough to pay back Spain. In the end, Spaniards had built 26 missions in Texas.

10 presidios Purpose: Soldiers provided military support and protection for the missions, and later settlers From attacks by Native Texans Guard cattle & horses They are like FORTS! Presidio soldiers also had to bring back escapees.

11 Towns, Ranches, and Independence
Life in Spanish Texas Towns, Ranches, and Independence

12 TOWNS The Spanish built 4 towns when the missions closed.
Former presidio families & Natives who adapted to Spanish culture lived there. Life was simple, but work was hard.

13 Problems in the towns Unclean living conditions led to deadly epidemics of cholera, smallpox, and other diseases. There were muddy streets and standing water that carried mosquitoes that had diseases. Few doctors, medicines, or medical supplies. Always in danger of being raided by the Natives. Outlaws and smugglers also attacked the town to steal possessions and supplies. In your opinion, what do you think was the worst problem for the townspeople?

14 Cattle industry and ranching begins
Cattle were brought to Texas during Spain’s first attempt to colonize. By 1787, ranches replaced missions as the chief source of livestock in Texas. Which Region has enough rain to support the Cattle Industry?

15 Which Region has Enough Rain to support the Cattle Industry?
Gulf Coastal Plains-because of the surplus of rain, and flat land for the animals to graze.

16 Spanish influence Continues on
explored land founded mission built towns developed ranches. One of Spain’s most important contributions has been the Spanish language. Rivers Cities Landforms food The Spanish started the cattle industry, ranching, and the wool industry.

17 Spanish Mission System
This chart gives the BASICS… look in your book for DETAILS!! MISSIONS PRESIDIOS SETTLEMENTS DEFINITION A religious settlement A Spanish military outpost A community that grows up around a mission and presidio PURPOSE To teach the Natives the Spanish way of life and to convert them to Christianity To protect the missions and settlements To create Spanish towns in Texas and to provide a home for the soldiers’ families INHABITANTS Who lived there? Spanish Catholic Friars (Priests) Native American men and their families Spanish Soldiers (worked there and lived in the settlements) Spaniards Native Americans African Americans Mestizos and Tejano(a)s DAILY ACTIVITIES Farming Ranching Crafts Education Scouting Controlling the Native population Patrolling Farming Ranching Crafts and Trades Fiestas PROBLEMS 1. Native American resentment 2. Some did not want to stay at the missions 1. Danger 2. Low pay 3. Lack of support/supplies from the government 1. Disease 2. No schools

18 What do you think Spain wanted more?
Key Question What two purposes did missions in Texas serve Spain? Convert native peoples to Christianity and help Spain secure its claim to the land. What do you think Spain wanted more?

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