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Introductory Video  011/09/11/911-anniversary- highlights.cnn 011/09/11/911-anniversary-

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1 Introductory Video  011/09/11/911-anniversary- highlights.cnn 011/09/11/911-anniversary- highlights.cnn

2 Studying 9/11 as history September 12, 2011

3 Studying History  Studying history is important so we can understand our past.  “Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.”

4 How do we Describe Historical Events?  Who?  What?  Where?  When?  How?  Why?  What effects?

5 Who? The Men Responsible  The 19 men who hijacked 4 flights and attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were part of the Muslim terrorist group Al-Qaeda  Their leader was a Saudi Arabian named Osama bin Laden.  The men came from many different countries.  They had one thing in common– they hated the United States.


7 What? A Terrorist Attack  9/11 was a terrorist attack  Terrorists are people who commit violence to attract attention to their political beliefs  It was the biggest attack ever on American soil by terrorist groups.

8  The al-Qaeda terrorists were mostly young men from poor countries  They had been taught by older men, who used the teachings of Islam in a bad way.  They had been taught that America was to blame for the problems in their countries  The older men told them that God wanted them to attack the United States, and that if they did they would go to paradise Why? Ideas based on hate


10 The terrorists attacked symbols of American economic and military power.

11 What? The Targets  The terrorists attacked the Twin Towers, the main part of the World Trade Center.  They were a world famous icon of New York City and the U.S. They were built in 1973.  They also attacked the Pentagon, which is the headquarters of the US Military.  They planned also to attack the White House or the US Capitol Building.

12 Where, When, and How? The Attack  Terrorists from Al-Qaeda boarded 4 American Airlines and United Airlines airplanes in Boston.  Using only small knives, they took control of the airplanes. They killed the pilots and flew the planes.  At 8:46 AM, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

13 How we study history- A Primary Source  eports/a_day_in_time/96817/9-11--a- day-in-time---9-03-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash eports/a_day_in_time/96817/9-11--a- day-in-time---9-03-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash

14  At 9:03 United Airlines flight 175 crashed into the South Tower.  Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Where, When, and How? The Attack

15 How we study history- A Primary Source  eports/a_day_in_time/96818/9-11--a- day-in-time---9-15-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash eports/a_day_in_time/96818/9-11--a- day-in-time---9-15-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash


17  Passengers of United Airlines flight 93 had heard of the events in New York City and realized that their plane was also part of the plan.  The passengers banded together and fought off the hijackers.  However, they couldn’t control the plane and crashed it into a field in Pennsylvania at 10:03.  The plane may have been headed toward the Capitol or the White House. Where, When, and How? The Attack

18 Crash site of flight 93

19  People rushed to get off of the towers. Emergency workers came into the towers to help.  At 9:59, the South Tower collapsed.  At 10:28, the North Tower collapsed.  Anyone still inside the towers was killed.  In total almost 3,000 people were killed in the attacks. Many of the police and fire fighters who had come to help were killed Where, When, and How? The Attack

20 The Collapse

21 How we study history- A Primary Source  s/a_day_in_time/96821/9-11--a-day-in- time---9-59-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash s/a_day_in_time/96821/9-11--a-day-in- time---9-59-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash  s/a_day_in_time/96823/9-11--a-day-in- time---10-27-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash s/a_day_in_time/96823/9-11--a-day-in- time---10-27-a-m-/?ap=1&Flash



24 What effect? The Aftermath  Many people lost their loved ones. For months people searched in the remains for bodies. 4,326 children lost a parent.  The whole nation was shocked and devastated. President George Bush’s reaction was to declare war on Osama bin Laden.  This led to two wars: Iraq and Afghanistan, that have cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars

25 What effect? The Aftermath  After the attacks people were afraid. They didn’t feel safe in America like they did before.  To keep America safe the government increase security in airports, borders, and ports.  They created the Department of Homeland Security  There is more security, but we sometimes feel less free.

26 What effect? The Aftermath  Many Americans were very angry after 9/11. They blamed the religion of the hijackers (Islam).  Some of these angry people started to hate anyone who believed in Islam, even Islamic Americans  For a while there was a lot of fear and racism in America towards people from Pakistan, India, Iran, or Arabs

27 Remembering and Rebuilding…

28 What Effects? Rebuilding  After years of debating, plans were finally made to rebuild.  The exact spots were the twin towers were will be made into huge fountains with the names of every person that died.  A tower called the freedom tower will stand tall at 1,776 feet.  There will also be a museum where people can see the devastation caused by the attacks.

29 Summarizing this Historical Event  Who? Terrorists from al-Quaeda  What? An attack on symbols of US power  Where? Boston, NY, DC, and PA  When? The morning of Sept 11, 2011  How? By hijacking airplanes with small knives  Why? To get attention and hurt the US  What effects? Deaths of innocent people Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan More fear and less freedom Racism in the US against Muslim people 10 years later sadness, but rebuilding and remembering

30 Lessons from September 11 th  Be careful and keep aware. Some people do not like the United States  There are heroes among us. You could be one some day.  Forgiveness– It is hard to forgive, but to answer hate with more hate hurts us more  Celebrate your life. Value your loved ones. Hug your friends and family.

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